Monday, July 7

The Weekend

I enjoyed the weekend, except that my camera wouldn't work and so I didn't get any photos to post. Grrr! It is being cantankerous again. I'm not into buying a new one right now, so will have to put up with its moods.

Saturday hubby and I worked on the apartment. He put the first coat of drywall mud on and embedded the tape into it. He didn't quite get it all done, but most of it. It will take at least two more coats, maybe three. It has to be sanded between each coat. The tape has to be completely covered and then the last coat has to be feathered out to blend in with the wall. When it is all done, no one should be able to tell where the seams are. He's done this before and I can't forsee any problems.

Brandon was to come and spend Saturday afternoon and overnight with me while Jordan attended a birthday sleepover. Jordan called about 2:30 pm and said that the party had been cancelled. He wanted to come to sleep overnight as well. I told him the only way he could come was if he promised to work without complaint. He agreed.

The boys arrived at about 3:30 pm and I immediately put them to work upstairs. Brandon stripped wallpaper and Jordan swept stripped wallpaper off the bedroom floor. Now this was the room where the stucco paint had been applied over the wallpaper, so the pieces were big, stiff and awkward. Jordan swept it all into a corner with the broom and then scooped it up and put it into a garbage can. He did a great job. Brandon did a great job stripping wallpaper. Neither of the boys has ever done anything like this before and they both enjoyed it. I was very thankful for their help and so was hubby.

The boys and I went out and about after dinner, which was BBQd burgers. Of course that's always a treat for them. We went and had an ice cream cone and then stopped at the video store. We didn't get anything, as this is a new store and not to our liking. We will continue to rent games and movies from the older store. It was a great disappointment to see the way they're running the new store. Ah, times are changin'.

This morning the boys let me sleep in and I didn't get up until 9am. It seemed like the day was half over. I never sleep so late, but I guess I was tuckered out. We had breakfast and then they just played together until their parents came to get them at 1pm.

After they left, hubby suggested we drive to Port Dover for a foot long hotdog. The Arbor has been around for years and years. It is the home of Golden Glow, which is a lemonade. Hubby and I ordered hamburgers and Cherry Glow. We always enjoy eating at the arbor and you can see a photo if you click on the link above. The place has changed a lot since I was young. The food is delicious and it is not far from the beach.

After spending some time chatting with another couple from our city, we headed home. It was nice to get away for awhile and enjoy the nice lake air.

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the great outdoors. Have a wonderful week. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Mary, I donot envey you and your hubby. I guess that is why I never was a "handyman" around our house all thumbs I guess.

  2. By the sounds of things, your project is on the move again -and you got some good helpers working with you too! Good training for the boys to learn things like that and also, helps them appreciate how hard and heavy work like that can be too! Hope you have better luck later with your camera too. Peace.

  3. Sorry about your camera not working. Sounds like you had fun with the boys over the weekend just as we did too. It also sounds like the remodel work is progressing nicely. Good luck and keep having fun. I hope you have a good week too!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend sweetie.

  5. Oh be still my heart! A FOOT LONG hot dog? With onions, cheese and jalapeno peppers! You got me there. I looked at the link you provided and then on top of that, greasy french fries too? Oh lordy. I wanna come with you next time you two decide to go for a drive and end up there. hehehehehe

    The boys did good!!! It's amazing what they can learn when they're with people they love so much.

    Sounds like you had a fruitful weekend and got a lot done. And even had some fun mixed in!!

    Happy Monday.

  6. Good for your grandsons helping work during their sleepover! It sounds like they were rewarded nicely...the dinner with ice cream for dessert was great payment, I'm sure!

    Glad you got to sleep in- sometimes we just need that!

    Have a great week, dear Mary!

  7. how great that the boys could help you with the work helping you...they will feel like they had a big part in the remodeling!!!
    glad you could spend much of the weekend with them and have a nice enjoyment together afterward...

  8. We are working on the walls in a room as well. I think once we sand this last coat, we are ready for primer. It will be my pantry.

