Monday, May 5

New Yard Decor or a Crazy Whim?

About a month ago the city came along and cut an old tree that was two doors up the street. The tree was hollow and in danger of falling down. They piled the wood on my next door neighbor's lawn and told her that they would be coming to get it in a week or two and if she knew anyone that wanted any of it, to let them know.

Without my knowledge, the neighbor took five pieces of the hollow tree into her yard before the city came back. I had my eye on a couple pieces, but it was frozen to the ground. I figured I'd wait until the weather warmed up a little and grab a piece. Before I could get it brought home, the city came and picked up the wood.

Yesterday it was pouring rain and I was talking to my neighbor. I happened to mention that I would have liked a piece of stump from that old tree. She directed me to her side porch and told me to help myself. There was a huge piece there with a hollow in it.

So today, I coecered hubby into going with me to get it. He looked at me like I was crazy, but did my bidding and we lugged it home. I see potential in this stump and want to plant flowers, maybe a creeping vine, in the hollow part. On the flat end I think a sitting gnome or fairy would be nice. Watcha think?
Above, Meeko is sniffing around the piece of stump and examining it. At first he wasn't thrilled with it being in his part of the yard. Meeko is very fussy about what enters his kingdom, but Mama is the boss and I said the stump was going there and that was it.
After sniffing around it for a while, Meeko finally accepted the fact that it was staying and decided to go with the flow. Ha! Mama is the boss! Hubby had warned me that Meeko would christen it but he was wrong. Meeko minded his manners, just as I've taught him.
Here Meeko is laying and relaxing. It looks as if he is saying, "Well, if it must be here, I may as well get used to it."

Now, I've told you all this in fun, but also because I want your opinion. Is the stump an eyesore or is there potential in it? What kind of flowers should be planted in it? I value any suggestions here. Should I get rid of it or can it be made into something natural and beautiful? Your honest opinion will be very much appreciated.

In other news, things are really quiet around here. Tenant got his notice and he was a little bit upset. He has signed an agreement to be out by May 31, 2008.

Nothing else much going on around here. I have yard work that needs to be done. It rained Friday and Saturday and was chilly out today, so hopefully I can get more of it done this week.

Have a great week and remember to do a random act of kindness for someone. Being kind is good for the soul. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Well know me by now. I will honestly say that instead of putting this in the yard, add some legs to it, and put it on your porch/patio ---wherever you have lawn chairs or sitting arrangement, and make it into a TABLE! You could then add a thin slab on the reverse side/bottom side [of thin ply wood] where then the 'hollowed' part could hold a plant that would be an addition to the table itself.

    Just my opinion.

    Love Meeko!!!!

    And I'm pleased with the outcome of your tenant...I'm counting the days for him to disappear from your life.

  2. Dearest Mary,

    I'm finally here! I'm bound and determined to visit everyone today! lol I think that stump does have potential as you say....I love it when people use natural elements to decorate their yard:-) Planting flowers in the hole and putting a little gnome or whatever is an excellent idea. I also like Anni's all comes down to what YOU want to do with it! Your Meeko is so gorgeous...glad he didn't christen the stump! lol

    Oh dear, I just read your post about the tenant...I'm soooo glad you served him his eviction papers. It also saddens me how people can take advantage of others' kindness. I hate to say it but that young man deserves to be out living on the street...just to learn how lucky he was that you had taken him in!! I hate to think what you'll find in the apartment once he's gone. Ugh.

    Loved your pictures for the Green Thumb Sunday post...if only we had all that lush green paradise in our backyard:-) xoxo

  3. I like the stump...I think it has will add character to the yard with a plant in the hole...
    I am also glad that the tenant did not give you any trouble other than an upset look...It will be a relief to see him you can take a shovel and clean out his apartment...
    post a picture when you decide what to do with the stump...

  4. You should have seen all the beautiful pieces that was left from my downed tree.......BUT!!!! My DH and my son have TESTOSTERONE fever and when they see things like that they THROW THEM AWAY!!! But I know where the throw -a-way pile is and I am going to do just as you have done........ YES.. put something on in or in it and then let us watch it grow.......... I will do the same a take a picture!!!!

    Have a great day my friend and enjoy the outside..........

  5. Mary
    First I am glad the tenant has been served and will be gone. We will count the days with you and hope there is not TOO MUCH to shovel out when he is gone.
    Meeko is one of the handsomest dogs I think I have ever seen and I am so happy he did not christen the stump.
    We use to embarass Puppy by dragging home pieces of drift wood for added artwork to the yard. So I think the stump is wonderful. The first picture I can see a human head. You could add a beautful fern and have the little gnome peering out from one corner which would give it a continued natural look.
    Have a great day.

