Tuesday, December 9

What's Happening in My World

Well, the day started off great. About ten 0'clock, I gave Carolyn at Talk to Grams a call. Carolyn has been having some health problems but is doing much better now. We had a wonderful talk and got to know each other a little better. Thanks, Carolyn, for taking the time to chat and become better acquainted. It was a real treat.

Please pray that Carolyn will continue to do well. If you haven't met her, be sure to stop by her blog. She is a wonderful lady and we have so much in common.

It seemed after that the phone didn't stop ringing. I ended up talking to several people, paying bills by telephone banking, sending hubby on an errand and then the phone rang again. It was Jordan. He had money and he wanted to go out Christmas shopping. I really didn't feel up to it but took him and we did have a good time. We looked at things and he chose gifts for his family and even Grandpa and I. He is a good shopper and did all of his shopping at the dollar store and stayed within his budget. He is a smart little shopper and the things he bought were really quite well thought out for a boy who is only eleven. Good job, Jordan!

When I got home, I addressed 60 cards of the 232 I have to get done before Friday night and I already had 40 done before that, so I'm not quite at the halfway mark. I will be glad when they are done. Every year I do this and every year I dread it. I love making out the Christmas cards that we send to family and friends but the ones for hubby's clients are quite a challenge.

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Enjoy your day and remember to do a small kindness for someone. A phone call can mean so much to those who don't have a chance to interact with others on a regular basis. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I am so glad that you and dear Carolyn got to talk, that is awesome.

  2. So much fun taking him shopping. Hope you have a great day...m..

  3. 232 cards? Oh My Soul ~ that is an incredible number of cards to address! I can't even imagine.
    I recieved my book from you and beautiful Christmas card that you made today. The book looks really good and I can't wait to get started. I'm off to read now so that I can get the one I'm reading done and move on to yours.
    Thank you Mary!!

  4. How sweet that you called your blogging friend Carolyn...so glad you both had such a nice chat...

    Did I read that right? 232 cards??? Wow, Mary...that is truly amazing!

    Every year I send out cards...but this may be my first in ages that I don't because of the our especially busy schedule...it's so hard to let something like that go, but I want to be able to truly enjoy the precious free time our family has.

    Good for Jordan for being such a wise shopper already!

    I do hope you're feeling better and almost over that bug you had...
    Try not to overdue this Christmas and hoping you find lots of time to rest and relax!

  5. I think it's great that you have such a good relationship with your grandsons.
    As for all those cards - that's a lot to do! I can't imagine.

  6. Sounds like you had a busy day. Hope today is nice and peaceful for you

  7. Cards ... I have to attend to mine soon. Some years, depending of general busyness I guess, it feels like a chore.

  8. I slept in kinda today, and still feel tired. Bud has been coughing and sneezing...I'm trying to stay away from him as much as possible. rofl He went back to bed after drinking a cup of hot green tea and taking a zinc tablet. I will probably end up back in bed shortly. Rough night with his 'sickies'.

    Got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday...it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the special one. We both love it.

    Yep, Jordan sounds like a fabulous kid...with a good head on his shoulders!!

    You take it easy too dear Mary...I know you're not up to par either.

    [Got the tires put on the car yesterday, it wasn't as long as I thought...only about 45 minutes wait time]

  9. Hi I am new to your blog having only been by a few tims, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it and how beautiful it is.
    I was blown away at the amount of cards you sent. It is nice to know that someone still takes the time to send real ones. So many of my greetings come via the internet now days.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season

  10. I'm glad you've been enjoying your days!

  11. OMG...232 cards??? Hubby is responsible for sending out our 60+ cards each year and he is forever moaning about it. After I get finished telling him about your card list, he will never ever be allowed to complain again! :-)

    Have a wonderfully peaceful day!

  12. Well, a little closer to your goal being met! Too bad that you can't get a company to paste in a signature for you. I know it is less personal but it would be a lot easier on your hand. :)
    I hope you are feeling better and taking some time for yourself.

  13. Sounds as if you are right in the swing of the holidays. I used to have my cards addressed and ready to go the day after Thanksgiving, but I am seriously far behind schedulae this year. I am planning a Christmas shopping trip with my daughter's two girls on Sunday. Since their daddy decided he didn't want to be married to their Mama any more, the two girls and I go shopping on for her birthday and for Christmas every year.

  14. you are such a good grand mother to take Jordan shopping...

    If I had to do 232 Cards I think I would have to start in October...

    You are also a good wife...

    And I feel that you do many good deeds for many people

    Blessings to you my friend...

  15. Mary, I got my books today. Thank you so much! I plan on the week of Christmas being a nice slow time for me> I will be sitting down and reading by the fire. Will think of my new friend Mary while I read. Thanks again!

  16. How wonderful that you got to talk to Carolyn on the phone!! I've been so worried about her but glad to hear that she's doing a bit better every day.

    Glad you were able to bring Jordan Christmas shopping, I'm sure he's quite thrilled that he's got it all done now:-)

    Next year tell Dwight to address his own cards!!!! Yikes, no, don't tell him I said that, he'll never want to meet me again! lol

    Love you my friend. xoxo

  17. I'll certainly add Caroline to my prayer list. Sounds like busy and productive times for you. That's WAY more cards that I send these days ... and I've not yet finished DESIGNING my card to print. Sigh! Maybe I'll get it done this weekend? Thanks for the newsy update.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. How sweet of you to call Carolyn. I was just catching up with her blog earlier. I started at the bottom of my blogroll list this time. LOL

    Sounds like you have your hands full addressing so many cards! WOW!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))