Sunday, August 17

Happy 11th Birthday, Jordan and Green Thumb Sunday

Happy 11th Birthday, Jordan. I wish you lots of fun, some great gifts and much happiness for the coming year. Love, Grandma Mary

Jordan is 11 today. I can't put photos of his birthday party up, as his party isn't until the 23rd. His parents had planned to take the boys to see their aunt in northern Ontario, but that plan feel through. I will post photos of the birthday boy after the party.

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I had the side garden taken care of. I weeded it and put down mulch. Then I asked hubby to bring our water feature up from the basement. What we did was buy a ceramic planter and added the bamboo water spigot and the pump to it. I wish we didn't have to have the drain spout there, but we have no option. It is kind of an eyesore, but I do like the sound of trickling water, so will put up with it. This area looks so much better than it did before we dug up the grass and made the garden a couple of years ago.
Here is another view. I have both of my angels, some solar lights and a couple of garden ornaments that the boys picked out. The angel to the left was given to me by a neighbor. She didn't want it any longer and I was glad to give her a home.
I'm quite pleased with this garden that is right along our side steps. It makes the area look so much more inviting.
Have a great Sunday. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Happy Birthday Jordan! Have a great day!

  2. Joordan happy Birthday young one.

  3. Wishes for the birthday boy! I like your little garden, gives a feeling of accomplishment.
    Your poem was super, I could feel the snow in the boots! While we did not have an outhouse places I visited did and trecking out there at night was sure an adventure.

  4. How nice!! I like the work you've done. It's an attractive area Mary!
    You did good.

    I just sent you forwarded emails that I had sent you last week. I also added your yahoo email to the 'send' addy --so you'll get carbon copies [CC] from me on your IP email and your yahoo ==of the same.

    Hope it works!

  5. Now for JORDAN!!!!


  6. Happy Birthday Jordan! Our T~Bear turned 11 on the 12th. They sure do grow up fast don't they?

    What a lovely garden Mary. I have a drain pipe at the end of the porch that I wish wasn't there, but it has to be some where.....

    Congratulations on your beautiful awards.

    I did a post not long ago on the outhouse:

    Love your poem. You are so gifted.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Love your side garden water feature

  8.'s me again.
    I just rec'd your email...and sent a reply.

    "I'm getting yours! LOL
    And yes, the other email you gave me to try to use besides your 'main' email did have a dot 'ca' instead of dot 'com'.

    No, I have not received any returns or undeliverable emails that I've sent you either...they're all going out. Question is "where". And they ARE in my 'sent' folder, so they are going out to you or somebody.

    I can't remember where it is, by there is an online site where you can go to open your emails if you're not seeing them in your email account, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is called.

    I'm going to post this on your blog comments....

  9. Happy Birthday to Jordan! I hope you have a wonderful Day! Please eat some cake for Grams!! Hey, Maybe not, my Birthday is this week, too! So I should have mine own!! lol!! Blessings,Grams

  10. Happy Birthday Jordan.

    I don't what it is about August I become lazy and my garden are full of weeds and dry out.

    My coffee is always on over at my blog.

  11. I have been thinking about how to have a water feature at the new house until Honey Bear can do a big one. We have two here and will miss them when we're gone. There isn't much landscaping at the new place so we can pretty much plan our own. He dug up some Jasimine for me yesterday from the plants here and put it in a pot to transplant later.
    There was a surprise in our large pond this week. Look for it in my post tomorrow.
    Mama Bear
    Happy Birthday, Jordan

  12. Happy Birthday to Jordan!! Love your angels in the garden.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! Enjoy your day:)

  14. Hope Jordan had a great day today and a really over-the-top birthday party on the 23rd too. He is two days older than my older grandson -Alex -who will be 11 on Tuesday. He, his mother and her fiance were originally planning to come up here today for supper and so we could have our little celebration and gifts for Alex but this morning, my daughter called to tell me they wouldn't be up after all. So now, I have to try to figure out how to get his presents to him, considering Mandy is working the beginning days of this week and Carrie won't have any time off over the weekend either. (She works midnight shift so it makes getting together a bit more difficult then.)


    Ditto from hootin' anni...... and I love the little garden....... I also love the sound of running water.............

    Hope you had a good weekend........

  16. Mary, it's me again...
    I AM replying to your emails. The last one was a reply to your request to email you telling me that your IP said it was fixed.

  17. Happy Birthday to Jordan. !!!
    getting so close to being a teenager..

    and YouR side garden looks great..
    the weeds run wild this time of year.. I'm tempted to let them go
    love to you ..Deena

  18. Hi Mary,
    Happy Birthday to Jordan! Hope he has a fun celebration.
    Your side garden looks great. I always find that tidying up the garden is very relaxing and satisfying!
    Have a great week :)

  19. Many happy wishes for the Burpday Boy. The little garden looks very neat. I did all the bedroom windows and two bath windows today. Now for the other side of the house. It will take two weeks as I usually only allow one day a week for windows when I start. Peace

  20. Your little garden area is beautiful. I love the sound of water, too.
    love, bj

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Jordan!

    Love your garden! It's lovely!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to Jordan!! I do hope he'll have a fun birthday party on the 23rd:-)

    I love your little garden...once everything grows more, you won't even notice that pipe anymore! I always love seeing the lawn ornaments people have and yours are beautiful!! xoxo

  23. Happy Birthday, Jordan! :-)
    I hope you had a great day and a fantastic celebration on the 23rd!!

    Mary, I love your little side garden! It's beautiful. Your gardens always have the most delightful sense of whimsy. So lovely!

    Love and hugs,

  24. Wishing Jordan a very Happy Birthday. I love your garden.

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