Tuesday, April 29

Desktop Capture and our American Eskimo

Mike at Rambling Stuff challenged everyone to take a photo of their desktop. Now I had taken up a challenge from Hootin' Anni some time ago and she taught me how to do a screen capture.

This is what is on my computer screen at this time. I change frequently. If you would like to see the first screen capture that I took part in, go HERE! It is a photo we took a Disney's Animal Kingdom when we were there earlier this year. But I like to change my desktop frequently - about once a month, and since I like old steam engines, I saw this one and added it to my desktop. If anyone would like to give a screen capture a try, here is how you do it:

1. View desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located in the upper right corner of your keyboard on the same row as the F12 key).

2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).

3. If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it, but it is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.

If you decide to give it a try, please let me know in the comments. I would certainly enjoy seeing what is on your desktop.

In 1987, my daughter and I purchased an American Eskimo puppy from a pet shop. He stole our hearts immediately upon seeing him. When we walked out of the mall, it was snowing so hard we could only see a few feet in front of us. As soon as Michelle saw the snow, she named this little white ball of fluff Snowball.

Snowball was born on September 1, 1987. He had a few problems when we first took him home and I soon realized that he'd probably come from a puppy mill. It cost us a few hundred dollars to get him in optimum health but once we did he had very few health problems. We took him for his annual vaccinations, rabie shots and heartworm tests.

Snowball was a wonderful companion once we taught him that puppies are not allowed to eat shoes, slippers and legs of furniture. The vet told me that in order to cure him of his chewing problem, to put tabasco sauce on items we knew he was going to chew. Snowball was a smart dog and soon learned that lesson.

For 13 years, Snowball was a loyal companion. He had two bad habits - he liked to bark at everyone and everything in the neighborhood. For some reason he thought that the entire place was his to protect. Any stranger walking by would have thought he was going to be eaten alive. The other bad habit was not his fault. When we first got him, he was about 8 weeks old and we tied him out in the front one day. The mailman came along and Snowball barked at him. Now he was only tiny and weighed about 7 pounds if that. The mailman was frightened of him and kicked him. I saw it and ran up and down that mailman's back like a cat's claws on a scratching post. But the damage had been done. Snowball always hated the mail person whether they were male or female.

In the spring of 2000, Snowball began urinating in the house. He had never done this in his entire life, no matter how long he had to wait for someone to get home to let him out. I phoned the Vet and he asked me to bring Snowball in for some tests. When they came back the news wasn't good. Blood had been found in Snowball's urine. (Try to get a dog to pee in a margarine container.)

The Vet gave him antibiotics and this seemed to clear it up. We got another urine sample when the antibiotics were finished and everything was fine. That summer I realized that Snowball was going deaf and blind. I was saddened to know that he was entering the autumn years of his life. Then in September the urinating in the house began again. Another urine sample and more tests. Not good news. There was once again blood in Snowball's urine. He was diagnosed with Renal Kidney Disease and the Vet told us to enjoy his companionship until Snowball could no longer cope. We did just that and pampered him and paid a lot of attention to him.

Late in October, Snowball began to self-mutilate. He dug his backend until it was open. As November approached, I knew it was just a matter of days. I phoned Michelle and told her to come to see him and so she came with the boys to say goodbye.

Snowball passed over Rainbow Bridge on November 1, 2000. We still miss him and every once in a while I still call Meeko by Snowball's name. He has a special place in my heart. The above graphics were made from a photo I had of him just after he passed. Snowball will always be a part of our memories, just as he was a part of our family. Remember to treat your pets with kindness. They are an integral part of the family unit and deserve to be treated with dignity, love and respect. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Snowball was beautiful, as is Meeko. We have only had one dog, a little dachschund named Fritzie. We loved him passionately. He died on Valentine's Day, the day after Kev's 19th birthday (12 years ago already?!) He is buried in our back yard, and we were fortunate that he died in his own little bed before we had to make the decision to have him put down. We still miss him, too. We've inherited a cat from each of the kids when they moved into places that would not allow pets. My husband got very attached to one especially, but both were enjoyed. Both died of kidney problems - one kidney failure and one kidney stones. Really sad.

  2. He was gorgeous! Pets are so much a part of our families and just as hard to watch them going through illness'. We have two 13 year old labs that are as much a part of us as our kids...

  3. Snowball was so cute, I really love that type of dog. You have a nice desktop my friend.

  4. Snowball was beautiful. It's hard to loose a loved pet. Our Sadie died last spring.

    afraid my screen shot would be too boring...nothing fancy at all!

