Sunday, July 13

Saturday Fishing Fun

The boys' parents both had to work on Saturday. I went and picked them up just after 10am and picked up their fishing poles. Since I didn't have my fishing license, we then headed to the bait & tackle shop where I picked up a Conservation License. Then we headed to the fishing hole on a small lake not far from here.

We were there quite a while and I didn't get much fishing done. Instead I was busy putting worms on the hooks of two boys who were all excited about catching something. There were lots of bites and some fish got to dine on some nice juicy worms, but the boys had no luck. Then, Brandon got a bite and had a fish on his line. He said, "Grandma, it is heavy and feels like a whale."

Brandon reeled it in and to my amazement it was a 12 inch smallmouth bass very similar to the one above. We usually catch rock bass, catfish and sunfish at this spot, but have never caught a smallmouth bass there before. The fish was nice and clean and a good size for Brandon.

Jordan didn't have any luck until we were on our last couple of worms. Then he got something on his line. It was a 4 inch rock bass. He was delighted just to catch anything.

It was hot and by the time we had fed the fish a dozen worms, we were ready to come home. We had a fun time and made a few more memories.

If you have a chance, take a child fishing this summer. It is an enjoyable sport and it's a great way to bond with kids. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Your new "blog-look" is beautiful. I'm sure the boys will remember this day a long time. I still remember the first fish I caught... come to think of it... my only fish...I've caught eels...and screamed until my nephews would take them off for me... not much of a fisher woman here..LOL Still that was a nice bass.

  2. I love to fish and we are planning on taking Mom when the weather cools off a bit... I am sure those boys had a wonderful day and they will remember this a long long time....... I am glad you took some time off for yourself......

    Love ya!

  3. Fishing is sure is fun. So glad that you had a chance to go fishing with your two grandson.

  4. Take a kid fishing? Heck, take a grownup fishing, LOL! ;o)

    Glad y'all had a good day of it, Mary. The boys will have great memories of this fishing trip and so will you.

    Have a blessed Sunday, my friend. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  5. What a fun day for the boys and that was a good sized catch for Brandon!
    Our grandsons both enjoy fishing and it's as much fun for us as them!

  6. Now there's some great fun for you -and the boys! I'd be a terrible grandma to try to take the kids fishing as I can't bait the hook unless I have salmon eggs! Won't touch worms, Mary -not with a ten foot pole! My uncle when he would come home for vacation when I was a kid would always get together with my next-door neighbor and they would take me and the neighbor's daughter my age (also my best friend then and today) and we would go fishing. Mostly, my friend and I just would wade in the stream a bit or lay on a little bridge and watch the fish zip around. But it was great fun -whether anything was caught or not.

  7. Oh I do so love the new banner. I love to go fishing with my husband and take our Granddaughter....Mary

  8. Mary
    Now down south, if you cannot bait your own hook you do not get to fish, Puppy learn quite young.
    Fishing is like hunting, the gift of the outside peace is better than the catch or kill. You are a COOL Grandma to take the boys fishing.
    Meeko has a girlfriend, Meeko has a grilfriend. Wow, He is a VERY BIG DOG. I knew his breed was large but the photo put his size into perpective. Wow. His mear size who makes some folks shie away. I bet when they play together it is really funny.

  9. The boys love their grandma!! And you're a special lady my dear Mary!!!

    A fun day for them, and yes---fond, fond memories for them.

  10. I started fishing when I was five years old. And I had my own bait business by the time I was seven! I was raised in prime hunting and fishing country of north central PA in Potter County. Used to sell my angleworms for a penny apiece and nightcrawlers for 2 cents each. You pay more than that nowdays! Great fun for children and grandparents alike!!! Glad the boys each had a catch!


  11. What a fun day for all of you. My Grandpa had a pond and I always loved to go to his house and fish.

  12. going fishing sounds like a perfect afternoon! Will have to plan a afternoon of fishing for the grands.

  13. Mary, I can remember going fishing with my Dad over the holidays. He would take one of us each weekend and we really looked forward to the trip. Catching sunfish and rock bass were highlights of the trips.

    God bless.

  14. Good for you! I can put a worm on a hook, but I don't like taking a fish off the line, especially if they swallow the hook.

  15. What fun!Husband and I love to fish!Haven't done it in years though.This was a great post and I love the new look here!!Blessings~Sharon

  16. Your a precious grandmother, bless you.

  17. Certainly sounds like a fun time was had by all. I fully agree that fishing with kids is a great way to connect. I’m glad you all had the chance to do this together.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. I know you enjoyed this fishing trip but I was surprised the boys didn't bait their own hook. I remember the first time I went fishing with my grandfather. I was 8 years old. I was hooked from then on. My Mother and I spent lots of enjoyable hours fishing. Honey Bear and I have not been in a long time.
    Mama Bear

  19. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday:-) I'm glad the boys ended up each catching a fish, I can just imagine how excited they were. I use to go fishing with my dad all the time when I was growing up...I had 4 brothers but none of them liked fishing so it was me who went with him! lol He told me that one time while we were fishing he saw this monster of a fish coming to my line...he knew if I hooked it, it would have pulled me in the lake so he stood up with the net and was ready to catch it that way but it ended up swimming away. I guess that was a good thing for ME! lol xoxo

  20. Mary,

    What fun! Congratulations to the boys!