    Thanks for stopping by. I have another Mary visiting regularly and I always have to remember to look at the avatar so I know which Mary it is. =)

  9. Sound like you have a couple of great helpers.

  10. I’m glad you had an enjoyable weekend (even though your camera let you down). Perhaps it’s time to consider a new one even though you’d rather not? I’m sorry I put off buying my new computer for so long because I’m so far behind with everything at the moment I have no idea when I’ll catch up … and I do find using the new one so much easier and more pleasant. Seems like everyone was productive and accomplished a great deal. What better treat is there that BBQd burgers & ice cream? Yum!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. One tends to forget how much work there is involved in renovating a room...sounds like things are going ahead smoothly though:-) I've no doubt you were very appreciative of the boys' help!!

    Next time we're in your area, we'll have to check out The Arbor, sounds like our kind of place:-) Glad you were able to get away for a bit of a break, you deserve it.

    Hopefully your camera will decide to start working again. My camera and my computer are two things I just can't live without! lol Do I sound like a true blogger? hehe xoxo

  12. Mary it seems like a nice weekend you had!
    I LOVE to go to Port Dover and you have reminded me to take the time this weekend! That's exactly what hubby and I will do!!
    I never have the hotdog as I don't eat them but I go to the hotel on the corner and have the fish fry and then
    they bring the tea cart FILLED with an assortment of salads..everyone imaginable..all you can eat! Carrot potatoe bean marshmallow beets pickled pumpkin
    coleslaw and MORE!! The best is the celery bread served with it too!!

  13. Hi Mary,
    What a tremendous help both boys were to you. I know how proud of them you must be.
    Your weekend sounds like it was filled with some special fun moments. A hot dog near the lake must have been a treat!

  14. Glad that you and Hubby got away for a so need that...... and it is good that the boys learn to work.... too many young people do not do enough of that............ I am finally finding time to get out and read some blogs...... and of course wanted to come here.........

    the project sounds like it is coming along real good and won't that be great when it is finished....

    have a good week friend....

  15. I am so glad the boys were such a good help to you. And it sounds like you had some good recreation as well!

  16. Sounds like your weekend was busy and fun. I know the boys enjoyed staying all grandchildren often stayed with me... all six at the same time.. they always got along so well playing together. Now two are married, two are getting married and two are just growing up. Those were some fun years. I loved having them all here.

  17. How did you get all of that packed in to such a small weekend? It's no wonder you slept in.

  18. Hi Mary, looks like you are making good progress. I know I will have to learn how to do some of the things you are doing. I do not think there is a wall or ceiling in this place that does not need work. Sounds like a nice little drive with treats at the end.
    Best to you, Barbara

  19. Mary,
    I like your new blog wallpaper and design!

  20. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend. The Arbor looks like a cool little place, now I'm hungry for a hot dog! haha

    Yeah....a beef hot dog with onions, coleslaw, mustard and pickle relish....

  21. Mary, your renovations are moving right along. Hope your camera starts working again so we can see pictures.

    Your day working with the boys, and going out with your hubby sounds wonderful.

    God bless.

  22. sounds like you had a busy but productive weekend. We did the renovations on our last house and I did not enjoy the sheetrock work.
    How cool that the boys were there to is nice when family steps in during these times. And some young ones with extra energy is even better.
    I am still praying about your next renter. I am praying for a blessing from God...someone who has a huge heart for God. I was praying for a female for you...but then maybe God would like to bring a male for your hubby.
    Anyway...I pray His will be done.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  23. Mary, I can't wait to see the finished project. Glad you had some help. I almost dread our future project, but in the long run, it will worth it. Glad you got out and did some relaxing. I haven't forgotten your RAK----would love to know what you collect. Hugs, Pat

  24. Mary,

    I'm so glad the boys were able to help you. It sounds like they did a great job. They are wonderful!! :-)

    It's nice that you and Dwight were able to get away to the Arbor for a little R&R. You both have been working so hard. I bet it's going to look great when you've finished!

    I hope you are have a good week!


  25. Hi Mary,
    I love your new banner. I guess I haven't visited you since you changed it out??

    Well.....believe me I understand the remodeling "challange" as we are doing it as well ourselves right now. Blah! However it is always nice when it's finished....I've learned that much.

    Plus it is wonderful that both our husbands are able to do this work and save all that money that we would have to pay out to someone else.

    I'm glad your Grandson's are there to help you all out. Plus it's probably just fun to have them around the house anyway!

  26. I know how you feel as I am out of a camera now too! Aren't we spoiled without our "toys!"

    I had to check out the Arbor, of course! The Golden Glow sounds yummy, and I would love to try one of those hot dogs!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.