Monday, September 29

A Trip to the Apple Orchard

Last Thursday when they got home from school, the boys called and asked if we could go to the apple orchard. We have done this since they were toddlers and they look forward to it each year. It is what Brandon calls a tradition.

I went and picked them up and drove to an apple orchard a few miles away. The first thing that greet us was this odd looking creature.

We had seen him at the Apple Festival but the photo I took there didn't turn out. Just as I snapped it a group of people walked in my path. I didn't realize it until I uploaded the photos to my computer. I'm glad I got the photo. It is large, round balls of straw made into a scarecrow type creature.

Each year the owner of this particular apple orchard decorates for autumn and Halloween. He has a corn maze and other fun things to do during the fall season. Closer to Halloween there will be a haunted barn and a haunted hayride. Brandon has never wanted to take part in those, but he does this year. He is gaining more self confidence, which makes everyone feel good.

Just after the straw scarecrow and the welcome sign, we saw this skinny scarecrow. He sure could use something good to eat before his straw all disintegrates and leaves his shirt front touching its back.

Oh, and if you don't pay at this particular apple orchard, this is what happens to you. We all thought this was rather cute and got a good laugh out of it.

Just as I took the photo, the owner came along on the tractor and asked me what kind of apples we were looking for. I told him Courtlands, as they are best for cooking and baking. He told us they were behind the barn, which we knew from visiting previous years.

Here is the sign that marks the Courtland apples. Look at those beauties on the tree behind it.
There are lots of apples and the ones above were high in the top of the trees.
Jordan did a fine job of picking the apples. Of course he wanted the ones from the highest branches because they were nicer. LOL They were all beautiful. He just wanted to climb the trees, which is against the rules.
Brandon is tall - 5' 7" now and could reach higher than I could, so he got some of the apples that were up high for Jordan.

Here is Jordan looking down the row to see if there are bigger apples down there. He always likes exploring.
Brandon is admiring the apple that he just picked. It was completely red and when he rubbed it on his shirt it sparkled like a ruby. They were definitely nice apples.

We filled our bag that was given to us in the store at the front of the property where we prepaid and started to head back to the van.
Jordan spotted this cedar tree and was awed by the amount of seeds on it. It was like this from the tip to the ground. Another sign that we won't get a lot of snow this winter. I hope the pines and cedars are correct in their predictions. At my age lots of snow equals lots of shoveling and that is not high on my agenda.
Jordan really loved this cedar. There is kind of a hollow where a boy, or girl for that matter, could have a little cave back under there. I remember doing this when I was a kid. It was fun to have a secret place to go.
I asked Brandon to have his photo taken with Jordan and the cedar and before I realized what was happening, the boys had ran along this path between the trees and were almost back to the van - hence no photo of them together.

This does look like a place where a kid could have a lot of fun, so being a kid at heart, I went the same way as the boys.

As we got in the van, we noticed a maple that had turned color. The colors looked brighter to the eye than they do in the photo, but I love the colors against the red barn.

We had a lot of fun at the apple orchard and the boys took the bag of apples home to their parents to make pies. I'm waiting for spies (a type of apple that comes later and is exquisite in pies) to make my pies.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with us to the apple orchard. Both boys said they had a lot of fun and I did as well. We were making memories.

Be sure to take time to make memories with your loved ones. We never know what the future will hold. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. What a fun outing for both you and the boys! It looks like such a great place to spend a fall day.
    Love the picture of the barn and maple tree. Beautiful colors :)

  2. What a fun place for you to visit. You are making great memories for those boys!

  3. orchards are fun to visit in the autum. we have a couple that are fun to go to as well during the autum season.

  4. Great post and pics of a fun time doing something important with the boys. I especially loved the pic of the maple with the gold leaves against the red barn -beautiful, for sure!

  5. Traditions are wonderful things! And this looks like a perfectly wonderful autumn occasion. I have never heard of Cortland apples - or the other kind you mention. My favorite baking apple is Granny Smith, but I'd love to try your faves.

