Friday, June 6

Before Photos of the Bathroom and Entrance Hall

Today we looked for carpet. We went to the Restore, which is run by Habitat for Humanity. They sell all types of supplies and materials at a good price. We found nothing there so then we ran around looking at various places. By mid-afternoon we were tired and came home. I phoned more places for estimates on the carpet and we've found it at a reasonable price. I just have to go and choose the color and have someone come out for an estimate. I already have one estimate but it is far too high.

Here are some photos of the bathroom the way it looks now. Keep in mind that this was all clean when the tenant moved in. What happened! The tub and sink weren't new but they were in good condition.

Here is a photo from the hallway. The wainscoting was put on by a previous tenant and was white when this tenant moved in. His girlfriend painted it this dark brown color. Not something I would do in such a small room. And it is damaged in places.
The tub surround was ivory. I'm not sure what happened to it but it didn't look near this bad.
Tenant's girlfriend sure did like to paint. I'm not sure where the green color came from on the vanity doors. And the sink has a big chunk out of it. How in the world did that happen?
The tub is a mess and is also damaged. All of the grout and caulking is missing from behind it. It's a wonder that the water didn't leak down into our place. I don't think it's been cleaned since the tenant moved in last September.

There is major work to be done here. We have a new bathtub that we are going to put in here, a sink and vanity and toilet that the neighbor gave us when she renovated her bathroom. They are used but in pretty good shape.

I am almost ashamed to show these photos. I would never live like this and can't really figure out how this could happen in such a short time frame. Tenant moved in here in September 2007. My, oh my! I'm glad he didn't stay longer. Who knows what damage would have been done.

Now for a glimpse at the front entrance hall. Remember, this was tenant's private entrance. I did go out there once in a while to get the mail if it was raining or snowing.

The fire department would have freaked to have seen all of these fliers piled high on tenant's bookcase. And take note of the W*endy's drink cup on the floor and also a paper roll on the cold air register.
And the floor wasn't much better. This is actually tidy compared to sometimes. He just threw the fliers wherever.

It doesn't look quite as bad from this angle but if there'd been a fire and we would have had to get out this way in the dark, we would have broken our necks.This is the inside of the door that goes to the upper apartment. This was sanded and painted before the tenant moved in. The door knob is broken off and the door is a mess. I'm hoping when I sand and paint it that it will look okay.

When I took this photo above, I was somewhat relieved. This is the front entrance hall behind tenant's door to the upper apartment. The TV and microwave are there. This is about a week before he moved. I thought this was a good sign.

This is the front hall as it is now. Yes, it needs washing and painting, but at least all the clutter is gone. The tile on the floor are coming up and I'm not sure about that wallpaper. It is in good condition and needs to be washed. What do you think? Should I leave it or change it? Hubby and I can't agree on that one.

Take care and have a great Friday. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Bless your heart sweetie, your tenant showed you no respect what so ever.I am very sorry for the damage that was left behind.

  2. I would be absolutely biting the bit with this guy. So much disrespect for property!

    I feel for you and Mr. Mary!! Wow...what a job of work ahead of you.

  3. Oh my.... I am so sorry that you have to be doing that...... I so understand , we just finished on a couple of months ago...... That is hard work and if I lived close I would be there in a heart beat... and paint will cover a mulitude of sins....... hahahah We paint every room when we flip a house.....just makes it "clean"

    I will email latter this morning... bring you up to date..


  4. That is just way awful!! I have been a renter before and I take very good care of things. I feel like it is not all mine and so I should!! The home that we moved into here in Savannah was a wreck when we came. The bathtubs were black. I almost ruined my hands trying to find the white again. i did and it is still that way..CLEAN!! I do not understand why people do what they do. I am so sorry...Sandy

  5. Oh, Mary...sorry for all the hard work with this!
    My parents had a rental house, and when my dad passed away, my mom and I were in charge (I was in my 20's and still single) and we had so many tenants that trashed that was so sad and frustrating! So I understand!

    Of course, if you could see our office area right now...yikes! Papers and books stacked up...Now I really want to clean it up this weekend! ;)
    Thankfully, now that home schooling will be taking a break, I can concentrate more on organizing!

    Take care...and try to find some time for relaxation in the midst of cleaning your rental!


  6. Mary,

    The good thing is that at least now it is over.

    I don't live that way either. And I've never in my life moved and left a place nasty.

  7. I have been a renter all my life until I finally bought this house 5 years ago. I always left an aprtment in better condition than when I moved in.

    This person clearly has no respect. Sorry it happened to you.

    I'm not a wallpaper fan - if you think the walls under the wallpaper are in good condition I'd strip it and paint. Painted walls are always easier to maintain.

    Have a great weekend Mary and thanks for your kind words over at my blog :)

  8. Yuck what a mess! I've rented and was always afraid to not keep everything as it should be. Since you are going to be doing so much work-you might just want to get rid of the paper too. It would be easier to paint in the future.

  9. Wow - you told us he left a mess and you weren't kidding. I would change the paper. As long as you are working, you might as well get it done so you don't have to do anything for a while.

  10. If you like the paper,keep it. It looks fine. I imagine mildew would look like that on a tub if it was never cleaned. I have a hard time with it in my shower and it is cleaned regular. I'd say this person had no respect of property but it looks like some of the damage was more than neglect, almost intentional.
    I have been thinking of replacing the carpet in our guest room and the sewing room but since we're moving in a couple of years, I may just wait and give an allowance when we sale.
    Mama Bear

  11. Goodness girl....I am sorry for the mess you have been left with. The owner of the house we left should consider himself blessed.
    I know that Mom and Dad have had their horror stories too. I hope you kept his deposit---the bathroom is unforgivable. I am glad you got some items you can use--to replace all that would have been a large chunk of cash.
    We had one of those back walls in the old house in our shower. Hubby was going to get around to putting in tile and never did. Good thing since the house is no more.
    I am with some of the others on the wallpaper--if it will come off easy--take it off and paint. I think it will make the entrance way look larger.
    Girl if I was close I would sure come to that I have my stuff done. Take it won't help anyone if you wear yourself down and get sick.
    I know that by the time I finished I was numb of mind and everything hurt.
    I will pray that things go smoothly.

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