Sunday, March 25


I was looking back through some family photos tonight and I found these of Griffyn. I can't believe how much and how fast he has grown.

When the above photo was taken, Melissa, my niece, had just become pregnant with Tarryn. Griffyn was a few months old. Now Griffyn is four and Tarryn is three.
This is what Griffyn looks like today. He can read at a grade three level, is doing very well with his violin lessons and is acing all of his subjects in school. He can spell almost every word you can think of because he sounds them out phonetically. He can print fairly well and he even texts on Mom's cell phone.

Amazing how fast kids learn and how fast they grow up. If you have little ones, enjoy them now. It won't be long until they are adults. It seems we just turn around and they are fully grown.


  1. I remember when Griffyn was born. Hard to believe that he's growing up so fast. He sure is a smarty!

  2. It's amazing what four-year-olds can do now.

  3. Enjoyed the update. Children do seem to grow up faster now. And all of them are so smart.