Friday, January 30

Farewell, my Loyal Friend

In my previous post, I told my friends and readers that Meeko had collapsed this morning. When hubby took him to the vet, the news wasn't good. Hubby called me and told me that we had two options. Spend money on a series of tests that would be painful for Meeko or euthanize him.

I didn't go with hubby and Meeko to the vet, as I didn't, in my wildest dreams, think that anything this dire would happen. My car isn't running and when hubby phoned me from the vet, I really wanted to go to be with Meeko when he was euthanized. The frigid temperatures killed the battery, so I phoned my neighbour, Marianne to see if I could borrow her car, but she had gone out with a friend to pick up a few things. So, poor hubby had to say goodbye to Meeko on his own...a very hard thing for him to do.

I did talk to the vet and he told me that Meeko's gums were perfectly white, which means he had internal bleeding. He said that Meeko was bleeding into his spleen and that he could do some tests that would be expensive. I asked him if they would cause Meeko a great deal of pain and he said that they would cause pain and discomfort. He could send Meeko home with steroids for the weekend, but he suspected Meeko would pass before Monday. Meeko had gained 7.9 lbs. since he seen him December 1st, and that weight was probably due to a tumor. He had incurable cancer.

When our previous dog passed eight years ago, I told the boys that he had been a loyal companion for 13 years and that it was our duty to ensure he didn't suffer any more than he already had. I thought back to that day when the vet was telling me all of this.

So hubby and I opted to have Meeko euthanized instead of having him go through a great deal of pain. In hindsight, I can see the subtle signs that something was wrong, but nothing to indicate that cancer was raging within his body. Just some whining, a few drops of blood in his stool (diagnosed at the time as colitis) and that was about it, except Meeko continued shedding really bad into the frigid winter. I suspect now that there was no blood getting to the hair folicles and that it wasn't shedding at all, but that his fur was actually falling out. Since his coat was thick, it just seemed like he was still shedding.

I have already left the computer to go and see what he was doing, then realized that he wasn't here. I will truly miss him and hubby is heartbroken.
The above photo was taken of Meeko in December. It's one of the last ones I have of him. He was a beauty, so intelligent. He knew every word we said and we talked to him constantly. He was my handsome prince and though the boys named him Meeko, I often thought he had the regal look of royalty.
Relaxing in the sun in the summer of 2008!This is Meeko on the lawn in the spring of 2008. He loved to be outside and enjoyed laying in the snow. Yesterday he spent a lot of time outside. Today it was frigidly cold and I kept him in most of the day. He did get a last walk with hubby, but it was a slow one and he didn't go nearly as far as usual.
Meeko and I on the trail beside the canal in spring 2008. This was where he loved to go when we took a walk. I will also miss him, as we often walked at night under the stars with the moonbeams reflecting off the snow. I wouldn't walk alone in the park without Meeko, but I knew he would protect me with his life. I always felt safe when he was nearby. Goodbye my loyal friend and companion. You will live forever in my heart. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Oh Mary...My heart hurts for you and your husband. I am so sorry for your loss, but respect the difficult, selfless decision you made! We have no right to allow our pets to hurt and you made the right, yet difficutlt decision. I will pray for you as your mourn Meeko.
    prayers and more prayers to you, my friend!

  2. Mary,

    A farewell from me to your beautiful animal and companion. He will be watching over you and your family. Try not to grieve, my friend.

  3. Aw, I really feel for you. I had to put down our cat several years ago and felt really bad, and I know that dog owners tend to be even more attached. Also, my favourite dog, my BIL's dog is also waning due to cancer. He has been known to sing/howl the dogsology [sic] with me on Sunday mornings. He will be missed.

    (I also commiserate with all of the problems in the post below.)

  4. Oh Mary....... I just cried when I read this post.....We have been visiting back and forth for a year now and all the many walks you have taken with Meeko..... You always shared the times that it was just the two of you and I know your heart is breaking........ You did right by him and what a heart breaking decision..........

    Love ya girl and oh my how we love our pets..........

  5. I am so very sorry! As I said before, I know how much Meeko meant to you, as it was obvious when you wrote about him. My husband had to be present at the euthanizing of two cats, about 3 months apart. One of them was his very special friend - would lie on DC's back in the morning while he had his devotion. He still has moments when he gets that sad feeling of loss. Let your hubby know we understand and feel for him.

  6. Sorry that you lost Meeko,as I read this I was sheading tears as well.
    Yep grown men cry.Tosing you four legged friend are not easy.the last time we put on of our babies to sleep it was really tough on both of us.we still have Harver out Cat,he is 16 now.I do not think that we will replace him when he is is just too painful to go through.Hugs.

  7. Mary, I am so sorry. I haven't been able to get back to the computer to check but I was thinking of Meeko tonight. I'll be praying for you. I know he was a member of your family and remember the many posts in which you talked about him.

