Tuesday, October 4

Our New Back Yard

We moved on Monday. The movers brought all the big furniture items. We still have a few small pieces to bring and a lot of boxes. It's very expensive to have movers, but hubby and I aren't able to lift all the heavy items. We had very little choice. Usually we just borrow a pick up truck or rent one and move ourselves. Those days are over.

I've taken some pictures of our new back yard and thought I'd share them.

Pea will love this. My fairy has a new home and she is quite comfortable there. She is a solar fairy and the little frog she is holding lights up at night. I've had her a couple of years and decided to put her in the garden for another month or so. We put all of the other lawn ornaments in the wooden storage shed at the back of the property.
Dakota had a very hard time settling in. He shook the entire afternoon and evening on Monday. He didn't want to come out of the laundry/mud room at all, but finally started to explore the house. He stuck very close to us the entire time.

As you can see, he loves the fenced back yard. At the old house he had to be tied up because the yard wasn't fenced. As you can see he is settling in nicely today. He's still sticking very close to us though, but not trembling like he was yesterday.
He likes to be in the shade and he always lies near the garden or right at the back gate.Hubby brought the fountain over today and we got it up and running. The barrel and pump fountain is stored in the wooden garage with the lawn ornaments. We will put all that out next spring.
The sedum blooming along the fence makes a beautiful showing at this time of year.
We have a nice patio area and the umbrella came with the house. The gravel area at the back used to be part of the driveway. I wish it still was. The driveway is very narrow and it's hard to back out of.

There are a few things I dislike about the house but for the most part everything is more positive. We have more cupboard space, a very large pantry, a fenced yard, lots of storage space and everything has been recently painted and updated.

I'm sure we will be happy here. The green space is limited and that was one of the things I loved about the old house. There is a large tree behind the wooden garage and I'm hoping to draw birds to the yard with a couple of bird feeders and some suet.


  1. Glad to hear you are settling in and liking most everything about the house. Soon Dakota will be himself too!

  2. Happy to learn that you have moved most of your things to the new house. Glad that Dakota will be able to be outside without being tied. He'll be fine as long as he's with you!! Loved the pics you showed of the new place. It looks very nice.

  3. Well it just looks nice and has a feeling of home.. I think that Dakota will love love love that fenced in yard when he gets use to it.... I know you hated to leave your home and I have thought of you often..... BUT the Lord God is good and we are just passing through this world.. HE has such a mansion built just for you!

    How far are you from the boys? Still close enough for them to come and stay?

    Send me a little email or message on FB with your new address...... I want to get something in the mail!

    Love ya girl and take pictures inside when you get a chance........

    Hugs..... (PS you had better keep an eye on Pea when she sees that Fairy sitting in your yard....

  4. Mary,
    So glad your move is going well! Looks like Dakota is really enjoying the backyard. I love the light up frog!

  5. Mary, Thanks for posting the pictures. It is good to see a bit of your new home. I'm sure all of you will be happy there. Hope the grandsons can visit soon. That will help it to really become "home".

  6. Mary, Moving is NO FUN. It was hard on our dogs as well. It seems to take them awhile to adjust. Your yard looks peaceful and quiet.

  7. Hi Mary, It looks like you found a lovely house to move to! So glad your dog is adjusting already! Hope you are feeling better! Love and hugs Carolyn

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  9. I'm so glad to hear that you're now moved in and settling into your new home. The backyard looks wonderful and no doubt Dakota will be very happy there once he gets used to it. It's something I've never thought of before, how hard a move can be on an animal with all the unfamiliar surroundings. Poor thing.

    Thank you for sending me your new address and I'm quite looking forward to going to visit you there soon:-) xoxo

  10. Looks like a very nice yard - will be looking forward to seeing the inside when you get things settled. I can imagine the trauma on a pet to make such a big move!

  11. Dakota will love that yard. Looks as if you are beginning to settle in and I hope y'all managed the move without causing any health problems. When we had the antiques moved that we inherited from Glen Leven we paid a mover by the hour too and I made sure to put items where we wanted them. Whew, it is costly and if I was younger I'd go halfer with a moving business with you. Peace

  12. Your new home looks and sounds wonderful!! I'm sure Dakota will acclimate soon and will love his new home. I'm very happy for you! :-)

  13. You seem to be settling in well.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, have I been absent, or have I been absent?!!! LOLOL

    Golly, you're all moved in and getting settled. How wonderful. The worst is now behind you and once you unpack, things will go much more smoothly!!!

    You should make a huge blog style house warming party so we can view all your rooms and what you're doing with them!!! That'd be tons of fun.

    THE RAVEN-and its shadow

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