Saturday, May 9

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. I wish you much happiness today.

Thought I'd update you a little on Mom. She has done fairly well since her ankle healed up last year, but in the last week, I've seen her fail quite a bit. I was shocked when I saw her today. I just saw her on Tuesday and she seemed to look good and was doing okay. Today, her face was drawn and she looked like a really old lady. Well, she is 87 and will be 88 in September, but she looked worse today than some people do at 100. I think she may have taken another mini stroke. She is really having a lot of trouble in certain areas, which I won't go into here. However, anyone who has been around Senior's will get the idea. 

I picked Brandon up today from work today and he really dislikes the new Assistant Manager. Apparently, she is spying on him and his co-worker and is reporting them to the Garden Center Manager on a daily basis. He's getting tired of it and so is his co-worker. She has only been there 3 weeks and is disliked by everyone. I told him to stick it out. If she is that disliked, she won't be there long, as the Manager won't put up with it. He prides his store on Customer Service and this new AM told Brandon to do work and ignore the customers unless they specifically ask for help? What kind of work ethic does this woman have? How did she get to be an AM with an attitude like that. Anyway, we will see how it goes, but I'm going to talk to his Employment Support Worker. Maybe she can contact the Manager and find out what gives. 

After I got home, hubby and I went out to buy a fan to replace the one that quite last year in late August. It was 101F in our upstairs earlier this evening and that is with a window AC. 

That is all the news for today except I took Mom flowers for Mother's Day and Brandon got me some as well. Pretty Gerba Daisies. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day Mary.

    God bless.

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  3. Happy Mothers Day Mary! Sorry to hear your mom is failing. Things can change quickly.
    Brandons manager sounds like a real problem. Hope she is gone soon!

  4. Hi Mary....
    I don't get online much these days...nor do I do much visiting during the, just wanted to touch bases with you and send you a happy day wish.