Wednesday, August 13

Meeko and Renovation News

Some of you have been asking about Meeko. He is much better and there hasn`t been a reoccurrence of his Colitis. We`re watching his diet and making sure he is getting what he needs.

Over the weekend it was cooler and Meeko has been enjoying the great outdoors. He enjoys being outside when a nice breeze is blowing.

The above photo is a rare one where he is looking directly at the camera. It seems when I aim that he always turns his head away. I`m hoping this can be clicked on to enlarge it, as it clearly shows his eyes. His right eye is blue and the left one is brown.

Here he is resting comfortably in the cooler weather. He so enjoys laying on the veranda and keeping watch over the yard.

As most of you already know, the plumber was to come Monday. Well, he did and he was here from 9 am to 4 pm. He changed the pipes for the upstairs bathroom vanity but when he began working to install the toilet, he found that there was two hairline cracks down the pipe and he had to take that out and put in a new one. I`m certainly glad he found that because it would have spelled disaster in the future. It was quite a bit extra work for him and that wasn`t something we had planned on. However, we are aware that when you begin renovating old houses that you never know what you are going to find. Thank goodness this was found before it broke open, which wouldn`t have been long from the looks of the old pipe.

For years when we`ve done laundry, our bathtub (this is in our apartment) gurgles and so does the kitchen sink. Well, the plumber found out that nothing in the upstairs bathroom was vented and that is why everything gurgles when the washer empties. That is now fixed as well.

So, the renovations continue. The plumber can`t come back until next Monday because he has a big job to do. That is okay because there is still lots of painting to be done upstairs.

Take care and have a great Wednesday. Blessings, Mary


  1. I'm doing a little plumbing right now too. I could tell you all sorts of stories about broken waste water lines, but that could make even me sick. So, I too am glad he found the cracks. And no vents, shame on whoever did it the first time. I always make sure I have a vent on each and every drain.

  2. So glad that Meeko is feeling better.

  3. Good morning dear Mary:-)

    I'm so sorry for not having visited in the last couple of days but I've explained why in my post this morning. Today is a new day, though, and I've been missing my blogging buddies so here I am:-)

    So glad to hear that Meeko is doing well...such a beautiful dog he is. I've always seen those types of dogs with blue eyes so it's quite fascinating to see that he has one blue one and one brown one!!

    Oh dear, you're right, it's very lucky the plumber found those cracks in the pipes! Sounds like everything is coming along but I know how anxious you are to have it all done and over with!!

    Congratulations on your new computer! I have a flat screen monitor and love I need a new computer as well! lol Mine is over 8 years old and starting to run much slower.

    Take good care my friend! xoxo

  4. I guess it is turning out to be a blessing that the former tenant left things in such a mess.
    Last night, I made spaghetti for dinner. We had a good bit left over and since we never seem to eat it when I save it for later, I proceeded to put it down the disposal. It chewed it up fine or at least I thought so but then the sink stopped up. Draino didn't help. Water would run freely down the other sink so we new it was in the crook directly under the disposal. When we went to bed, Honey Bear was feeling overwhelmed with all he has to do and now this.
    This morning, I decided to see if I could unscrew the pipe. It was actually a little lose and there was water under the sink. I always keep plastic under my sinks for just this reason. Well, I was able to clear the clog myself. I am so proud of myself to have taken this burden off my Honey Bear. Besides, I cannot stand having problems. I have this need to fix things right away.
    Mama Bear

  5. Boy, any time you try to do remodeling or repairs on an older home it does seem to just open one can of worms after another, doesn't it? At least with the work you are having done now it should give a good deal of relief for the added protection it will provide in the future against some of the problems you could have had if you'd not done the remodeling properly.

  6. Boy, can I relate,lol. Our house is from the 20's or earlier, we are still trying to find an exact date. Hubby is becoming expert at plumbing, heating, insulation, you name it. There has been so much to do inside that the outside painting will have to wait until next year, bummer. So glad you are seeing the finish line. Best to you Barbara

  7. How did this ever pass inspection is beyond me? Did he find any mold up there by any chance?

  8. I'm so far behind in visiting today. But, I had to come by during my 'lunch hour' that I always take off for myself on a busy day like today if I can....

    Meeko looks so contented. I'm sure glad you updating us on his health. It's good to hear he's doing well.

    Ahhhhhhh, yes, hairline cracks in the plumbing. That sounds so familiar. Can I say "Been there, done that?...yep, I can.

    Like you say, I'm glad he found it when he did, otherwise the work would have been completed and then the pipe breaks entirely and it'd be a job of work all over again.

    Happy day to you Mary.

  9. Meeko is such a beautiful animal. I am happy that he is doing better.

    Sounds as if your renovations are moving right along.

    God bless.

  10. I can't get the photo to enlarge, but I can see his eyes. He really is a good looking dog! Glad your gurgle is fixed too!

  11. Glad Meeko is doing better. And sounds like the renovations are moving right along too. Good thing the plumber found the crack.

  12. So glad Meeko is doing better. Buddy has colitis and I have been doctoring him with a new medication. Sure hope it works as colitis in horses is very hard to remedy. So far so good.

    You are so fortunate that your plumber found that crack! That was a disaster just waiting to happen wasn't it?! You'd better give him a good tip when he's done! :o)

  13. Mary,

    I'm so happy to hear that Meeko is doing well. Those are great photos of him!

    I'm also glad the plumber found the crack in the pipe. As you said, it would have been much worse later.


  14. Meeko is such a beautiful dog!!! I could just love him to pieces myself!!! I grew up with 2 big dogs....a boxer and a chow. I have cats now but they are easier for me to care for plus I live in a one-story townhome and do not have a big enough backyard for a dog to run in.

    I love all animals and could easily have 100! I have 33 cats all inside now! I rescued and trapped most of them myself. I have them separated into groups as that's the only way I could ever manage them all. I have 8 in my office here, 12 ferals in my alrge laundry room, and then 13 in my living areas. So it's not as bad as it sounds. Just a lot of work to keep litterboxes scooped several times a day and then feeding times are hectic! I have 2 diabetic cats on insulin shots every 12 hours, 3 on Cosequins for bladder inflammations, 3 on Benadryl, and 2 on Buspar for overgrooming their bellies! Keeps me busy! Thank goodness, I work from home cause I could never keep them all if I worked outside the home. They are all clean, no fleas, no worms, and all are disease free and spayed/neutered, too! They are my babies!!! I just had one with kidney stones so he's on special food...$30 for a 10-pound bag! And now the 2 that are on Buspar are on special food, too...$40 for 10-pound bag of it!!! I have to work 2 jobs as one job is just basically for the cats and their food and vet bills! LOL I'm so glad Meeko is doing better now. We worry over them as if they were children, don't we?

    Have a great week, Mary!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

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