Tuesday, July 15

A Bit of Excitement

The boys came over at about 1 pm to stay for the afternoon, as both of their parents were working. Brandon had a headache and was very quiet. I had planned on an outing but he really didn't feel up to it. Jordan wanted to go out and do something, so I asked them if they would like to go out to M*Don*alds for a cold drink, just to get out of the house for a while. They agreed. It was such a nice day I just hated to see us all stuck inside.

We pulled into the parking lot and there were cars parked every which way. Some of them had the doors left open. It looked like the drivers had just pulled in and abandoned their cars. I wondered what the heck was going on when Brandon said, "Look, the police have a guy pinned to the ground."

Now I just happened to have my camera with me. When we were going out the door I put it in my jeans pocket. And lo and behold, it worked. Here is a photo of what we saw. The police have one of the perpetrators on the ground and he was putting up quite a struggle. Just the other side of that man there are drugs and a handgun.

As we got out of the car we saw that they had another man and a woman, both cuffed. The woman was crying and saying she was innocent.
The police weren't buying her story and kept her cuffed. Then a police car pulled up and a female officer got out. She frisked the woman and even checked inside her shoes.

We went and picked up our drinks and came back outside to watch. We stayed for about a half hour and just as we were pulling out, more cruisers were pulling in. Some of the police had already gone to a motel across the street to check that out.

The boys were quite impressed with seeing this in real life. They wanted to know if the woman was really innocent. I told them probably not, but even if she had no idea about the drugs and gun that she was guilty by association. This lead to a discussion about choosing friends carefully. I hope seeing this in real life let the boys know that they have to account for their actions and also for their friend's actions. A good lesson for both of them

Today was a beautiful day here with a cool breeze and no humidity. It was a beautiful day to get outdoors. Enjoy your Tuesday. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Boy, I betcha you won't think lightly ever about just going out for a soda again, will you? And, the boys are old enough too that they would understand fairly well about choosing friends carefully.

  2. I would say a "bit of excitement". What a good time for a lesson too. It is great that sometimes bad things can turn out good for those that are there. You just never know what is going to happen anymore..Hm!!


  3. a bit of excitement is right. at least the cops were ok. I have a reason for saying that.
    Sunday was a bad day for us here in Northern Ohio.I put up a posting about it. I would like to ask for prayers for the Family of Police Officer Joshua Miktarian. He is the latestes cop to laydown his life while on duty.

  4. Hey...... those boys got some LIFE right in front of their eyes...With my son Chris being in Law Enforcement for many years I hear stories all the time..... makes me cringe to think he is out in the middle of that....... but it is LIFE.......... Sounds like it might have perked Brandon up a bit...... YEAH....... Have a good day tomorrow my friend...

  5. A good lesson indeed, and no one was hurt. I am glad you weren't any closer to the action!

  6. Wow - that is really something to run into! Good for you for turning it into a learning experience for the boys.

  7. Going to the big Mac may be dull from here on out. They walk among us and I am thankful for the law who watch out for us normal citizens. You are a great Grandma who is always guiding those younguns and someday your soft voice will whisper in their mind all those lessons Grandma told them. Peace

  8. Very exciting soda run. You are so right that the boys seeing this in person should make an impression. Glad your camera worked for you, and thank you for sharing.

    Best to you, Barbara

  9. Wow, what an adventure you had my friend.

  10. Oh oh oh.....once again, you're so brave. I'm not sure I would have even pulled IN the parking lot with the boys in the car. LOL

    Call me 'cardie-caff'. But, yes, they certainly DID learn something from this. And I'm glad to hear that no rounds were fired from the guns while y'all were there.

    Life is dangerous in these situations.

  11. Yes, a good lesson for the boys indeed!

  12. I remember a rock song from back in the early 1980's where the man singing is giving a narration.

    The one phrase that sticks out in my mind is "All I wanted was a Pepsi. Just a Pepsi. And she wouldn't give it to me."

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I will be back

  13. Just a quick note --
    First, I'm sure you did the right thing by turning it into a learning lesson ---I wasn't implying otherwise.

    And secondly, I just finished watering outdoors in the front yard and I gathered you several seed pods for the yellow trumpet bush. I'll try and get them in the mail to you by the end of the month...or at the first of the month...I want them to dry out before I send them, so you won't have a packet of 'mush'. LOL

  14. Wow, Mary, quite a bit of excitement! Good thing you had your camera along and could take pictures. And what a good lesson for the boys about guilt by association!

    Been very busy on my end. Lots of company coming and going. Some just left, and my oldest son and family are arriving Sunday, for a week. Got some catching up to do in blogland. Have a great week!



  15. Mary,

    Wow! This was some outing! I can see that it must have held the boys' attention. Wonderful that you used that "TV comes to life" event to teach a very important life lesson. I'm sure neither of them will ever forget it!


  16. Oh dear, that was quite some excitement indeed! As you say, I think it was a good lesson for the boys to see what happens when you break the law. I know when my older brother went to prison (marijuana possession)when I was 14 years old, it scared me so much I never touched drugs in my life!! Hope that Brandon's headache has cleared up! xoxo

  17. Very exciting!

    I remember taking my boys out and a man with a gun pulled up next to us! But he wasn't pointing the gun at us.
    We ducked into the car. Later we found out it was an undercover police officer!

    (This was, of course, after holding up the traffic...because we were sprawled on the bottom of the car...too scared to get up.)

  18. Turned into a real teaching tool, huh? I hope the headache got better.
    We are having a little less humidity and I didn't feel like I needed a shower every time I got in or out of the car. Our nights are a little cooler also, around 65-70 F.
    I was with my friends today. Patty is leaving sunday to go to Minnisota for the month of August. Billie is moving August 1st. It was a little sad. We went to dinner and then to church to hear a speaker. We met there 5 years ago, how fitting that our last time together was also there.
    Blessings my friend,
    mama Bear

  19. Wow what an interesting visit to McDonalds you and the boys had!

  20. Yes, a good lesson learned! All kids need to see something like that! Maybe it would scare them a little and help them stay on the straight path and choose their friends more wisely.


  21. Good job, Mary, I'm glad that you were able to capture the incident on camera.

    It is my hope that more bloggers can begin to take photos and voice commentary about what is going on in the communities.

    The big thing around metro-Atlanta is Ice and Heroin.

    But use caution, Mary. In the states, I know in Georgia, if someone catches a *crime in progress* on their camera/video, unknown by law enforcement/not reported, I think it is required that they turn it over to the local police department. In this case the police were on the scene. Now, in the state of Georgia, those arrested for felonies, get their names and charges published in the newspaper.

    And I agree, the boys had a change to see first hand what happens when one decides to walk down this very wrong path.

  22. Excellenty life lesson for the boys. Seeing what they did will probably stick in their memories. Every child should have a lesson like that.