  6. I bet you all had so much fun! The boys know a good tradition when they see one and enjoy being with you, I know! What a super place to spend a few hours of the day.....lovely, lovely area. And picking fresh apples off the tree....mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm! I can smell the apple pie baking as I type.

    Awesome. Great photos. And wonderful writing to tell us all about it....loved this.

  7. Such wonderful memories you are making with the boys. When they are grown with children of their own they will repeat these trips with their children and grandchildren and tell them how you took them on these memory tours.

    Have a wonderful week Mary.

  8. Neat apple orchard! I always think the apples taste better when you pick them yourselves-and you had 2 mighty fine pickers with you.

    I enjoyed your trip to the orchard!

  9. Mary
    That is so wonderful that it is considered a tradition by the boys. I hope Brandon has a really good time when he goes either on the hayride or haunted barn.
    I do not like haunting anything but the corn maze sounds fun. I wish you were near and you could load up with apples for free. Peace

  10. I wish we had apple orchards around my area but unfortunately I have to travel south to get to one! lol Steve brought me to my very first apple orchard a couple of years ago and I so enjoyed it. Sounds and looks like you and the boys had such a fun time, wish I could have joined you:-) I had to giggle when you mentioned getting ready to take a picture of both boys in front of that cedar and they both disappeared! hehe xoxo


  12. Oh, this looks so fun, Mary!
    I've been thinking about taking the girls to a local apples farm, too!

  13. You and the boys are making a lot of memories. When I first started reading, I wanted to holler, wait for me. I'd so love to go. I have told daughter that I want to go to one of the farms that have pumpkins, hay rides, corn mazes, etc. this year. Also, the Botanical garden has a scarecrow contest each year. I need to get over there and see that. I wish we were in the same town so we could do these things together.
    Mama Bear

  14. Looks like lots of fun! Reminds me of times I picked apples with my siblings and parents … years ago!
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Thank you for your prayers for Sandy.. I spoke with Sandy and I told her that there are many beautiful ladies praying for her.. She is in good spirits, her husband is not doing as well as she is.. I spoke with him and he has to take the baby home today..... New Father with new baby and wife facing open heart surgery is a tough pill to swallow........ Remember David when you pray.....

  16. I haven't picked apples for a while but did pick plenty at my uncle's orchard when I was growing up. I love Cortland apples the best and bought a bushel this week at the market. For $12 a bushel, I will let someone else pick them. But you are making special memories for the boys!

  17. I haven't been to an Apple Orchard either since we lived in Wisconsin. It's been awhile. Hmmm? I wonder if there are any around here. Thanks for the idea! :)

  18. No apple orchards around here that I know of.. some in the mountains of NC I know.. we got to go to an apple orchard when visiting my son in Pennsylvania. We didn't pick.. bought some already picked... tasted the apple cider... it was fun. I know those boys loved it. yes, you are definitely making memories..

  19. What a wonderful and fun apple orchard! The one nearby here does fun things for the kids like hayrides through the orchard, etc. But yours goes the whole nine yards and then some!!! The boys look like they are enjoying their time there. You are so fortunate to have them, Mary! I wish I had grandchildren...but probably never will.

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  20. The pics are really good - I wish that I could have been there to grab some of them apples!

    I usually go to Maggie Valley, N.C. during October to buy Winesap Apples - they are great for pies. But unless the gas situation gets better around here, I'm pretty well stuck in the neighborhood. I'm afraid to go anywhere for fear I won't be able to get gas to get back home.

    I gave my stepfather a 2 gallon can to keep in his truck, so that when he goes to scout for gas, he can drop me by a few gallons. In that way, both of us don't have to scout. lol

    I'm glad that you and the boys are having a good time, Mary. One day they will treasure these moments. You are a good grandma.

  21. What a fun post! The photos are great. Thank you for taking us along on your trip to the apple orchard. :-) hugs, Tina