Monday, August 18

A Bit of News

Well, I was going to post photos, but blogger isn't cooperating so I will bring you up to date on the renovations.

The plumber was here last week and ran into a couple of problems so he had to come back today. He arrived at 9 am and began working immediately. Around 4 pm, he said he thought he would have to come back on Wednesday to finish the job, but then decided to finish. So now we have a bathroom that looks like a bathroom. All we have to do is finish building in the tub, put up the surround and replace a couple pieces of wallboard that he had to take off.

The plumbing upstairs is now all vented, the tub, toilet, vanity and sink are in place and things are going forward.

Our helper didn't show up today and I had business to attend to with my mother, so no painting got done, but soon it will all be behind us. We're hoping to finish by the first week in September but we're not going to kill ourselves. The work will be there waiting for us until we finally put on the finishing touches.

Take care and have a great week. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Sounds like you are getting close. That is always a good feeling!

  2. Boy, I betcha you're really happy and excited to be getting this much more work done -all that much sooner that you'll have it completed now.

  3. How wonderful....this is good news! You two are almost finished with the long, grueling job of renovations. I bet you're so happy.

    And your house will so have a new occupant in the apartment. That'll be a relief too, I'm sure.

    Too bad Blogger was being a pain and not letting you upload the photos. I hope you'll try again. I, for one, would love to view the work you've been doing.

    Happy Tuesday dear Mary.

  4. Great attitude about finishing things up. I keep trying to get that through JD's head..... If we kill ourselves getting these projects done, then who is going to enjoy it?

  5. Sorry that Ken (blogger) would not let you post photos. He has been rather cantanerous lately for lots of folks. Probably will be my time soon if he reads this. Glad the renovations are getting to where you can see the light at the tunnels end. Maybe next time we will get to see photo. Peace and enjoy helping Mother. I wish I still had mine to help. Peace

  6. I know you will be happy to have the bathroom completed...and it sounds like it is almost there...
    good luck

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Jordan! I hope you enjoyed your day today. You have the best Grandma, huh?

    Mary, I'm glad you got your bathroom fixed up. Hooray!

  8. I am so glad you are getting close to the end of this project. I know that you will be so relieved.
    Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  9. Dearest Mary,

    I'm finally taking some time to do some visiting. It's been one of those weeks with very little time for the computer. Great news that at least the worst part of the work needed upstairs is now done:-) There IS a light at the end of the tunnel! lol

    I was trying to upload pictures last night as well for my post this morning but no way was Blogger having any of it. Had to wait until I got up this morning, then it was rush, rush, rush, before I had to head out!! xoxo

  10. Mary,

    I'm so glad you are coming down the home stretch in completing the renovations! It's going to be great - I just know it!

    Love & hugs,

  11. You need to have a BIG party when you are finished with that!!!!!!!! I know when we finished our flip house we went out to eat!!!!! It was such a good feeling....... Are you going to be looking for a renter? I will start praying for God to send you someone perfect!

    I have been in such a dry spell and have tired to post a couple of times but nothing comes...... but I have one about ready for tomorrow........ How is Aunt May? I think of her so often......

    Take care girl and I will write soon.

  12. So close now, huh? We'll be waiting to see the finished pics! I know how much work it has been for you, but it will be beautiful when it is completed. We finished our entire basement one time into an apartment for my folks, so I know how workers don't show up when they're supposed to and all that. We finished about 1700 sq. ft. of our basement into a winter apartment for my folks. It opened out to the backyard as we were right on a lake. My dad loved feeding the ducks as they would come right up to the sliding door and wait for him! I can remember so many nights when I would be so lame from working on that apartment! It felt sooooooo good when it was finally done!!!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  13. Will be so happy for you when you are totally finished.