Tuesday, June 17

Monday at My House

Good morning to all my friends and readers. I hope you are enjoying the start of the new week. It doesn't seem like June should be half over. That means the year is half over and it seems like we just entered the New Year. Time flies.

I am tired. Monday morning I went up to the apartment and gave the wall unit that the tenant left a coat of paint. When I had that done, I came downstairs, put in a load of washing, swept the floor, paid some bills, cleaned the bathroom, switched the laundry to the dryer, put in another load and then went back upstairs to give hubby a hand trying to disconnect the old bath tub. It has been there for years and it was quite a task to get it disconnected, but we wanted it ready for when Jack got here.

Once the bath tub was ready to be taken out, I folded laundry, switched the second load to the dryer and put in a third load. Seems like I was going the entire day, but I got a lot done, which is very satisfying. A good day's work.

Jack didn't get here until 3 pm, as he worked Sunday night and had to get some sleep. He and hubby took the old tub out and then he pulled some nails that had to be taken out of the joists and swept the bathroom floor. Hubby stripped wallpaper while Jack did that.

You aren't going to believe this, but the tub didn't have a regular floor under it - just a piece of wood - not even plywood. It was very thin. I couldn't believe it myself. The tub was mainly sitting on the joists. However, the joists are in good condition, so that is a plus. I will try to get some photos of the hole in the floor. It's amazing that the tub has sat there all these years without anything more under it.

This afternoon hubby is busy and I am going to check out prices on plywood to lay a sub floor. Hubby also has to drop in and talk to a man who did previous work for us. He has retired from the contracting business and now has his own fish and chip business. Since we are inexperienced in renovating bathrooms, we need to find out what comes next. So, we are progressing, though very slowly. Of course everything costs more than you expect it to.

Jack can't come back this week but I have lined another man up to help on Thursday. I don't know him very well, but he seems to be a good worker. He's done work for our neighbor and his rates are very reasonable, so we will see what happens there.

Have a wonderful day and rememeber to do an random act of kindness. Even a smile can make someone's day brighter. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Bless your heart, try to get some rest my friend. I love you.

  2. You ARE a busy one. Busy as a bee! I bet you're tired. And yet anxious to get at it and [as Larry the Cable Guy says] Git 'er done!

    And I know it's going to look marvelous when you have it completed.

    We are getting a few rooms - the carpet, shampooed this week. We had two rooms done yesterday...we had to move some furniture and stuff around out of the two rooms.

    Today, we're getting the computer room done. Bud and I will have to move some things out of her too today.

    Then, the next time is going to be the living room and dining room. So, we will have to be gone most of the day for that...--not only BIG rooms, but I don't want to track it all up while it's drying.

    Here's hoping you can find a bargain with the plywood and your help will be good help.

  3. Our bathroom is in a state of total disarray right now too as Mandy wants to put new tile in there, do some other repairs and re-paint it. So far, all she's got done is ripping up the old tile and she has put some spackling stuff up to patch a couple spots here and there but this looks like it's gonna be a "long-haul" type project and the bathroom's not gonna be back in shape for quite some time. (She's a bit of a slow worker at times, ya know!) Good luck as you continue working on your renovations at your place.

  4. These remodeling projects look so easy on tv, but they always take more time and money than you plan on! Hang in there - you're making progress!

  5. Mary,looks like you have a lot to do and the only way I can help is with my prayers.You seem to be taking it all in stried,so that tells me that you are a remarkable person.Wiish you and your husband,the very best.
    God bless.

  6. Renovations are hard and messy. Keep dreaming how the finished room will look.

  7. Wow you had a full day. But your right it is nice to fall into bed with a feeling of accomplishemnt after a long day.

  8. you are very smart and energetic to be doing the bulk of the work yourselves...I'm afraid that we usually have to hire most of our renovating work done...we can tear it apart...but putting it back together leaves us somewhat stumped!!!
    I am proud for you that you can accomplish so much of it yourselves...
    Have a great rest of the week... but remember to take rest breaks...

  9. Dearest Mary,

    I'm finally catching up on all your news! Gosh, I hadn't realized that it had been quite a few days since I'd last been here...what a terrible blogging friend I am!! I agree with you, it's hard to believe we're in the middle of June already!!

    I was so sorry to read that Brandon was being bullied again and how frustrating that you couldn't seem to find anyone to help control the situation!! I'm glad he was able to open up to the owners of the animal farm and that he wanted to go back to school. Hopefully things are better now and that it won't happen again!!

    Loved seeing all those pictures of your flowers...mine are slowly starting to open and I'm loving all the colours:-)

    Sounds like you all had a fun time on Sunday...I've never been on a tube down a lazy river but I know I would enjoy it:-)

    Your days certainly have been busy and I've no doubt you'll both be very happy when that apartment is all ready to rent out again! Goodness, I can't believe the tub was just sitting on the joists...yikes!!! Slowly but surely it will all get done:-) xoxo

  10. I am worn out from reading all you have done. Both of you need to pretend you are Clint Eastwood "A man's or woman has to know their limitations." I have to do this all the time since the rods and screws now reside in my back. I have had to baby my arm and back since my almost slide to the pond. I started doing the therapy that I had to do before for the bursis in my right shoulder and it does seem to help. Today I wore my back support bra so I could paint without hurting myself further. Yes time does fly and sometimes I think time thinks it is a Nascar. I would prefer a bike. Peace

  11. You are making great progress - it is amazing that the tub didn't crash through the floor!

    Thanks for your kind words about my tribute to my dad.

  12. Mary,

    I'm getting tired just reading all you did. You accomplished a lot!

    Take care, my friend!


  13. Hi Mary,

    I've been checking every few days to see how things are going. I've been busy so have not had time to leave many comments. Keep up the good work on the remodel. I have seen many good amateur jobs over the years when a person takes pride in what they do. Take your time and do your research and I’ll be you do just fine. In fact I have seen amateurs do a better job than the pros when they take the time to do the job right.

    Keep us posted on the progress.