Thursday, June 19

A Peaceful Walk with Meeko

A week or so ago, Meeko and I went on a leisurely walk that turned out to be balm for the soul. It was so quiet and peaceful as we walked the trail along the canal. This is the area where I told you there is sometimes snakes, but there were no snakes on this day. There were some other critters such as birds and squirrels.

Above is a park bench where we sometimes sit and watch the Canada geese and the Mallard ducks. There were no geese or ducks on this day.
A photo of the canal. In the center there is water, but it's hard to spot because of the reflections.
A beautiful grove of trees. There are many on this part of the trail. Each of them are so different and unique. We did lose a few in the mini tornado that spun through here a week and a half ago.
Meeko, sitting and looking down the trail. He knows there are squirrels and doves in the distance.
Here is another view and another bench that we sometimes take a breather on. It is usually shady here and a nice place to sit on a hot summer day.
Meeko looking toward the water. He spied a bird in the bushes and was watching it. We taught him not to chase birds or squirrels, but sometimes he sits and quivers because he would like to chase them.
Above is an old road. We usually walk down the trail and then come back along this road. It is shady here all the time and the trees make a canopy overhead.
As we headed back along the road, we saw Mr. Robin. He swooped down not far from us, then up in a tree, sang us a song and then down on the ground where I took this photo.
As we walked along the road, a dove flew across our path and came to rest by perching on a wire overhead. There are lots of doves, squirrels and robins here. This is the area where the kingfisher and the blue heron can be seen early in the morning. We do see the kingfisher at other times of the day, but not this day.
I hope you enjoyed taking this walk with Meeko and I. It is a beautiful area and a very peaceful walk.
Remember to take a walk in your neighborhood in order to see the native species that live there. It is indeed balm for the soul. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I would love to take a walk with you and dear meeko.

  2. That looks like a lovely place to walk and the shade would be welcome on hot days. Being out like this is so restorative and stress relieving. Meeko is a well trained dog. My heart skips a beat when I come across a snake, but they are seldom on the paths I walk except at midday on warm days when they tend to sun themselves. And they are as nervous of me as I am of them!

  3. It would be hard not to go for a walk if that was where a daily walk will take you. It's beautiful! Meeko is a beauty too!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your walk with Meeko. You show us the joys of life on your walk. Thanks. Peace be with you today and always.

  5. Mary,

    What a lovely place to walk! Your pictures are beautiful. I can see why you called it "balm for soul". I would love to go for that walk with you and Meeko. Thank you for taking me through your post!

    Have a great day!


  6. Mary,thank you for allowing me to come and walk with you.
    this walk reminds me of some of the walks We used to take along the Ohio and Erie canal towpath,onle parts of it still has water in it.It is mostly dry canal bed with the towpath restored to walk on.
    That's my story.I hope that you had a great time with Meeko.Many Hugs and God's blessings your way.

  7. We just got home! We ended up going out of town today and did a museum and then a tour of an old historic mansion on the shore about 40 some miles away from Corpus today. A nice time away from home. And the carpets are all done as of early this morning! Yay.

    Oh Mary........I love this! What a great walk around the park. So peaceful and so green and lush! Just gorgeous [we here are in a drought and everything is 'burning up' ---I miss all the green!] Meeko is gorgeous too. He's so well behaved. The birds are wonderful. [We have the doves here, but no robins]

    Wonderful share! I loved it.!!

    [by the way, how is your Aunt doing?]

  8. Ahhh, Mary, what a beautiful walk to share with you! I love walking in such trails, it's always so peaceful with just the sounds of the God's creatures:-) Steve never did much walking but after he met me, he now knows how much I love to take walks! lol The poor man always goes home limping...even before the broken leg! hehe Beautiful pictures as always my friend. xoxo

  9. I want to come and visit and go for a walk with you! It is just beautiful!

  10. I just discovered your blog through Deena's garden tours. Your photos of your nature walk are beautiful. This is one of my favorite things to do, go for walks in nature areas. Thanks for sharing your great pictures--I feel peaceful just looking at this lovely area! ~Jann