Monday, June 2

I am from Aprons

I am from aprons, from Blueing

and woodstoves and hanging

clothes on the clothes line.

I am from rolling farmland

where I ran through the fields,

played in the hay mow

and waded in the creek.

I am from the Earth.
I am from lilacs,

dried hay and beefsteak tomatoes.

I am from maple trees and snow apples.

I am from maple syrup

the sweet taste of spring.

I am from family Christmases,

Thanksgivings, pioneer thriftiness

and chasing fireflies on a summer night.

I am from Bert and Candace,

William and Maude,

Fred and Margaret.

I am from family bonding and love.

I am from working hard and being honest.

I am from sobriety and abstinence

and money is precious, as is water.

I am from God,

standing beside Grandma in church

and hymns that have been familiar

since infancy.

I am from homemade soap and

ice cream, gardening

and a one-room schoolhouse.

I am from Ireland and Ontario,

potatoes and strawberry shortcake

with a woodbox behind the woodstove

where piglets were kept in a box

to keep them from freezing to death.

I am from tea, homemade soup,

made from scratch bread

and cinnamon rolls,

rabbit and squirrel stew,

venison and moose meat.

From the soldier

who landed on the beach at Dieppe,

far from home and loved ones.

He was just a boy

but became a man on that beach

When he was wounded

and held his dying friend in his arms

as his life blood seeped into the sand.

I am from the grandmother

who birthed six children at home,

the mother who gave birth to me

after 30 hours of intense labor

and my twin

who didn't survive.

I am from a shoebox

in the sideboard,

a purple heart

and strong independent women.

From black and white

and faded color photos

of days of long ago

that will never be forgotten.

by Mary M. Alward

I saw this over at Paula's On A Rainy Night and thought it would be fun to do. It is all about our roots. If you would like to participate, check HERE for the template.


  1. Beautifully done, Mary! I see we are both from many of the same "places" -or "things."

  2. I remember doing this "I am From" not long after I started blogging. I so enjoyed reading yours. It really touches on so many of your early memories.

  3. That is beautiful Mary! I love it!

    :0) Sharon

  4. This is really beautiful. You wrote it so well I could almost see it and feel it.
    I did one like this a few years ago.

  5. Very beautiful. It sounds like a fun writing exercise! It tells us so much about you in such a lovely way.

  6. This is perfect. And boy howdy Mary...are we ever so similar in our backgrounds. No wonder we 'hit it off' with such 'sisterhood'!!

    This was an amazing read. And by reading this, I KNOW you're proud of your heritage, as well you should be.

    May your Monday be beautiful.

  7. Your "I Am From" is awesome........ a beautiful talent... I think I will try that..........

    I pray that you have a good week...


  8. That is so lovely my friend.

  9. Mary, this was absolutely beautiful!

  10. Mary, I just loved your "I am From" post! We were raised the same in a lot of ways!! I had old time folks! I am happy about that!!
    I loved that picture of the Country School! I went to a little country school in the early 50's. Love and hugs Grams

  11. That was so awesome, dear Mary! I'd never seen that meme before, I'll have to go save the template:-) You did a fabulous job with it!! Just goes to show we can tell of our whole lifestory in just a few words:-) xoxo

  12. Mary,

    That is beautiful! :-)

    Love & Hugs,

  13. Mary,this is so well done,I could not hold a candle to your writting, nor would I try.I hope that you are haveing a Great day.
    Tha's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    p.s. have been to visit my new home,I cannot remember.if not there is a link from the pld one.

  14. I have done this too. I enjoyed reading yours.
    Mama Bear

  15. I have so enjoyed reading this. Your creativity and way with words always amazes me.

    God bless.

  16. Mary,

    Really pretty! I'll have to run over and check out the template soon.

  17. Oh Mary, I loved it. I tried my hand at this a while back. This is so descriptive and awesome! I love this Post!!!

  18. I love these poems. They are so emotional and evoke so many memories. I am "from" so many of the same places you are. Beautifully done, Mary!

  19. Very moving, very beautiful!

  20. From the heart and very beautiful, Mary!

    Love and Hugs,


  21. This is SO cool!!! I am going to check it out!!

  22. What a beautiful post, and beautiful are your lovely blogs! Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment on our brand new bundle of joy! I am so happy our paths crossed, and always so pleased when I discover another lovely blog to visit. Have a beautiful rest of the week!



  23. Mary, How beautiful! You've always such warm and wonderful on your site! A cozy place to come home to and kick off your shoes and rest awhile! Much love,Lori

  24. Did you write this? Wow!! I just loved it and of course I remember all of this too...Great!!