  8. Oh Mary, I am so very sorry. I have tears as I remember all the walks you took us on with Meeko. They are like our kids and it is so hard to say goodbye. I will be praying for you and your family, Love you my friend.

  9. How sad! I had read the post before and I knew he had collasped, but didn't think it would be so bad. I know you will miss him so much, but you did the right thing. You will never forget him.

  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It has always been heartbreaking for us when a pet has died, and I know it is no different for you. They are such faithful companions.

  11. Oh, Mary, I am so sorry!!! I feel your loss and crying as I read your post. He was certainly a royal looking dog!!! Just beautiful!!!

    I have 4 cats buried at my daughter's and another one buried in the first town we lived in when we were transferred to SC. These were buried before I knew they cremated animals. Now I have 8 little chests on my mantle of 8 other cats that I had cremated. They are all going in with me when my time comes. And I have 33 to go yet. (Yes, 33...that's not a typo.) I have had to do most of them alone since my divorce, and it hasn't been easy.

    I can feel your heartache, my dear friend. But he will live in your heart forever. Everytime I lose one, a little piece of me dies, too. I am so sorry for your loss, but Meeko is now at Rainbow Bridge. I did a post about that a while back when my son lost both of his cats less than 7 weeks with oral cancer, the other with heart failure. He had never lost a beloved pet before and had to take them to the vet to be put to sleep by himself. It's so very hard. Please tell your husband we know how he feels, too. It is never an easy thing, but our pets count on us to do what's best for them, and that is exactly what you did. Rest assured that Meeko is with God tonight...Love you! Wish I were closer so I could give you a real hug!

    ((( HUGS )))

  12. When you posted yesterday about Meeko collapsing while on a walk with your husband, I was worried that this might be ominous. Sadly, it most certainly was just that. I can empathize totally with your grief in the loss of a much beloved pet. I've gone down that path several times now over the years and it is never an easy walk to take either. We now have five dogs buried in our back yard -one given to me when I was six months old by an uncle and which we had for 13 years. Much as I loved her, the dog we (I) got after that one, we only had for a short five years but he was my absolute favorite and that mutt -gone now 46 years -is the one I still miss! Not that I didn't love the other dogs that came into my life, into my home, but that one was very special and I rather think your attachment to Meeko was very much like mine was to my Duffy. There are also several cats and two parakeets that have been laid to rest in our pet cemetery here as well -all cherished too during their time with the family. Just know that many, many of us out here know and understand your feelings now -completely -and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Others may make fun of the pet lovers who grieve such losses but we know the love, the attachment, the sorrow we feel -and share -is very, very strong and very real.

  13. Mary I'm so sorry for your family's loss of Meeko. He is a beautiful dog. I'm sure he will be remembered forever. Our pets become parts of us and are like family. I'm so sorry you weren't able to say goodbye to him.

  14. Miss Mary
    I wanted to stop in and tell you how very sorry I am to hear of the loss of your beloved pet. I am sure this must be hard for you. I know first hand that our pets are our babies and part of the family. The only confort I can offer you is that you did the right thing by not leting him suffer any longer..

  15. oh, i'm so sorry mary. meeko was so beautiful and i can see you loved him so much.

  16. When I got up this morning, I logged on first thing, and came right over to see if there was any word on how Meeko was doing...Now, I'm bawling. This is so damned hard on us humans. Even tho I've lived on a farm and have seen many animals pass in my lifetime, it makes it not any easier.

    I will miss him too Mary. He was your best friend...this is sad.


  17. You loved Meeko very much, and I am so sorry to hear the news. I had to have my dog, Bailey, put down 6 years ago with what sounds almost identical cancer. It hurt so much and there was such a huge space left after she died. Prayers for you all.

  18. As tears roll down my face, I know the pain and sorrow of losing a loyal companion and my heart and thoughts go out to you. Meeko was so lucky to have such a good home and care but most of all the love y'all gave him. He was so handsome and yes regal. Peace be with you and your family.

  19. Mary, I'm so sorry about Meeko. He was a beautiful dog. I know you'll grieve him but you did the right thing.

    I'm dreading the day when I have to say goodbye to Maggie and Teddy. I'm afraid it might be sooner than we expected.

    My thoughts are with you today.

  20. I'm so very sorry. All I can really say is: Its good that it wasn't a prolonged illness. My neighbor in Memphis has a Border Collie who can barely walk because of arthritis and obesity. I feel so sorry for the dog.
    I know that nothing we say will ease your grief. If we love, then we will have heartache. I know how much Meeko means to you. He was in the very first post I read of yours.
    I'm thinking about you my friend.
    Mama Bear

  21. I am glad to see all the hugs you have gotten so far.
    I know your heart is hurting...and it will take a while for this all to sink in. My hurt still hurts when I think of our Rusty.
    Julia asked me if he would be with us in heaven...I am not sure but I choose to believe that he will.

