Thursday, September 13

Accident Fatalities are Frightening

It seems that every day for the last two weeks that someone has died in a car accident. A mother was killed after she was in a collision with a truck. It was pretty freaky. She was fine and helped her 3 year old daughter to the side of the road and then went back to retrieve her cell phone. A truck struck and killed her as she was returning to her daughter.

A young man was killed when his car crossed the medium and crashed into the wheels of a transport truck. He had sneaked into town to see his young son. He had been charged with drug trafficking in the spring and had been banned from the city. Because he wanted to see his son, he stole a car and spent the night visiting with his child. On the way out of town the next morning, he was killed. He was 21 years old.

A man was killed when either he or a truck ran a red light and collided. He left behind a family who is mourning his passing.

And the list goes on and on... But no wonder that there's so many traffic fatalities. I swear that some people had to have found their licences in a popcorn box. They cut you off, run red lights, pass on a solid double line, screech away from stop signs, impaired driving and so many other senseless acts, such as text messaging and talking on cell phones when driving. Where are the days when people gave others courtesy and respect?

Something must be done. Cell phones should be banned in cars, period. There's nothing that can't wait and if there is, a driver should pull off the road at their earliest convenience to make or return a call. The courts in Ontario must throw the book at those who blatantly disregard the law.

When you drive, give other drivers courtesy and respect. Drive sober, do not engage in road racing and leave your cell phone in your pocket or purse until your car is in park. Help save lives.


  1. Hi Mary,

    Welcome to blogging, old friend. So nice to see you here. And what a great entry. Yes, people do dumb things while driving. You have given some great tips on avoiding traffic fatalities.

    Again, welcome. I'm so glad you're here!


  2. Renie,

    Thanks for dropping by. It seems the last two weeks there's been many deaths on Ontario highways and 3 not far from here. Many of the fatalities were caused by people who were careless. The deaths were so senseless and it grieves me to see so many dying from others thoughlessness.

    Take care and I'll talk to you soon.


  3. Mary,

    I just heard that more people in the US die in car accident than are killed by diseases. So many are preventable, it's tragic.

    Two that fall into that category are people who don't wear their seat belts and people who are on cell phones or doing other things that distract them from driving. The other day, Dave saw a woman who was reading a book as you drove along! He couldn't believe his eyes. As you said, these people must get their licenses out of popcorn boxes. Incredible.


  4. Tina,

    There have been so many tragedies here in the last two weeks. Two young sisters ages 19 and 23 were killed this week because a trucker ran a red light. It was the 23 year olds birthday. What a tragedy. I see people breaking the law all the time when I'm driving and yes, talking on cell phones or putting on makeup is one of the worst. Ontario is trying to pass a law against cell phone use while driving. I believe these drivers should have their licences suspended. If anyone needs to use the phone that bad, they should pull over to use it. Unfortunately, people die because they are busy talking to their friends while driving. Very sad.

  5. I've been reading back through your posts. You have a lovely family.

    The traffic problem may be even worse here in the states. Much, but not all, is due to cell phones but there are many ways of being inattentive.

    I think I've seen them all.

    We need a law (or perhaps we already have one which isn't enforced) covering all dangerous driving practices.

    Reading a newspaper? Seen it.
    Makeup? Nail polish? Seen it.

    I could to on but this is already much too long.

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