Sunday, August 10

Computer Crash and Other News

I haven't been online for the last couple of days because my computer crashed. I hate when that happens and right when I have a deadline coming up quickly.

The cause of the crash was a thunderstorm. The thunder boomed and the lightning flashed, so I shut down the computer. Once the storm had passed, I went to boot it up, but each time it got to my desktop, it automatically shut off. I tried a couple of more times with no luck, so I just left it.

Hubby and I ended up going out and buying a new computer. From late Sunday afternoon until about 8 pm, I downloaded all of the software for my digital camera, printer and a host of other things. I couldn't believe how fast this computer is compared to the old one and we got a great deal. It has a lot more hard drive space than our old computer and we now have a flat screen. I wasn't sure I would like it, but it is far superior to my old monitor. We have Vista Home and this operating system is an update from the first Vista. So far I love it.

In other news the plumber came on Friday and got some work done. However, he wanted a new bathroom floor laid before he installed the tub. We also found out that we had to open the ceiling in our living room to allow him access to the pipes that are between our ceiling and the bathroom floor in the apartment. So hubby spent Saturday and today doing just that. We also had to open the wall in our bathroom, as a pipe was leaking in there. If you had seen the plumbing job that the previous owner had done, you would have wondered why we weren't flooded out years ago. We've lived her 15 years and most of those pipes were just shoved together - no solder or silicone to keep them from leaking. I almost had a fit when I saw the mess. Once the plumber is finished, all will be well and we'll not have any worries about plumbing.

I don't have any photos today because they are all on my old computer. Thank goodness I still have them all on my memory cards, so all is not lost. However, I did lose some of my writing. I'm going to be taking the old computer into the shop to see if they can retrieve my documents. They may be able to repair it so I have a back-up computer. That would be nice as it seems when my computer crashes that there is a deadline looming. This causes me to become stressed out because I always like to meet my deadlines.

I hope you all had a great weekend. It rained here the entire two days and is quite chilly. It seems more life fall than summer. It is to remain cool and rainy the entire week, but I much prefer that to hot and humid. Our water table seems to be back to where it should be, which is good. I'm hoping that we don't get as much rain in August as we did in July, but I told hubby yesterday we're lucky this isn't all snow. There is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Take care and enjoy your week. ~Blessings, Mary~

PS. I have lost all of my email addresses, so if I had yours, please email me so I can add you to my address book. I certainly don't want to lose contact with any of my friends.


  1. Hey girl.....dont know if I should say congrats on the new computer or sorry you had to buy that.. I bet it is whiz bang and yes I bet it is sooooooooooo fast. Also there is a little contraction that my DH uses to back up my business computer once a week.... He just plugs it in and backs up everything... The next week when he plugs it in it knows what changed and backs that up.... soooo I always have everything right there ready to re-load... If you like I will find out for you.... I keep everything in my documents and when he backs up he just records that folder....... I lost everything once and promised myself I would not do that again.......

    Sorry for all the plumbing problems going on and I pray that you are soon finished with that project..... You have been so busy with that for so long.....
    We are getting RAIN !!! We so needed rain!
    Take care girl friend and I will be sending an email tomorrow!

  2. I got this computer about 18 months ago now -lots more space and speed too -plus with the high speed connection I got about 6 months ago makes me a lot happier!
    The plumbing ordeal though -WOW -makes you wonder if it will all ever end!
    And the rain - much as I know we all need the rain, it always brings me a lot more in the aches and pains department, unfortunately.

  3. Sorry for all the computer problems sweetie, but congrats on your new computer.

  4. Doesn't it make you wonder how some things pass inspection in the first place. If you ever watch Holmes on Homes.....

  5. Ohhhhhhhh, crapola! I lost my old computer around the holidays last year and did just the same thing as you did...just up and went out and got a new one. And I too have Vista now, and the flat screen monitor. Love it. Wouldn't trade it for anything. I lost all my photos on the old computer...never did get it in to the shop to hopefully get all the stuff saved. Oh well...a 100 years from now it'll make no difference.

