Thursday, August 7

Some Play and Some Work

As my readers will know, Jordan stayed over Monday night and we went fishing. The photos are in the previous post of Jordan and his fish. Brandon stayed over Tuesday night but opted for going shopping for his brother a birthday present in lieu of fishing. So we went to Wally World, did our shopping and then spent some time playing a game together.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jordan came because his parents both had to work. I took the boys swimming and they had a good time. They asked if we could go back today and we did.

When we arrived there was no one in the pool. I couldn't believe it. There was one family there but no one else, so the boys had the entire pool much to themselves. Here are a few photos:

The boys weren't long getting into the water. They had all the water toys to themselves. Jordan loves to ride in this little boat, as he calls it. Brandon loves to push him in it.
They have a lot of fun doing this and they laugh when Brandon gives it a big push. He was ready to do that in the photo above.
They also love to float on the mat. They take turns and get along really well in the water. They are both becoming much better swimmers, as they have been in the water a lot this year.
The park bench in the above photo is where I hang out while the boys are swimming. I can't swim a stroke but do go in with them sometimes. However, it is my preference to sit on this bench under the beautiful shade trees and read a good book, just as I did yesterday and today. It's very relaxing and both days there was a lovely cool breeze. I am nearby and can keep my ear tuned for the lifeguards yelling. I always check to make sure the boys are okay. Some parents just drop their kids off for the lifeguards to babysit. That is not my way. Lifeguards are to keep children safe, not to babysit.
I had just taken the photo of the beautiful park area and turned around to see the boys filling the boat up with toys. They were helping the lifeguards clear the pool. They always volunteer to do this and I'm quite proud that they do. It is a big help for the boys, who are already in the pool and wet, to gather up all of the water toys. The lifeguards appreciate it and always thank them. Once that was done, the boys got out of the water, changed into dry clothes and we headed to my place. All fun and no work isn't good for any boy.
So I put Brandon to work doing the weed eating. He enjoys doing this and is getting better at it each time. That is a big help to us. He does a fairly good job on it too.
Jordan got the task of watering the flowers, though they didn't really need to be. When I told him to water the flowers, I meant the ones on the porch railing and in the baskets. So when he finished here, he got to do those as well.

All play and no work is not good for anyone and I firmly believe these kids need to learn to have a good work ethic. They both try hard and the only thing I've ever expected of them is that they do their best.

Grandma is tuckered out after having the boys pretty much all week. They are active and keep me on my toes, but we do have a lot of fun together, whether we are working or playing.

Take the time to spend a few hours with a child. Teach them something new, let them help you in the kitchen or garden or play a board game. It's a great way to bond and makes many wonderful memories. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. What a great time! I can't believe they got the whole pool to themselves! What great summer memories!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. We are the ones making the most memories. And picture taking will help them remember too. I would play with my grandchildren when I felt well. I have sand cakes decorated with flower blooms pictured from the sand box days. Fun!

    And lots of riding the pony.. with Granddaddy leading them around. Now that they are grown, I'm the one with the picture books remembering the fun times.~ann

  3. Good times, eh Mary? I'll be "bonding" with Emmy tomorrow while Jessica goes to Little Rock for her surgery.

    We had a little rain and it cooled off here today, only 85F.

    Glad you're doing well, hope to see pics of the apartment soon.

    Love and hugs,


  4. I love you my friend, glad the boys enjoyed their pool time.

  5. Mary,
    What wonderful memories you are making with your grandsons....handsome fellows....

    Thank you for dropping in and the sweet comment about our visit and trip with Marion and John....

  6. Good happy Friday to you dear Mary! Wow...the boys had the huge pool to themselves. What a treat, and oh so much more fun.

    Love seeing the boys doing yard chores, y'know? That is so good for them. You're bringing up [or helping] those boys to be great adults one day. Love the whole concept.

    Wish I coulda been with you on the park bench and chatting away.

  7. Mary,

    What a wonderful post! I'm glad you and the boys had such a wonderful day. :-)

    Love & hugs,

  8. Having grandsons is such a blessings..but can be very
    tiring for us grammies...LOL
    you are always such a good grammy!!
    love you honey..Deena

  9. Its always nice when the pool isn't crowded. Looks like you and the boys have the best times.

  10. Hey girl.....Dennis and I are headed out here in a minute to go to Oklahoma City and see BatMan at the theater....... We hardly ever go to the movies.... In fact the last one was the Passion.... so it has been a while...... My sweet DH wanted to see this one on big screen so we are going to take the afternoon off.... I am about finished getting all the Pool Party favors packed up and things are a bit slower ......... I wanted to check in and see how your Aunt was doing........ She is on my mind much........

    Looks like you and the boys had a great day again! What a Grandma!

    Hugs girl friend and even though I have been away a lot these past few weeks does not mean that you are not near and dear to my heart!

  11. Our girls are having a great summer this year - learning to swim and spending lots of time in the water. Kristen was able to get them a nice sized pool for the back yard and they and the neighbor girls have had so much fun - but they decided to use a crib mattress for a floatie - now we have to get another mattress for the second crib - the twins hafe outgrown their smaller sleeping arrangements.

    I love having the grandgirls down the street - they consider this their second house.

  12. What luck getting the pool to themselves. All of the public pools around here are so packed, it looks like a can of sardines.

  13. That was so great they got to go swimming and have the pool almost to theirselves!! You are so good to spend so much time with them! They will never forget how good you are to them. Love and hugs Grams

  14. I believe those times when we get the pool all to ourselves are just God's way of giving us an extra blessing. I am going to email you about Martial Arts.

  15. Glad you had some relaxing time reading when you knew there was nothing else you could be doing. I usually feel so guilty reading unless I know there is nothing else to do. :)
    And AMEN....Julia is doing the dishes as we speak! This makes her momma very happy!

  16. I hope I'm as good a grandma as you are!!! I'm so glad you can bring the boys to that pool, looks and sounds like they have such a fun time there and knowing how to swim is a good thing to have!! Like you, I always stayed with my boys whenever I'd bring them swimming, even if there was a lifeguard. As you say, they are not babysitters!

    Good for you for putting them to work as well! Too many kids these days think life is just one fun thing after another and have no clue what "work" is!!

    Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  17. Its good to see they do some work for you also, you do so much for them:)
    You get some rest now and sleep sleep, then sleep some more:) You are the Grandma of the year:) Bless You:)

  18. I sent you a message on FB.