Thursday, June 5

A Hectic Day

Good Thursday morning.

Wednesday was a hectic day. Hubby and I both had errands to do in the afternoon. I got home first so I phoned for prices on carpet etc. Then we had to go and do some business and it took longer than we thought. By the time it was done, it was time to get something to eat. By this time we were both exhausted. Guess we are getting old. We can't do all the things in one day that we used to. So no physical work got done in the apartment today. However, we do know where we can get the best deals on some of the materials that we need.

Hope everyone has a good day. I will try to post a little update when I can.

In other news, they have called a halt to Aunt May's therapy for the time being. She went Tuesday to be marked for radiation on her spine. There is a lump of cancer there as big as a baseball. They feel it is more urgent to take care of that at the present time instead of chemo. Please continue to pray for her. She is in good spirits and is taking all of this in stride. She is a remarkable woman.

My blessings for this week:

1. May's positive attitude and inspiring motivation.

2. My MIL, who gave us an awesome gift to help with the renovations.

3. For Jack (and Melissa and Griffyn) who are lending us a hand with the renovations.

4. For all my wonderful blogging friends who prayed the tenant would move out without problems and who are still praying for us.

5. For songbirds that sing me awake in the morning.

6. For all of the blessings too numerous to mention here such as food on the table, a roof over our heads and all the other common things we often take for granted.

7. For the Power of Prayer.

Take care and have a wonderful day. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I am still praying for your Aunt May and your family. I love the little pictue with Good Morning under it. Where can I find it and is there a larger version of it...Mary

  2. She sounds like a remarkable woman indeed!!! My thoughts and prayers continue.

    As for 'getting older'...aren't we all!! y'know? Sometimes I sit and wonder after a day goes by and time slips away and I'm exhausted [sometimes for nothing!]....I wonder how my mom did it with five kids and then grandkids to watch. But, two are hustling butt around your both deserve the tiredness!!!]

    Take it easy.

  3. Good luck with the rennovations. And I'll be glad to say a prayer for your Aunt.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Your Aunt May's spirit is a lesson to all of us. She continues to be in my prayers.
    Take care of yourself too, Mary and don't overdo.

  5. Just thought that I'd pop in to say Hi. you and hubby are always in my prayers.
    i hope that you and your are haveinh a Great day today,That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  6. Mary,

    Your Aunt May is indeed a remarkable woman. What courage and faith she has. She's an inspiration. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'm glad that you are getting help with the renovations. Jack, Melissa and Griffyn are wonderful!

    I sure can identify with being unable to physically do as much as I used to. There are a lot of good things about getting older, but this is definitely on the down side!

    Take care, my friend,
    Love &Hugs,

  7. What a lot of work you have ahead of you - but what a wonderful end result it will be. We plan to re-do a lot of our kitchen in the next few months.

    Your Aunt May sounds like a wonderful woman. I trust that they will be able to remove this huge tumor successfully. I often wonder how I would take such news.

  8. Same to you..Hope you have a grand day!! We all have so many many blessings.


  9. We all have a lot to be thankful for.
    I think you inherited your aunt's strength.
    I pray your aunt's tumor will be safely and cleanly removed and she won't have any more trouble.
    God bless you and yours

  10. Your Aunt May will be in my prayers. You sound really busy! Don't work to hard!! Love and hugs Grams

  11. You, and your sweet aunt may remain in my thoughts and prayers. I love you.

  12. Hello dear Mary,

    Your aunt May sounds like a very strong woman...not too many of us would handle what she's going through as well as she is!! My prayers continue for her as well!

    You have a very busy time ahead of you, once you get everything needed to redo the apartment but it sounds like you'll get great help there:-)

    Just don't forget to take care of YOU!!! xoxo