Thursday, March 15

Spring Break Fun

The grandsons are off for Spring Break this year and we decided to take a little leisure time and take them for Gelato in Niagara Falls, Ontario. My friend Pea at Pea's Corner introduced us to this quaint little shop. I'm so glad she did. The homemade ice cream is delicious.

The boys stayed overnight and in the morning about 11:30, we left for Niagara Falls. We stopped at Tim Horton's on the way down and had bagels for lunch. If you've never had Tim Horton's you're missing a real treat. They have a new bagel named French Toast Cinnamon. Mmm!

We arrived in Niagara Falls and went to find the ice cream shop.

This is the sign we were looking for and we found it without difficulty.

Brandon was so anxious to get inside that he didn't notice me take this picture. He professes to hate his picture taken but I think his Dad and Grandpa have brainwashed the boys.
Mmm! They are all so tempting. I chose the Berry Yogurt Crunch, which is shown at right front of the photo.
So many flavors to choose from. It's hard to make a decision quickly.

Jordan choose vanilla. Brandon had two different types of chocolate. I'm not sure what Grandpa choose.
Grandpa and Jordan enjoying their ice cream while Brandon and I was waiting for the lady to dish ours up. After we had our ice cream, we drove down along the falls.
I couldn't get a real great picture of the Canadian Falls, otherwise known as the Horseshoe Falls.
Here is a mediocre one of the American Falls. There were a lot of people visiting, but the crowds were all at the strip, falling into the tourist traps of eateries and museums.
Another of the American Falls. There was a lot of water tumbling over...the most I've seen in years. The Falls move back every year and they're predicting that one day they will no longer exist.

We then drove down to the Whirlpool Rapids, which are not as amazing as they were a few years ago. The Whirlpool itself is not as strong of current as it used to be.
Brandon resisting the photo op.
Both boys are the same. You have to catch them unprepared and if they know Grandma has the camera, they have eyes in the back of their heads.
Cable car over the Whirlpool Rapids. You would never catch me on this. I get vertigo just taking the picture.
And out it goes.
It goes completely across the gorge.

We finished there and then drove down to a souvenir shop.
This is located in front of the shop.
The moose also guards over the front of the shop.

Inside is a chocolate store. They had moose, elk, polar bear and beaver droppings...all things Canadian. These are chocolate covered nuts and raisins. We didn't buy any, but I asked the boys to pick a treat. Brandon chose chocolate fudge and Jordan chose a chocolate bar. Hubby got caramel covered nuts. Because I'm diabetic, I passed.

Inside this mall are several shops, including a glass blowing shop. They glass is blown right on the premises. Tuesday the glass blowers were blowing cranberry glass. I learned something new. Cranberry glass is so expensive because it has real gold in it. It, like a lot of other things, was discovered when a glass blower in Italy accidentally dropped some gold in some liquid glass. There were many colors of finished items for sale. Emerald green, amethyst, cranberry, cobalt blue, red and so many more.

We certainly enjoyed the day and got home around 6pm. It was nice spending some time with the boys, just out exploring.


  1. What a nice day! Jordon has certainly grown since I last saw him.
    Boys will be boys it seems. The kids in my life do the same with the camera.
    Someday I want to make it to the Falls!

  2. It was so great to have nice weather, and the forecast is even better.

  3. Oooooh, my favourite place to be:-) Now aren't you glad we showed you where that Italian Ice Cream place was? hehe We try to go get an ice cream there every time we're down there. I had never had Italian gelato until we went there! Sooooo delish!!!

    I had to laugh at the boys and trying to cover their faces when you had the camera pointed their way...typical boys/men! lol I can't get over the change in Jordan, he's not a little boy any more:-)

    We had stayed to watch the glass blowing at Rossi's one time and it truly is quite fascinating. Did you look at the prices? Some pieces were over $3000...for a bowl! lol My luck I'd drop it and break it!!

    That chocolate shop is where I get my fudge all the time...they make the best Praline fudge...yummmm, I'm drooling at the thought:-)

    We usually start traveling again in April to go to NF so quite looking forward to it. Never tire of that place!! I see by the pictures that there's no snow there at all, doesn't seem to even be any ice at the falls! Our snow is melting steadily right now and Sunday it's supposed to go up to 17c so that will get rid of the rest of it:-) xoxo

  4. What a wonderful treat for your family. I can not get over how your boys have grown . They are quickly becoming young men.

  5. Mary, I'm so jealous that you live close enough to have a day trip at the Falls. I absolutely love watching them - but for us it's a 2 day trip to get there.

  6. Mary, what a fun day had by all....I think I'd have a very difficult time leaving the ice cream store AND then to top it off....chocolates?!!! Oh, heavenly.

  7. oh lucky you! how fun!! we did the falls 2 yrs ago in an RV beautiful, isn't it?! great pics!

  8. What a fun day! One of these days I'm going to get back there and meet both you and my brother Joshua at Niagra Falls. I mean. I'm going to do it! lol