Saturday, July 12

Meeko has a Girlfriend

Most of my friends and readers have met Meeko. He is a delight to us. He has plenty of charming personality and he thinks he's king of the household.

Well, a couple of months ago, a female dog began coming this way with her owners and she and Meeko have become fast friends.

Meet Angelina. She is a darling and she and Meeko get along great. They see each other almost every day. She is with her owner Frank in this photo and her other owner, Nancy, is taking the photos. If either Frank or Nancy doesn't come by with Angelina by the time I take Meeko out for his nightly walk, he heads directly to her place. He knows exactly where she lives and looks for her as we walk by. She is usually out in the yard and comes as soon as she knows he's there.
Nancy took this photo of the two dogs together a couple of weeks ago. They were enjoying each other's company, but Angelina, like Meeko, is a little camera shy. She kept turning her back each time Nancy aimed the camera.

Angelina and Meeko have quite a friendship going. They look forward to their time together each evening. When Angelina is in the house as we walk by, Meeko tries to figure out how to get in to her and we can hear her barking and running around trying to figure out how to get out to him. They have a close bond and enjoy each other's company. Sometimes Meeko will lay and rub his head on the grass and Angelina will jump on his head. It's hilarious to watch the two of them play together.

Not much going on here. I've been a little under the weather with arthritis pain in my knees, so wasn't upstairs today. The doctor told me she wanted me to take a two week break and rest, but that isn't really possible. Then she prescribed Celebrex, (she was a fill-in doctor, mine is on holidays) which I am allergic to because it contains aspirin. That was an experience in itself.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. Remember to take some time for yourself. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. My daughters dog has a "boyfriend" so I know what you mean. She doesn't see him much because they don't live near each other but you can really tell that they are happy to see each other when they get together!
    Thanks for sharing this - it's so sweet to see.

  2. Harvey used to have 2 "brothers" and a "sister" unfortunaly the are no longer around. ans so harvey is an only kitty.

  3. Very cool new header Mary! I need to get busy and create new headers for my blogs now that I know how. Isn’t it fun to watch dogs play together? Molly LOVES to play with her friends in the neighborhood and with just about anyone she meets at Dog Beach ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Yea, I am very happy for meeko. She is very cute.

  5. I'm glad Meeko has a new friend. I love to watch dogs play together. :o)

    Love your new look. I liked the other one too, but it was a bit hard on my eyes.

    I know what you mean about your knees. My arthritis and bursitis is giving me fits right now too. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure it's not helping matters at all with all the extra work you've been doing to remodel the apartment.

    Have a good weekend, Mary.

    Love and hugs,


  6. I can see why Meeko has fallen for Angelina, she is a good looking dog.

  7. That is so sweet and awesome at the same time....Have a great weekend.....Mary

  8. I do remember Meeko and enjoyed your story today. I'm sorry to hear you are having pain in your knees and I'm sure that must be so painful for you. I hope it's not long before you're walking better. It takes a lot to keep you down though, huh?

  9. I think I better explain my last comment. I meant it as a compliment that you strike me as a bit of a go-getter. Persevering. Am I right?

  10. Oh how great they are friends..
    and YOU please rest and take care
    of you..
    Love ya my friend..Deena

  11. Is Angelia a Spitz breed? She's beautiful! Meeko has great tastes. Love the photo of all four of you.

    Don'tcha just wish the work was all finished? I bet you do. Ya, you need to take care of yourself Mary. It'll be there for you tomorrow. [I know, I know...that's easier said than done!]

    Happy weekend.

  12. It is fun to watch our pets with their friends!

  13. I understand where you are coming from when you say the two weeks of rest just isn't possible. However, at least try to squeeze as much of the rest in as possible -give those joints a little respite there. Loved the pictures of Meeko and his friend too. Good job, now go take a break!

  14. What sweet dogs!! Meeko has good taste in ladies!!
    I tried Celebrex but it did not do a thing for me at all!!
    Hope your weekend is going great..


  15. Mary,
    Isn't love wonderful? Beautiful dog...

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the past few weeks...we could feel the prayers going up and the blessings coming down....many, many thanks....

    God Bless....Betty

  16. That is so nice that Meeko has found a friend to play with!! A pretty one to boot!
    Love your new header!!!! I don't know how to change mine myself, wish I did!!

  17. Everyone needs a friend..... and how sweet to see that Meeko has found his....... That is a great story....... Our Schnauzer is a lonely little dog,,,,,,, never goes out except to do his do...... and there are so many large dogs in the neighborhood that we are just not willing to let him out alone............

  18. love love love your new look...... it is great!!

  19. How sweet! Dogs have feelings, too, for others of their kind just like humans do. Sounds like these two are soul mates! Beautiful dogs, both of them!

    I took Cel*'s hard on the heart. I had a heart attack, but, naturally, they wouldn't say Cel*brex had anything to do with it. But now my doctor won't even prescribe it for me. Gee, I wonder why??? So be careful what you your homework on any drug prescribed for you...

    Have a great Sunday!


  20. So our Meeko has a lady friend. Too cute!!
    Mama Bear

    I like your new header.

  21. Mary,

    I'm sorry that your arthritis is acting up and that to make matters worse, your doctor prescribed a medication you are allergic too. I hope you are feeling better now.

    I love your story about Meeko and Angelina! Great photo!