Tuesday, August 12

Tackle it Tuesday # 2

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle it Tuesday is a day when we show or tell about a project that we've completed. Well, I've completed this task several times since we started renovations and on Saturday when the thunderstorm knocked out my old computer, this is what my desk looked like.

Earlier in the day, hubby had been pulling lath and plaster off the ceiling in the living room so when the plumber arrived Monday he could access the pipes to the upstairs bathroom. So, not only was the computer desk littered with papers and other things that I was working on, it had a lot of plaster dust on it. The above photo is what it looked like.

Sunday I tackled that chore and this is what it looks like now. What a relief to have everything looking so much better. This room seems to get cluttered easily because of my writing. Thank goodness we are finished pulling down plaster, as I wouldn't want my new computer to be covered with all that dust.

I'm quite happy with this new look and I love my new flat screen and computer. So that is my Tackle it Tuesday for this week.

If you would like to participate in Tackle it Tuesday, follow this link to 5 Minutes for Mom. It's a great incentive to tackle both big and small household chores.


  1. Hi, Mary. Just catching up with your last couple of posts. Too bad about your old computer but I'm glad you're pleased with the new one.

    I need to clean up my computer desk and move some things around. Hopefully I'll get to it this week.

    I'll email you so you'll have my email address on your new computer.

    Have a great week, hope you get all the repairs done this week.

    Love and hugs,


  2. There's nothing like something new to give us a lift. I love my flat screen and wireless mouse. But I hardly ever use it now, since my husband uses it and I use the laptop he gave me.

  3. Hey look at you..... great new puter! Makes life more fun....... You have worked hard and been so busy.... maybe this fall you will be able to do something for MARY...... I was over at Hoots...and she was so excited about her box of goodies... You are a dear......

  4. Hi Mary,

    Sorry to hear that. Glad your computer is up and running now.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm, first, I'm looking at your old computer. Y'know this is the exact replica of MINE...the one that crashed. And from your email you sent, it did the exact same thing for you as it did for me. I'm now wondering if that is a DELL trait?!! All I know is, it is a pain. In the butt. rofl.

    You really worked hard cleaning. I can imagine the dust from all the construction work going on at your house. Looks nice Mary!!

    Oh, and how is Meeko doing now? Been meaning to ask you, and just now remembered.

    Have a terrific Tuesday.

  6. Love the look of the new computer!
    Gone are the days of the big bulky monitors. When we get into our new resting place we will have to update or other computer in storage. The flat screen gives so much more room...and it just looks neater!
    Sorry about your other computer...but how cool you got this one in it's place.

  7. I love your new computer, very nice.

  8. Mary,

    Great job! Congratulations on getting a new computer! I love those flat screens. I just lost mine, but it worked very well for years. I need to save up my pennies to get another. LOL

    Have a great week!

  9. My computer is still with Kris. He is madly trying to fix it for me. I am having a bit of a problem getting used to this lap top, but am slowly getting the hang of it.

    I have been tackling all the garden things that our son did not get done while we were gone. I did manage to get the house back into some order (housekeeping is not his forte).

    God bless.

  10. Look at that!! Yea! It looks so nice! I bet you do just love it!! love and hugs, Grams

  11. There are some tasks that literally need tackling huh? Did you have fun at the same time too? I hope you got my FB email about Karate. What say you?

  12. Very nice!! Love the new computer, and clean space. Feels better yes?