Friday, August 15

Thursday Doin's

Early on Thursday morning, Meeko went to the Vets for a bath and his Bordetella vaccination. While he was there, they clipped his nails, cleaned his ears and trimmed the fur on his stomach. He was looking pretty when he came home and he knew it. Immediately he wanted to go out and show off his new look.

Though the photo above is a little too light, there he is looking well-groomed. He's always proud to be all cleaned up.
This afternoon the boys and I went to the farm. I was able to get a photo of Yankee. Yankee is a miniature horse. He is full grown and is not a pony.
It was a hot day and all of the horses were gathering around the water trough. One (I can't remember his name) kept coming near when he saw me taking photos of Yankee. It was as if he was saying, "I want my picture taken too."
Yankee was just taking his time wandering around the barnyard and grazing on a bit of grass. He doesn't crave the same attention as the other horses. He is more of a loner. Sometimes the other horses pick on him a little.
After I had made dinner and fed hubby, I came into the computer room, just as the sun was setting. The sky was a brilliant red to the northwest.
To the southwest it was pretty shades of pink, blue and lavender. I haven't seen colors like this in a sunset yet this summer. It was breathtaking. It wasn't long after these photos were taken that a severe thunderstorm moved in. I got these shots just in time.

And those are the joys that I experienced on Thursday. Hubby worked upstairs and I did some laundry that I was behind in and tidied the house a bit. Our helper was here and he is continuing to paint the upstairs kitchen. Hubby worked laying the new bathroom sub floor so the plumber can install the bath tub, sink and toilet when he comes on Monday. Things are shaping up nicely.
Take care and have a great weekend. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. The horses are so cute! And they certainly are curious creatures.
    Your sunset pictures are just glorious. I love the one with the dark trees all around and the blazing color shining through.

  2. Mary,

    Meeko looks quite dapper all spruced up!

    Your sunset photos are magnificent! Glorious orange through the trees and a lovely painter's pallette in the second photo. Beautiful! Thank you for posting them. :-)

    Have a great Friday!
    Love & Hugs,

  3. Meeko does look very spiffy!! And the horses are fun to see - especially the one who wanted his picture taken.

    The sunset is gorgeous - I haven't caught any this summer as I did last year. Don't know why -

    Have a great week-end!

  4. Meeko is looking spiffy! The sunset is beautiful - I'm so glad you got the pictures. I'd like to see pictures again of the remodel. Glad it's coming along!

  5. Sounds like everyone had a good day. Your sunset pictures are so beautiful. Soon your apartment and bath will be done, super!

  6. I like the photos and glad things are coming together on the remodel.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Meeko does look so handsome!
    And what a darling miniature horse Yankee is!

    The sky looks like there's a fire in the distance...what vibrant colors!

    Hope you're doing well, Mary...sorry it's been a little while-I've been so behind lately with almost everyone it seems!


  8. Thanks for the horse pics. I did receive your email and will be replying to it.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh, Meeko all dolled up and no place to go. Doesn't he look proud! Fabulous photo Mary.

    And the farm animals...poor Yankee being picked on. I feel for them, 'cause I know what it's like to be a 'loner' in the field and being picked on when I was young.

    The sunset photos? Breathtaking!!!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday for my T-13. We had storms here, and in turn our computer was unplugged all day so I didn't get a chance to get any visiting done.

    Have a terrific weekend!!

  10. Meeko is just one very handsome dude and he KNOWS it too!
    And the sunset photos -just gorgeous! Great job, my friend.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day my friend.

  12. Yankee is so cute!! And the sunset pictures are just amazing!

  13. Meeko must be proud of his new look.

  14. Hello dear Mary:-)

    Meeko does indeed look very handsome after his visit to the vet!! I'm sure he wanted to impress his girlfriend when he went out! hehe

    I've always thought horses are such fascinating animals and so beautiful. I've only ever tried to ride one once when I was a young teen and had a bad experience so it was my first and last ride! lol How sad that the other horses sometimes pick on Yankee:-( There always have to be bullies, no matter if human or animal!!

    Your sunset pictures are just breathtaking. We were supposed to get more rain today but except for a few drops, it soon cleared right up and ended up being a beautiful day! xoxo

  15. Mary
    Meeko is so handsome he just wanted the world to see him all cleaned up. I figure the little horse is a loner because of his name.
    The sky pictures are awesome. Take care and have a good weekend.

  16. Meeko is a beautiful dog...... such grace....... I need to keep my camera handy! Your pics of the sky were beautiful......... We finally got some rain and it was sooooo needed...... sounds like your projects are nearing the end and I am sure you are soooooooo glad.. That is all so hard...... I could not imagine having to do another house right now..Just not in me..........

    I love horses but have always been a bit afraid of them........ I have had a couple of opportunities to ride but decided not to..... but they are beautiful.... and it seems on of them is a bit of a camera ham!

    Have a blessed weekend girl.......

  17. Mary,

    Meeko is a beauty, and I'm glad he is doing better regarding his colitis. The horses and the sunset are beautiful as well. You take the best pictures!

    Happy weekend!



  18. Meeko is looking handsome there!

    Love the picture of the sunset.