    I'll email you as soon as I click publish for this comment. [I DID come over 1st thing this morning 'cause I wanted to tell you that I posted the gift you sent to me on my Monday blog. I'm still just so overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness and generosity!! you rock!!]

    Enjoy the new computer, hope you'll get your writing done before the due date.

    And the plumbing? Sounds like you both are getting really close to having it done.

    And once again, thanks Mary.

  6. So sorry to hear about your computer problem. Ours crashed not long ago so I know what you are going through. We were able to save ours by calling support and she walked me through the steps to try and correct it. You know I have so much trouble trying to understand sopport techs, I would prefer the expence of a new computer than calling them for help. I gave in this time

    It can sure be a nightmare trying to mop up someone elses handy work. I agree, it is a wonder that you didn't have a lot of damage long before now.

  7. Sorry to hear about your computer, but I'm so glad you got a new one. My son just had the same thing happen to him!

  8. sorry for all your plumbing and computer problems...
    but you a brand new computer...and a brand new bathroom out of the mess...
    so in every cloud there is indeed a silver lining...
    I hope things are brighter for you this week!!

  9. It's scary to think of losing all that stuff -

    Our plumbing wasn't done well either - our house is 30 years old, and we've had to do several repairs over the years. Sloppy construction!

    Have a great week - and send us some of that rain, please! You should see our lake, which is really a reservoir for the farmers' watering of their crops - not much there in the middle of our town. I'm going to have to post a picture.

  10. Mary,
    I'm so sorry about your computer crashing.....bless your heart....

    I'll always happy to see you've been by.....Betty

  11. I am happy you got to get a new computer! Wow! It sure sounds great!! But I am sorry about the old one. Grrr!I know that caused a lot of stress. You didn't need that! Love and hugs Grams

    Ok, I need to go get the dishes done before the Olympics come on!!! I will run over to my mail box first and leave my E-mail!

  12. Sorry about the computer but hopefully you'll be able to reclaim the info from the hard drive. I was happy to hear they've improved Vista. Honey Bear has it on his newer laptop and it has been a pain. Some people have an auxillary hard drive. That may be what Denise is taling about. I try to make back ups of photos and music and some documents. I don't do as much as I should though. My daughter lost all of her pictures and music once when hers crashed so now she backs up to another hard drive or one of the little USB things.
    I'm glad you found out about the plumbing problems before something major happened.
    We're having some cooler temperatures and less humidity for a few days so working outside isn't so bad. Hubby is out there now.
    Mama Bear

  13. Nothing like a new sorry about all the plumbing issues though...ugh...Blessings~Sharon

  14. Computer crashes are a nightmare! Glad you are recovering so well. I detest Windows Vista. Peripherals do not work well with it. They had to improve it.

  15. My computer is mostly for play.. so when it goes not much lost except sentimental things..I can imagine if you do work on it .. the worry would be greater if it crashes.

    Still, I got a new one in April...but being on dial up didn't show me much fastness..

    I asked the telephone man who came out this week for my husband's line, How long before I could get high speed.. I hate living in the boonies..

    He said probaby never and he lives farther in the boonies and doesn't have a fast way to get on line either...

    he said cable probably wouldn't come down my section of the road... I asked "why?" and he said.. too many satelite dishes..

    Glad you are back up and running... I hope you met your deadline..

  16. I love computers most of the time, when they mess up it's a whole other story. I am sure the repair place can piggy back your harddrive and retrieve your information if it comes to that.
    I can relate to holes in the ceiling and walls, it will be a happy day when I can finally paint and paper. So glad your projects are finally coming to a close.

  17. Mary,

    I'm sorry your computer gave out. I always unplug mine after shutting down during a storm. Surge protectors are great, but sometimes a surge gets through anyway resulting in a damaged computer. I hope they can retrieve your stories. I will email you today!


  18. Hi Mary,
    So sorry you had to go out and buy a new computer, but good news that it's been a pretty easy adjustment. It's amazing how much we come to rely on these electronic "necessities" isn't it!!