Thursday, September 13

A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it was today. Here in Ontario, it's been cool nights but lovely during the day. I've been busy writing web content, but have taken time to spend outdoors enjoying the more seasonable weather. This summer was very hot and dry and it's nice to have some relief from the heat, though the change came overnight.

Anyway, the day was good. My husband and I went shopping for a new stove. Ours has been burning oven elements since last December and we've decided that instead of spending anymore money getting it fixed, it's time to buy a new one. We looked, but didn't make a purchase. We're undecided exactly what we want, though we will probably go for something simple and inexpensive.

This evening I was invited by a dear friend to visit her blog here and I decided that it would be nice to start a blog of my own. Just somewhere to write down thoughts about my day and the things I enjoy.

I've been taking my grandsons to the farm Tuesdays and Thursdays since last March. It was lovely at the farm today. Sadly, we learned that one of the young goats died. No one knows why. Life on the farm is unpredictable, but little Mickey will certainly be missed. He was as cute as can be.

Time now to take my Alaskan Malamute, Meeko, for his nightly walk. Then it's early to bed in order to get an early start on my writing in the morning.


  1. Mary,

    It has been a dry, very hot summer in the Ozarks as well. We've had a little rain but need much more. However, the days have turned so pleasant, and the nights are cool. Finally, the airconditioner can get a rest.

    Those dear grandsons must be almost grown up! Well, maybe not quite, but getting there quickly. Brandon must be almost a teen! My oldest granddaughter is 17 and a senior in high school this year. It seems only yesterday that she was a sweet little girl who loved to come and visit me in the country. And now she is a lovely young girl, panning her college education already!

    Again, I am so happy to see you here! Enjoy blogging, and I'll be visiting often.



  2. Renie,

    Yes, the boys are growing. Brandon is 12 and in grade 7. Jordan is 10 and in grade 5. Brandon is now 5'6" and is taller than Grandma. Jordan is not a tall boy, but I expect him to have a huge growth spurt one of these days. He has really thickened up in the chest and shoulders this summer.

    The AC here definitely needs a rest. We had never had central air until this summer. We put it in when we put in the new furnace last year. We were blessed to be able to do that. It certainly was a godsend for this hot, dry summer.

    Thanks for the invitation and helping me get going on this blog. I enjoy writing my thoughts and a little something about my world.

    I'm happy that we're finally in touch again. Do you ever hear from Jerri? I think of her often and wonder how she's doing.


  3. Mary,

    I'm glad you are taking time to enjoy the nice weather. This summer has not been the best I can remember as far as weather goes. Hot and humid. Yuk. Our weather lately has been a little chilly at night, but nice during the day. Finally, nice weather to be outside.

    Sorry to hear Mickey died. I can imagine the boys must have been disappointed. But what a great experience you have given them by taking them to the farm this summer!


  4. Renie,

    It is nice to turn off the ac and open the windows!

    Your oldest grandaughter is 17! Time just flies by so quickly. My oldest grandson is almost 14. It seems like yesterday that he was a tiny little baby.

    Mary told me you were blogging here. I will be visiting soon.


  5. Tina,

    When we were to the farm on Tuesday, I found out that 3 goats have died. I'm thinking that a virus has hit them. I sure hope baby Pueblo doesn't die. The boys would miss him right off and they'd be devastated. However, they must learn about life and death and a farm is a good place to learn that lesson. Now, off to your blog to see what you have written.