  6. I think the stump will do up very nicely too as a planter -or who knows what else. I have no idea as to what flowers would work -gardening is definitely not my forte.
    But boy, I'm very relieved to hear you got papers served on your tenant and hope all goes well in getting him out of there now.

  7. I've seen tree stumps used for planters before. If the area around is graveled or cemented it would show off the bark and wood grain to advantage. It might be harder to mow around the stump if it were lying in the grass.

    I'd put nasturiums or geraniums in the hollow.

    About your tenant--he may be mentally ill and undiagnosed. But he is causing a fire hazard and even mentally ill people need to live in the real world at some level.

  8. Go with what you think!! I can see what you are talking about and I think it would look very nice. I dont know what types of flowers grow in your part of the world..Plus will you have it in the sun or the shade. I am sure you can make it into some very creative.


  9. Sorry to be away for so long and thanks for your recent visits to Small Reflections. My computer issues seem to be solved (for the moment at least) and I’m able to access Google Reader again … so I’m catching up. I’m happy you passed along the ‘Thoughtful Comment Award’ …(thanks for the linky-love to BOTH my blogs).

    Seems like you’ve had some interesting times with your grandsons … sorry Jordan got sick and Brandon ended up with a migraine … spoiling everyone’s good time. How cool of Hootin’ Anni to come to the rescue. Loved the photos you’ve shared and am glad the weather’s improving so you can ‘garden’ again. I’m sorry your husband is having to change doctors, but I hope it helps him.
    I enjoyed all your illustrated Green Thumb Sunday posts. I wish I could offer advice, but our ‘growing conditions’ are so different that I’m unfamiliar with the requirements of the plants in your garden so I’m hopeful others can help … and hope the rains don’t do too much damage.

    Loved the photos from Disney’s Animal Kingdom … especially the giraffes! Enjoyed your tribute to Snowball … (beautiful fur-friend) … informative post about Animal Therapy … and found your ‘gratitude’ posts as touching as always! Great photo of your dad from the 40s … I miss my dad too. I feel for you regarding the mess and the eviction horror story. Such a mess!!!

    How cool to see your responses to the Meme of Fours …(thanks for the linky love in this post too). I love the award you made for it! ‘Incentives’ sometimes work, don’t they? Do I get to ‘snag’ a copy too?

    Fun to see the photos of Meeko ‘accepting’ the new addition to his yard! Methinks Hootin’ Anni may have a great idea there … though it might work with flowers where it is too.

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. I definately see the potential there.

    Any plant or flower would do!

    I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    PS...stop by my place as I'm holding a Mother's Day giveaway!♥

  11. So glad that you served the papers on your tenant! I will heave a big sigh of relief when he is gone.

    I think your stump has great potential. I would put something that will grow high in the middle and then some lower growing things around it like ivy and some wave petunias. It would be gorgeous! Have fun!!

  12. I think it would look nice sweetie. I am glad your tenant has been served. Meeko is so awesome.

  13. I think flowers would be really neat! Your dog is so beautiful!! So glad all your tenant did was give you a upset look!! This will be so great when he is gone for good. Love and hugs Grams

  14. Oh, I love old stumps....just by itself, in a garden of pretty flowers, it will look great....a birdbath bowl on it would be pretty cool, too....
    can't wait to see what you do with it...
    hugs, bj

  15. Mary,

    That old stump will be good for flowers/vines for years to come...:)

  16. Meeko is GORGEOUS! I love the stump too. I think it should stay. Hmmm... Not sure which flowers would work best though. Perhaps rose moss? I'm sure you'll make a great choice and I look forward to updated photos with color spilling from that hollow!

    Thank the Lord that tenant is almost out of your life. It's a real blessing that he agreed to sign those papers. Woo Hoo for you! Not wishing your life away, but I know you'll be thrilled to see June!

    *smiles and prayers*

  17. What a great stump and I think it will look beautiful planted with flowers. I have one I'm trying to talk the husband into cutting a hole in for me, so I can plant it. Men just don't have our visions! LOL!

    Cathy :)

  18. Mary,

    I like hootin' anni's idea to turn it into a table. I'm not too sure about planting flowers in it, but I think it would make a great surface for flower pots and perhaps some little garden gnomes. Also, what about planting some low growing flowers around it. Something like phloxs or alyssum?

    I love the idea of using this. It's a lovely slab of wood!