  5. I love all animals. Nothing can make me mad faster than seeing an animal, child, elderly or helpless person being abused!

    I love my furkids so much, and it's so hard to have to give them up, but they give so much love and are so worth it.

    Hope your week is a good one, Mary.

    Love and hugs,


  6. Vacuuming is never going to be the same in my house, that's for sure. Our new furbaby, Bossy, took it upon herself to attack the vacuum as I was using it. Fluffy, on the other hand, runs and hides. Go figure! I really like that picture of Snowball. It looks like a portrait.

  7. He was beautiful! My dad had a Spitz --reminds me of Snowball! Dad called him Hoss [from a character on the TV show western, Bonanza]

    How sad to go through what you did with your Snowball, and yet, years of companionship. He was beautiful!!!

    For my computer's wallpaper I have Bud and I and our wedding day. But, you'll have to wait a couple weeks ---I'm gonna share the photo on our anniversary. LOL

    Love your train wallpaper...that's cool.

  8. Oh gosh... what a beautiful animal!! It breaks my heart to loose a pet...I have little Moses sitting on my neck as I type.. He is a 7 gram love bird that I have had for 8 years not... He is my buddy..( although I will never have another one) and then there is Zeke the Schnauzer laying on his pillow which by the way has a heating pad up under it...ahahha He is 7.... I just cannot bear the day we loose one of them.... Your tribute to Snowball reveals your heart my friend.... and such a kind heart it is.... Be happy today and I will get an email off to you today.!!!!

  9. Mary,

    What a sweet but sad story. He was a beautiful animal. I would like it better if animals had a longer life span...

    Sometimes they do. My uncle had a cat that lived for 21 1/2 years - he just passed away last year.

    I like your desk top - one day this week I might show mine..:0

  10. Thanks for the screenshot instructions.

    A fitting memorial to your pet!

  11. Hi Mary, I am so glad you wrote about the Rainbow Bridge! When Kelly was 11 and we still lived at the apt. just before we moved to our house we live in now, we were able to get her a puppy and she lived to be 13 years old. Tiger was a mutt and so ulgy she was cute!! Kelly loved her and so did Nancy.
    So when she died Nancy was heart broken and so upset. I called our neighbor Sharon who raises dogs and shows them and she came over and comforted Nancy! She told her Tiger was at the Rainbow Bridge!! I thought Sharon was making this up! Now I know there is a poem that goes with this and I have book marked it. Nancy tells people that Tiger is at the Bridge or Rainbow. She leave out part of the words!
    Your Snowball was so beautiful!! Now I have gone on and on and I can't remember what all was on the post for today!! lol!! Well I will stop and you have a great day!! Love and a big hug, Carolyn

  12. Mary,Thank You for playing along.Your dog is nice.my firrst wive and I had a Samoyed,wich it a bigger version of your dog.

  13. Mary,

    Snowball was so beautiful. I remember when you first wrote about him and showed his picture. Eons ago, it seems. It is very hard to lose a beloved pet. Meeko is special as well, and I know how much you all love him.

    Just got home, and hopped on over to say Hi and read the lastest blog entry. It was nice to read about Snowball once again.

    Take care!



  14. I use to know how to do a screen capture but I had forgotten so thank you for the tutorial:-) I need to write it all down or I'll forget again! lol Like you, I change my desktop often...love what you have on yours right now. The one I have at the moment is a picture of the clouds in the sky I had taken last week:-)

    I loved reading the story of Snowball...what a beautiful dog he was and the name suited him perfectly! It's so sad when we lose a beloved pet but he was very lucky to have had you in his life and vice versa. My DIL has a cat named Trixie who is 13 years old and she just found out she has Renal Kidney Disease...when I talked to Wendy on Friday she said Trixie had gotten very thin and it was just a matter of time. I know she will be taking it hard:-(

    Hope your week is going well my friend:-) xoxo

  15. I guess I am just dumb because I didn't get the view screen part. I found the print screen key but I need help understanding the first part.
    thanks for sharing your Snowball with us.
    Mama Bear

  16. I do not have a Desktop... just my icons on blank page...My DH is a computer guru and he says it drags the pc down...What does he know! Hahahahah I think I will go out and find something I like and then take a picture... It will be fun...

  17. Mary,

    Snowball was beautiful! I can see why Michelle called him Snowball. What a wonderful companion.

    Great desktop!


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