Wednesday, July 23

Renovation Update

This week the neighbor's son has been coming to lend us a hand with the renovations. He is an excellent worker.
Remember when the small bedroom looked like this? Well we had the lath and plaster taken away a couple of weeks ago.
Today the small bedroom looks quite different than it did back then. The sub floor is good and so we don't have to do anything but lay carpet over it. We've washed the walls and it's ready to be painted. The vacuum was humming in there all afternoon. We were trying to get all of the dust off the plywood floor, which I think is impossible. This dust seems to reappear as quickly as the vacuum sucks it up. What a job!
Remember when the bathroom walls were nothing but green water resistant wallboard? Well now it looks like this. It's all primed and ready to paint. Two coats have been applied and we used an entire gallon of primer. It should be well sealed. The wallboard absorbed the primer quickly and by the time the neighbor's son had the first coat applied, it was dry enough to begin putting the second coat on.

Remember this large black wall unit. It was in pretty rough shape but made of solid wood. It is very heavy and it needed a lot of work. We took it apart, used a bit of wood filler and some Kilz and this is what it looks like now.Quite a difference and it is already to come downstairs and replace our small wall unit. This will give us so much more room to store things and display knick knacks and such. We are always looking for ways to add more space.

As you can see, the living room needs some work. We haven't got that far yet. We've skimmed the wall on the left and sanded it and now we need to wash everything so we can paint. It's all beginning to come together. I'm going to see if the plumber can come next week to install the tub, shower and vanity. I'm hoping he can. We may just have the work all done by the end of July. It's been a lot of hard, back-breaking work but we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news, I received the above award some time ago from Violet Lady and then again from Storyteller. Thank you, Ladies. I'm honored.

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  1. You are making some good progress. I actually just posted our kitchen progress too so I know how good it feels!
    Congratulations on the award - you are quite brilliant!

  2. Remodeling is such a miserable job!! You are making some great changes though and as you said you can at least see light at the end of the tunnel.
    My kids helped me remodel my house a few years back and I remember there were times I thought It would never be finished.
    What a relief when it was!!!
    Congrat's on the pretty award.

  3. Congrats on the award!

    As for the remodeling, you are doing great! We have just began a major renovation project and it is sooooo slow.

    Have a great week!

  4. You guys have done an amazing job. We're going to be doing our kitchen, and I have to say I'm NOT looking forward to the process - just the end!

  5. What progress! Everything looks great and I know you have been working so hard..... and you have really done an great job...... I will be glad when you are finished and can take a break! I am so thankful that your son is there to help........ I will email you tomorrow........


  6. Mary,congrats on the award.I glad the renovations are going well for you. I recieved this awartd from my friend Jen.

  7. The renovation is looking good!

  8. Your home is going to look nice when all this is done. Hang in there! We remodeled several years ago. I couldn't believe all the decisions that needed to be made...from knobs to moldings.

  9. hi tita mary, i enjoy reading your blogs how can I add you as one of my team member? I dpnt have any as of now. . . thanks! God bless!

  10. Well, we still have power to use the computer this morning. Don't know how long that'll last, but I wanted to drop by before the hurricane hits land in a few hours. Still continues to be quite a ways south of us as predicted. We're getting HEAVY rains right now as I type. I do expect flooding before this system moves inland in a day or two.

    Your work is coming along, and boy....y'all are doing one SUPER job. It looks professional!!! Have you decided what colors you're going to paint everything? And in the room where you have the newly refinished entertainment center......LOVE the walls and the 'bay' effect of the windows. AND the can't beat the style and architecture of homes like you have!!!

    Talk at you later....
    Have a great day.

  11. Wow! You sure have done a wonderful job redoing the apartment! The first renter to come in will have a brand new place! It sure has been a lot of work and I bet you are glad it's almost done. So nice for the neighbor's son to come in and help you. I love the windows in the living room, so pretty! Good job!

  12. Looking good and after July , my wish for you two is a month to relax from the remodeling.
    Once you finish a job it makes you FEEL SO GOOD. I think y'all should puff up like bandy hens and strut your stuff. Peace

  13. How exciting to be so close to finishing! Remodelings a mess, but so wonderful when you finish.
    We are in the middle of re-doing our bathroom as well. Not to the extent you are, just a new fan (didn't have one at all), fresh paint, towel bars and eventually flooring and countertop. Makes the house feel so fresh.

  14. I just love the feeling of A Job Well Done when you can start seeing all of the fruits of your hard work coming together as the end product. Looks great Mary!

  15. Wonderful difference, all your hard work is paying off. Love the bay windows, reminds me of apartment I had in Boston in the 70's. Almost done, phewwwww.
    Best to you, Barbara

  16. A lot of work you have done there! ALmost done, though! Then you can sit back and enjoy your handiwork! Looks great even now! Anxious to see pics of the finished project!

    I have received that award a few times already and will gladly add your name to it. I have also passed it on to all my regular readers, so please accept it from me, also.

    Enjoyed seeing the pics of your progress! A lot of hard work, I know. Soon you will be able to rest!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  17. Mary,

    Congratulations on your award!!
    You've made great progress in the upstairs apartment. Wow! The great improvement is already obvious. It's going to be a beautiful apartment! I love what you did with the entertainment center. Very creative!

    Take care,
    Love & hugs,

  18. Mary, Everything is looking great!!

  19. Oh I know that feeling!! But it is worth it when it's all done:) Looks great!!

  20. I was going to ask you about this on my last comment and decided to scroll down and see if you had posted updates. Things are looking great Mary. It will be so fantastic when you finally get done.
    Ya'll are doing a great job.