Saturday, July 26

Green Thumb Sunday

It's Green Thumb Sunday, hosted by Tricia at As the Garden Grows. If you'd like to participate, just click on the link to find out how.

I have been working on the side flower garden, trying to gain some control over it. The weeds were thick and with the renovations, I didn't get to it early this spring like I usually do. I've been pulling weeds and mulching as I go in hopes they don't come back.

I have most of it done, but rainy weather has prevented me from doing much this week. However, I did get the bears that Brandon and Jordan gave Dwight for Father's Day sprayed with a clear laquer to protect them. Once the laquer had dried, I put them in the garden. Above is the grizzly bear. Above are the black bear cubs. They look very nice next to the orange blanket flowers and with the reddish colored mulch.
The purple flowers and ivy that Brandon planted earlier in the spring have flourished, but this week I think they got a little too much water. The purple flowers (I forget what they're called) are not doing as good as they were. I also picked some leaves off the ivy that had black mold. I'm hoping the weather clears and that they come back. This was a very pretty planter and I want it to continue doing well into the fall.
My neighbor gave me the above handmade basket. It is made out of small pieces of wood. I had purchased a couple of plants to go in it and they were too large. Last Wednesday hubby brought this Shasta Daisy home from the grocery store. It fit perfectly and looks so nice in the basket which sets on the porch railing.
Above is the coleus that the boys and I were going to plant while they were here yesterday. However, it rained buckets and that was impossible. We had planned to go fishing, but that idea was squashed as well. We had headed out to the lake and were caught in the storm. I have some photos to share another day but unfortunately none of them include fish.

I hope you are having a restful Sunday. Enjoy your day. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hi, Mary. It was nice to catch up with what's going on in your world. It's hot and dry here - no rain and 100+F here forecast for the next week at least. The heat and humidity are unbearable! Ick!

    Coleus are some of my favorite plants for Summer. So easy to grow and so many beautiful varieties to choose from!

    Hope things are coming along with the remodeling.

    Have a blessed Sunday! :o)

    Love and hugs,


  2. Mary,

    Your garden is beautiful! I love the bear cubs. The hanging planter is lovely! I hope your rain lets up. We've been in a rainy spell here, too. I've taken to calling us, "Tropical New Hampshire".

    It's either too much or too little. LOL

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. hi just droppin by to say hi..

  4. I really like that basket. I wonder if it was difficult to make. Did you receive my email?

  5. Mary-your plants are just beautiful as usual! The red mulch really does make them stand out.

  6. Mary, it looks so attractive. Your hard work is paying off my friend! I'm kinda late getting around to visiting and I MUST stop now and shower before dinner.

    I DO hope you have a wonderful, peaceful evening. Sorry, gotta go, I'm rushed.

    I have jury duty early tomorrow, so I have my Monday blogging all set up already.

    If I can't stop by, I send along good wishes for a happy Monday to you, too!!

  7. Hi Mary,
    Its 8:00 on Sunday night and I'm fading fast. I may be in bed before it is even dark. We made a quick trip to see the house and we have a contract on it so busy days ahead for us. We have so much still to do to get this one ready for the market. With the heat we can only work outside for less than 2 hours at a time. So it is slow going. Hopefully another week or so and we'll be through. I have lots to do inside with sorting and packing so I can do that when I can't work outside. We're not as young as we once were so this kind of thing is not as easy as you know. I am going to see about hiring my housecleaning friend to help some with the packing.
    We've had a little rain, just showers that mostly raised the humidity but we're thankful just the same. I'll read your zoo post later.
    Love, Mama Bear

  8. I CAN'T wait to have my own yard again!
    I loved working with my yard and the plants when we were in our own house.
    I love the pictures and all that you have done.
    The homemade basket is fantastic.

  9. You could send us some of that rain and we'd appreciate it!

    Glad you got some weeding done - you've been working really hard this summer.

  10. I really like that handmade basket, so unique!

    Your garden looks great!


  11. LOve your flowers! I really envy and admire anyone who is good with flowers or vegetable gardening. Some good news on my end -get this -I actually have eight -yes, eight -real live tomatoes now on my plants and one jalapeno pepper ready for plucking! I'm a astonished that they even survived two-three weeks under my "non-caring" care but now, to see something come on the vine, I'm a bit overwhelmed with my success this summer! First time for everything, huh?

  12. Everything is looking so good! I love the bears!

    Hope you get some sunshine again soon. We have been blessed with lots of sunshine- Oregon is usually wonderful in the summer- it's the rest of the year that gets so much rain!

    By the way, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my mom's blog, Mary, and leaving the sweet comment.

    Have a wonderful week!