Monday, January 16

Cups and Saucer Collection

I have a collection of cups and saucers. I've had these for years and have enjoyed them.

The one above with the pointer is very unusual. I do love it though.
I especially like the ones with scenery. This one is so pretty with the stream and the trees around it.
The English thatched cottage is beautiful. I could actually live there without a care in the world. I would hire a gardener though, so my garden stayed as pristine as it is in the picture.

These are three of my favorites. I will share others another time.


  1. They are beautiful Mary! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would have to have tea in each one but the cottage one is my favorite too. Peace

  3. I like the scenery one! I love looking at other's collections!

  4. Those are beautiful. A piece of art in themselves.

  5. Mary, your cups and saucers are beautiful and it's the first time I see a set like the pointer one, just gorgeous!! I only have a couple of good tea cups and saucers since I really don't have room to get more. You'd love the auctions I go to, they always have trays and trays of bone china cups & saucers, all of which go for less than $5 a tray!!!!! I could really start a collection if I had the room. lol

    Oh yes, to live in that thatched cottage complete with garden and gardener....sigh! xoxo

  6. I really like the one with the English Cottage.