Sunday, December 7

Canada's Political Scene

Some have asked me to let them know what is going on in Canada's political scene. In a recent post, I expressed my views on the coalition government and also the Conservative party. If you haven't read the post, it can be found HERE.

Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the leader of the latter. Stephen Dion, former leader of the Liberals, will lead the coalition if indeed it remains together until the 3rd week in January when Parliament will reconvene. This is the man who said that if he lost the election in October he would resign and a new Liberal leader would be chosen.

Our Governor General, Michaelle Jean, was in Europe when all of this unrest took place and now she has returned. The morning after she arrived home, Prime Minister Harper met with her and asked her to allow him to prorogue Parliament until January 26, 2009. Michaelle Jean agreed.

In my opinion that was the best call she could make and kudoos to her for giving Harper the extra time. When Parliament goes back in session, Harper will present a federal budget and face a fresh confidence vote.

This entire thing makes me nervous. I don't favor the Conservatives and, up to this point, have never voted for them. However, I don't agree with the Liberals, New Democrats and Quebecois that they should take over with a coalition government. I have been told this is perfectly legal and I realize that it IS legal. The thing that makes me wary is that Dion was going to resign if he lost the election and instead he formed a coalition with the other opposition parties to defeat Prime Minister Harper, just seven weeks after the people of Canada went to the polls and gave him a minority government.

The voter turnout for that election was 59%. People, we should be ashamed and the ones who didn't vote are now the ones voicing very aggressive comments about what is happening. If you didn't want it to happen, you should have used your right as a Canadian citizen and voted.

Back to the issue at hand. (Sorry, this makes me crazy and I tend to rant.) Let's review. We had an election in October. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was returned to power. Stephen Dion, leader of the Liberals was then supposed to resign. His party is sick of him and the Canadian people who voted didn't want him in power. He isn't the right leader for our country. Now, Dion is determined to become leader of the opposition party. He is desperate, in my opinion, to become Prime Minister using whatever tactics he has at hand.

In my opinion, this is a legalized coup. Stephen Dion is essentially taking over the government, only in a peaceful manner using a law that has only been used once in Canada's history. Only he didn't figure on Governor General Michaelle Jean allowing Harper to prorogue Parliament until January 26, 2009.

When January 26th arrives, Harper will present his federal budget and face a new vote of confidence. If there is a non-confidence vote, then Michaelle Jean will have to either allow the Coalition to take power, or call an election that will cost us billions of dollars.

I dislike the thought of a Coalition government taking over just for the simple fact that they are NOT voted in by the people. Yes, an election will cost taxpayers a LOT of money, but that way we get to voice our opinion. With a self-elected Coalition, we, the people of Canada, have no say in who our next Prime Minister will be. That is just plain wrong and I pray that our Governor General has more sense than to let that happen.

At this time Parliament is in limbo and nothing more can happen until January 26th. Though I don't often write about politics on my blog, this is big and I will give you an update then. Please pray for Canada and her leaders.
Note: I just noticed that they are calling for Stephen Dion to resign. Read the story HERE!

Enjoy your weekend and your Christmas preparations. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Good summary. As you might guess, I don't tend to share your POV, but I rather like you anyway. ;)

  2. .. no comment... but I have read some Canadian news and Mary, I think you have described it correctly..

  3. Mary,Just stopped by to say hi.I hope that your weekend is good.

  4. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering what was happening. I have to say shame on the American news for not publicizing this more. I guess we wait till January now.

  5. Mary, I believe you have done a very good job outlining this situation. You should have explained our US politics to some of us! Nice to know it's crazy everywhere.

    Mari, American news needs to be ashamed about plenty. Our news is too full of Hollywood celebrities. The best place to get news of the World is on BBC.

  6. Hi Mary,
    Looks like you have been redecorating your blog! Looks good!


  7. Mary,
    Thank you for the break-down. It is a shame that we don't hear much of it down here. It sounds very uncertain at this point. Please continue to keep us updated! Take care...

  8. I'm reading this, and 90% of what you're stating is going over the top of my head. I must go back and re-read it a couple of more times. And I thought OUR politics were confusing. Whoa....correct me, now...please.


    Happy Sunday Mary.

  9. Our country is certainly in a mess. How these politions can waste time instead of dealing with the real issues of the economy and infrasture and the poverty in Canada makes me furious.

  10. I belong to the Presidential Prayer Team perhaps there is a Prime Ministerial Prayer Team in Canada?

  11. Thank you for explaining. It seems these are tough times politically for all of us.
    Mama Bear

  12. I found it interesting that only 61% of Americans voted in their November election in spite of all the pre-election hype.(reported on CNN this week) Political fall out like we are experiencing in Canada will tend to turn off voters, especially younger ones. They are not interested in the antics of a bunch of middle aged men.
    BTW, a number of our patients were unable to vote at the hospital even though we had a polling station there. They were registered in their home electoral district. Displaced people (i.e. students, the elderly) do not always understand what they have to do in order to vote.

  13. Hey Mary, I just heard Stephan Dion is stepping down as leader. That is probably the best thing for the party and the coalition government.

    God bless.