Saturday, August 16

A Poem and Awards

When I was over visiting Tipper at Blind Pig and the Acorn, I noticed that she had posted "Ode to the Outhouse." Her post reminded me of a poem that I wrote a few years ago. I had been wondering what to post for Saturday and decided to post that poem that brings back memories of my childhood.

The Shack Outback
I slowly creep from between warm sheets
And pull my boots upon small feet.
I think again of my warm bed,
Put on my coat, place hat on head.

I step into the frosty night,
My heart is thumping hard with fright.
The moonbeams light the snow aglow
And to the outhouse I do go.

Halfway across the yard I see,
A snowdrift deeper than my knees.
I shudder as I climb that bank
And almost to my waist I sank.

The snow sifts down into my boots,
From nearby tree an owl hoots.
I turn the wooden latch - and then,
I enter that dark, musky den.

I think of spiders lurking there
And run my fingers through my hair.
Hike up my coat, push down my pants
And then I do a little dance.

This outhouse is the finest kind
And everyone should keep in mind
Not every outhouse has two holes.
A fellow can choose where to go.

I sit upon the smallest one
Cut 'specially for little buns.
The frosty air, the drafty hole
Soon help me to complete my goal.

Those were the thrills of days gone by.
I reminisce and wonder why
They banned the little shack outback
For many feet have walked that track.

Now when I rise from my warm bed
And head toward the john instead,
I think back to days of long ago
When to the outhouse I did go.

One of my fondest memories,
Is slipping out between the trees,
And walking down that well-packed track
To use the little shack outback.

Copyright (c) 1988 -2008
by Mary M. Alward

All Rights Reserved
Please do not copy without written consent of author.

In Other News

I received the beautiful friendship award below from Pea at Pea's Corner
and this one from Mari at My Little Corner of the World.

Thanks to both of you, Ladies. They are so cute and just a little different. I am so glad that I met both of you. I always enjoy visiting with you and am honored to call you both "Friend."

If you stop by to visit me frequently, feel free to take one or both of these beautiful friendship awards. I have met numerous friends since I began blogging here in September 2007. My how the time has flown and I look forward to visiting with you in the coming year. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. hello tita mary,

    please add me on your list.

    your on my list already... thanks!


  2. Mary, Just stopped my to say Hi. Congrats on recieving the same award twice. you are one special person in my book. Have I given you the giant beare hug award if not it is on my blogger site. so I'm offering it you if you would like to have it.
    HUGS and GOD's Blessings and Love to you and all of your Family. Mike G. said that(It's an A.A.thing of moine)

  3. I love that poem. It is so true to the way things were. I remember those from when I was a small child....Have a great weekend.....Mary

  4. Is that tooooooooo cute a poem or what........ I never had to go out to an outhouse but my Aunt in Arkansas had one from days gone by.... We kids would go out there just for fun, but could not imagine going in the middle of the night much less in the freezing cold...... You have some wonderful memories (wonderful now that is) I so enjoyed reading that... You need to write more........


  5. Thanks for the reminder of how thankful we need to be for indoor plumbing. The things we take for granted. Your poem was well written and very cute!

  6. Mary,

    I love the poem! Very cute. You know, in the Ozarks, there are still a few of those around. Mostly relics that folks have kept as a reminder of the past. But a few, here and there are, still in use, I've been told.

    Congratulations on the two beautiful, well deserved awards. Have a lovely weekend!

    Hugs and blessings,


  7. Good, happy Saturday Mary.
    Love the poem...the two lines that you have:
    I sit upon the smallest one
    Cut 'specially for little buns.

    I love it!

    And congrats on the awards. You're so very deserving.

  8. What a cute poem. I never had to use an outhouse and am thankful for indoor plumbing in the middle of the night! Congrats on getting that award twice - You are a good blogging friend!

  9. Hi again Mary...

    Thanks for the sweet, sweet comment you just left me on my colorful blog entry today. You know just how much your kind words mean to me.

    I have a question...
    I know you've been very busy with the renovations and all ---but, I'm wondering if you're receiving my emails now that you have your new computer? Is your email account working properly? Just curious. Don't fret that you can't find time in your busy day to answer...that, I'm not after, I'm just wondering if you're getting my emails is all.


  10. Loved your poem! I do remember the outhouse!! I will turn 70 this comming Friday! So we did have out houses back then!!
    Congrats on your awards!! I have some I am passing out on a post that I would love for you to have. Love and hugs, Grams

  11. Mary
    What a visual poem. I loved the part of the snow going into your boot. As I have stated before we did not have running water and other luxury until I was a junior in high school so I remember that shack out back. Peace

  12. Mary-I'm so glad you posted it!! It is an amazing poem. You did such a good job describing it all-I can just see a little girl going out into the cold night to answer the call of nature. Thank you for sharing it!

  13. I love this poem...It so reminds me of having to go outside all of my years as a child! Sandy

  14. I love your poem. Lots of memories.

    Years ago our summer place had a two holer. My mother and Aunt always went together. I can never figure why women so often want company at such times.

  15. Mary,

    I love your poem! :-)


  16. Oops, I was so involved thinking about your beautifully written poem that I forgot to say:

    Congratulations on your Awards!:-)

  17. I loved your poem!!!

    Also, I have received both of those awards but I would be pleased to add your name to them on my sidebar! Thank you, Mary!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  18. Congrats on your awards, I love that poem.