Monday, September 22

The Apple Festival Part II

Aahhh! Sweet success! Blogger allowed me to upload the rest of the photos from the Apple Festival. If you didn't read part one, you can find it HERE.

This is the booth where I bought Brandon the goat milk soap for his face. He has a lot of dry skin and the lady shown here, selling her wares, explained that goat milk soap is more natural than other soaps. So Brandon is going to give it a try and his face gets itchy and he is beginning to show the first signs of acne. This lady makes all her own soap through cold processing. I would like to know more about making soap and one day I'd like to try it. Grandma used to make her own soap and I know it is hard work, but the rewards are awesome.

Brandon and Mom headed back to the van and Jordan and I went to see if the book was still there that he wanted. It was and he was delighted. He is crazy about dogs and this one was The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa Claus. He thought it would be good reading a little closer to the holidays and I agreed. I don't mind buying the kids books. I encourage them to read and since it was Scholastic chapter book, the price was good.

Jordan liked the car above. I believe it is a Firebird. I did look at the names as we walked along and tried to remember all of them.
He also liked the car above. It was a beauty. The man had it sparkling clean inside and out and not one mark on the upholstery anywhere. It was easy to see he takes good care of it. Jordan was amazed to find out what a running board was and the man let him stand on it.
Ah! Sweet memories of days gone by. A Thunderbird. No suicide doors however. Jordan had never seen one of these before and was enthralled with the spare tire on the back.
He couldn't believe that anyone would put Howdy Dowdy under their car hood. In fact, he laughed when I told him that when I was young that my brother, sister and I used to watch Howedy Dowdy after school while we were doing our chores. This is one of my favorites; both the style and the color suits me well. I would love to own a care like this with the beautiful chrome and the whitewall tires.

When you compare what was under the hood of this baby with what is under the hood of today's cars, the difference is amazing. Oh, to own a car like this one and it came all the way from Florida.
Jordan loved this car and I haven't seen a Cobra in years. The owner was very protective of his baby and I can't blame him. He told Jordan he could have his picture taken beside the car, but not to touch it. Jordan was up for that. He loved the cobra on the side of the fender, just in front of the door.

After seeing the cars, we headed back the the van where Mom and Brandon were enjoying an apple dumpling. Mom had bought some at one of the booths and she said they were delicious. She offered me some but because of my diabetes, I declined.

As we were heading out of the village for the drive back home, we saw other vintage cars heading to the Festival. I guess they were a little late.

It's always nice to get out and about in the fall. I'm writing this Sunday afternoon and hubby and I just got back from a drive. We ended up taking a walk in a nature area. Photos in the next day or two.

Enjoy your day and be sure to take some time to enjoy the season. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Good part 2!

    I don't know, Mary, I like red cars....candy apple red - with white interior. Very chic...

  2. Mary, Yest that was a Pontiac Firebird.I loved the rest of the cars as well. and yes Howdy Doody brings back fond memories as well. Big Time Hugs.

  3. all the classic and antique cars. I'm like Brandon I like the 'sports cars'. LOL

    Howdy Doody...oh my gosh.

    That reminds me of a lunch box I once owned. Oh to have that stuff now.

    Apple dumplings? Oh just those words make me quiver with delight. I bet they WERE yummy.

    Can't wait to see your nature tour.

    Have a fabulous Monday.

  4. Oh my gosh the T-Bird........ it is a "want" in my life........ I had a 66 T-Bird back in the 80's but long story short it got sold without my permission......... it was Teal in color with ivory interior! It was B-U-T-I ful !!!!!! I love you second set of pictures and brought back good memories.........Me and my two boys used to go to car shows all the time when we lived in Tulsa.... We loved them..........

    Have a great week girl........

  5. What a fun day! (I also love that car that was your favorite, too!)

    I have something for you over at my place! :D

  6. Thanks for taking us along with y'all at the Apple Festival. I truly enjoyed all the sights and CARS. One of my old boyfriends had a green Cobra and yes he let me drive it. Very powerful baby. Peace

  7. I’m glad you were able to upload part two … loved the classic and antique carz … and seeing your family enjoying themselves at the Apple Festival.
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. I LOVe those old cars! I have the same problem as Brandon. It could be soap, washing liquid whatever, if it's a particular brand, my skin will itch.

  9. I love seeing the old cars! Please tell your Grandson that Grams remembers the running board and liked them!!
    My folks had a "38" Ford! They gave it to my brother when the war was over and he drove it until it wouldn't go any more!!! You brought back some happy Memories! Love, Grams

  10. What a great time, Mary! Those cars...swoon! I love the Firebird! One of my best childhood friend's dad's had one and we used to sit on the hood as 8 year olds and think we were the coolest, LOL. :o) Goat's milk soap is wonderful - that and olive oil soaps (by Kiss My Face - at Target) are my best beauty product bets. They're so moisturizing and gentle.

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. I love those old car shows! My favorite is the white Thunderbird! ;-)

    Tell us more about the book about a dog who thought he was Santa! Who is the author? Sounds cute!


    P.S. - I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your great-grandparents! It's wonderful to have a history to go along with photos.

  12. Dave would have loved seeing those vintage cars! He has a '56 chevy belair that he's been restoring. As I'm reading this I happened to look over and see Deborah mentioned candy apple red - that is the color Dave painted the chevy!

    I got such a kick out of Howdy Doody! What a blast from the past. My brothers and I also watched Howdy Doody.

    Your photos are beautiful!! Thank you for letting us tag along on your trip to the festival. :-)


  13. Loved all the pics of the collector cars! I can just imagine the boys' eyes when they saw them! Running boards! WOW! Cars didn't go as fast back in those days, but I bet they lasted longer. LOL

    Enjoyed this post so much!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))