Monday, June 16

Well, it's the start of another week. So much to do, so little time. We did take Sunday off because that is a day of rest. Now that Monday has arrived, we will be once again working on the apartment. Jack said he would come today to give a hand. We have to get the old bath tub out and it is a heavy one - old as the hills - and then we can get the new sub floor laid and the wallboard up. It's coming, slowly but surely.

If you haven't had time to visit Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink, be sure to do so. She hosted a garden tour and it's continuing throughout the week. There are a lot of beautiful gardens on the tour and I've only seen about half of them. This was such a great idea and we have all put the click for a free mammogram on our blogs. Please click to help women get free mammograms.

Brandon phoned yesterday and asked me if we could do something today. I was exhausted and thought of trying to get out of it. Then it dawned on me that life is too short not to spend time with our loved ones. I told him we would talk in the morning and just before 9am, Jordan phoned. He wanted to know if we were going to spend the day together. Nothing was confirmed but I talked to Michelle an hour or so later about taking them to see Kung Fu Panda. They have been wanting to see it. However, while we were talking they asked if we could go swimming. I do know that water helps with relaxation, so I talked hubby into going with us.

I cannot swim, so am fussy about where I go. I enjoy floating down a lazy river on a tube. So we headed out to do just that. Here is a photo of a lazy river. It is not the one we go to, but very similar. They have the same yellow tubes that are free for the taking. If all the yellow tubes are gone, you can rent colored ones for $5.00 and then you get $2.00 back when you turn them in. We used the yellow ones. Free is best. LOL

We got there about 2pm and there were only a few people there. It wasn't crowded like it is sometimes. The boys went right in. I started in after them but as soon as my feet got wet, I stopped. The water was cold. I finally edged my way in and it was nice once you got used to it. Hubby took a while to get in to. The boys took about two seconds.

After a while they decided they wanted to go into the regular pool. Hubby and I sat on the sidelines beneath a shade tree. There was a nice breeze and we enjoyed watching.

When it was almost time to go, I gave the boys a heads-up that we would be leaving in fifteen minutes. Brandon said he'd like to leave then. He was tired. He hasn't been sleeping very well and so we left. On the way home, hubby stopped and bought them ice cream sundaes.

All in all it was a nice family outing. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone was tired. I was talking to Michelle about 7pm and the boys were already in bed. Of course they are getting excited because this is their last full week of school.

I hope all of you enjoyed a nice Father's Day with your families. The boys will celebrate with their Dad next weekend, as he had to work this weekend. They did give him a gift and enjoyed a nice supper with him before he had to go to work for a 12 hour shift.

Have a great week. I'd best get off of here as thunderstorms are moving in. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Sounds like just what you needed. It has been such a stressful time for you lateyl. I am sending prayers for your week to be overflowing with Blessings....Mary

  2. I went to my room, laid down and fell asleep about 10 p.m. but woke up around 2:30 a.m. hearing Kurtis fussing a little bit. He's finally now crashed and asleep again and I used the awake time in the middle of the night to catch up on my readings here. Sounds like we each had a good day yesterday though to spend some wonderful quality time with family. My son-in-law got the canopy tent up, stuff arranged under it and we ate out in the back yard last night -initiated the area ya know -and it was really nice and pleasant.

  3. This sounds like a marvelous Sunday afternoon! Getting tired sounds perfect for those that have had trouble with sleep coming their way. The exercise, the fresh air, and being with loved ones seems to make for contentment. Again, you did good with those wonderful boys!!

    I so admire you Mary. You're a treasure to those boys.

    Good luck with moving that monster out of the bathroom today.

  4. The lazy river sounds like so much fun! A great family outing! I think I would have been in there with the kiddies! hugs to you Mary! NG

  5. I am so glad you did not make any excuses as it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Don't work too hard and peace be with you.

  6. Bummer on the 12 hour shift on Father's day no less.

  7. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing and fun Father's Day with the boys...

  8. What a day of rest! Thanks for the garden tour too....I enjoyed your lovely flowers!
    Have a wonderful week!
    from the Heart of Texas!

  9. Its been a while since I've dropped by. I went next door with these two so they could swim & play. The neighbors are grandparents who love for my daughter's children to use their inground pool. I can't swim either but will float around in shallow water. My daughter's youngest was suppose to stay in the shallow end with me in case she got in trouble, I could reach her to help but we kept having problems with that. It was easy to drift over the line since there wasn't a rope. I did it myself a few times. It was very hot and I get burned very easily so I had to sit in the shade after a few minutes.
    Mama Bear

  10. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time Mary. Sorry to hear about the thunderstorms moving in. The weather has been extremely strange this year.

    God bless.

  11. Thinking of you my sweet friend, love you.

  12. Sure sounds like a wonderful day with your Hubby and grandsons! I love a lazy river and always float around on one when we go to Disney. Very relaxing, well unless I have my two grand kids and then I am trying to keep track of them! ha! You sure have done a lot to the apartment! WOW! Good job!!

  13. You are such an awesome Grandma!! Looks like a great time floating your cares away:)

  14. It sounds like such a lovely day with the grands! Thanks for your kind comments on my post about my dad.

  15. Mary,

    What a lovely day with the boys. I'm so glad that you and Dwight got a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves. I'm delighted that the boys had a good time, too. :-)


  16. You know you are getting old when you find the water very cold getting in. Our river is really cold this year very full of water with all the rain we have had. I have only been in once this year. Just long enough to rince off from by bath. I stay under water until I can resist the urge to scream. My grandchildren play long in the water.

    I prefer my real river to your faux river. A couple of times a year my son takes a group of kids upstream about three to five miles and they float down to our property with many different floatation contraptions. Some good swimmers just float and swim the distance.

    They are ready to stand by the fire when the finally arrive at the cabin. Marshmellows and spider hot dogs made over the fire are in order.