    I woke last night thinking about you and prayed.
    Love you girl

  22. Mary, I am so sorry to hear about little Meeko. I'm an animal love myself and I know what great companions they are. ((((hugs))) to you!

  23. oh I"m so sorry for you and your dh Mary. Meeko had a very beautiful life with you both.

  24. Hi Mary, I am so sad to hear about your family member Meeko!!!When our pets die, we feel so lost without them...My post today was done in memory of two of our pets...

    Bless you and your husband during this sad time. Hugs, Baba

  25. Dear Mary, I did not know about Meeko until right now and I want you to know how much I understand the heart you are going through. I had my Nikki cat for 19 years, the last 2 she lived with my Mom and step-dad who had just lost their elderly cat. They had to make the incredibly difficult decision to have her put to sleep...she and step-dad were great friends, and it hurt him deeply to lose her, he shed many tears. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as has Meeko. I find it a comfort; I hope you can too.

    My heart goes out to you. I'm so glad you had other blog friends who have written to you.

  26. Dearest Mary,

    I never expected to read this kind of news...I'm so sorry for your loss of Meeko:-( I know how much you loved him and it truly must have been a shock to get that call from Dwight but I do think you made the right decision so that he wouldn't suffer any longer. He was such a beautiful dog and very lucky to have had you in his life and vice versa. Big hugs xoxox

  27. I am very sorry to read this sad news my friend. I love you.

  28. So sorry for your loss, and I know you must be extremely sad. I pray you and hubby do well with this loss.... and that you are okay.

    Meeko was a lucky dog... and was loved dearly...

    Love you friend,

  29. Hello,

    I came upon your blog and wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. What a beautiful dog. I don't think anyone can appreciate the grandeur of these animals unless they live with one. They are loving and sweet, yet wild and wolf-like at the same time.

    I hope when your hearts have healed you will let another dog into your home - you have so much love to share.

    Sending prayers and hugs from me and my Mal, Juneau.


  30. Dear Mary,
    I was so sorry to read of the loss of your beloved pet, Meeko. You and your husband made a tough decision to euthanize him, but you also gave him a precious gift so that he is no longer suffering.
    My thoughts are with you both.

  31. Mary, I am just getting caught up and I don't know what to say. Meeko was a very special dog, and I want you to know you made the right decision even though it was so very hard to do.

    I will remember you and your husband in my prayers. Meeko will be in my prayers as well.

    God bless.

  32. Oh Mary ... I'm so sad to learn about Meeko's cancer and passing. Of course you were right to let him go but I know from personal experience what a difficult decision that is and how hard it must have been for all of you under the circumstances. Your tribute in the sidebar is a lovely reminder of the joy he brought to your lives. My heart goes out to you as I type this.
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. Oh Mary...
    I'm just catching up on my blog-reading. I am so sorry for the loss of your Meeko. What a beauty he was and I can see he had a wonderful life with you and your husband. My heart just aches for you as you grieve his loss...Blessings to you...

  34. Mary, I am so sorry. Through your writing and photos I developed a great affection for Meeko. I can only imagine the sadness you and hubby must be going through. It was always plain to see that he loved you and Dwight and you both loved him. Take care, my friend.
    Love & hugs,

  35. Rusty sent us...

    My mom and I are sooo furry sorry.

    We know that Meeko is chasing skhwirrels North of The Rainbow Bridge!

    You are to be khommended fur letting him go...that is the biggest gift of love you khould have given him.

    Khyra and Her Mom Phyll

  36. We came over from Rusty too. So sorry for your loss. So sudden and so sad. We feel your pain, as we have three beautiful Siberian Huskies, one of whom is ill with cancer. We know her days are numbered too. We hope you find peace in knowing you did the right thing for Meeko.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  37. sad woof's, i too came from Rustys..sooo sorry for ur loss...its soo hard to let them go...ur in our thoughts and prayers...RIP Meeko, run with the wind...

    b safe,

  38. Reading this post made me cry, and think of the pets I've lost--you never forget them. Mary, it is so hard to say good bye to our loved pets. They don't live nearly long enough. But I guess they live just long enough to be members of our families, our friends, and give us a bit of happiness to our sometimes dreary lives. I think that Meeko is still watching over you and protecting you.

  39. Mary, I am so sorry for your loss. A dog is such a member of the family. But I think that you made the right decision so that he would no longer suffer. My thoughts are with you.

  40. Mary-I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you all loved Meeko and I can only imagine how you must miss him.

  41. Sorry to hear about Meeko (we heard from our mutual friend Rusty). This is the same thing that happened to our kitty Pooh Bear last year and we also decided to have her euthanized after the internal bleeding was diagnosed.

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