Friday, September 14

Birth Announcement

My great-nephew, Griffyn was born on June 28, 2007. He is a healthy baby and my niece is so blessed to have such a good baby. Griffyn is sleeping through the night already. The photo shows pictures of Griffyn and also Griffyn and my grandsons, Brandon and Jordan. Brandon is 12 and Jordan is 10. It seems like yesterday they were the size of Griffyn and we were changing diapers and washing baby clothes.

Griffyn definitely makes me feel my age. Imagine having a great-nephew. I'm definitely a proud great-auntie.


  1. Mary, what a sweet grandnephew! Time sure does fly quickly. It seems like only yesterday that my children were little. Now my oldest grandchild, Zach, is only three months away from being 14 years old.