Monday, January 26

Writing Contest and a Sunday Visit

Tracy at Pix-n-Pens, is hosting a Flash Fiction Contest and I've entered. The rules state that the story cannot be more than 300 words. You must also use the following words: cougar, stampede, riding breeches.

It's been years since I wrote anything as short as 300 words, but the exercise was a lot of fun. Even if you aren't an experienced writer, put on your thinking cap. Drop over to Tracy's and join in the fun. The prize is a copy of Miralee Ferrell's book, Love Finds You in Last Chance California.

If you enjoy reading a good book, here's your chance to win one. The contest will be judged by Miralee Ferrell, the author of the book.
In other news, Jack and Melissa dropped by on Sunday to visit for a spell. Griffyn is such a delight at just over 18 months. I gave him a package of crayons and asked him to draw me a picture. He sat on the floor for over half an hour and scribbled on a piece of blank paper, making his own creative designs. When he tired of that, I got out the Duplo Le*go that belonged to Brandon and Jordan when they were small. He loved these colorful blocks. I had two pails of them and told him that he could take them home. You would have thought I'd given him a million dollars. He wouldn't let his Dad have them and carried them by the handle.

When they were getting ready to leave, he wandered into our bedroom and for some reason touched the light. It is a touch lamp and it came on. Then it was a game. He was excited when he was able to turn the lamp on and off and chortled with delight. What a charmer he is. I love him to pieces.

Tarryn and I had a cuddle. He was fretting and Melissa said he needed his soother, which was in the car. I told her he didn't need it, took him from her and sat in the rocking chair. We rocked back and forth and he could see our reflection in the glass of the china cabinet. He was good as gold for a long time and I enjoyed rocking with him.

Both boys gave me kisses while they were here and before they left, Griffyn gave me a "bear hug." He can give a real good one too.

Talk about making my day. The visit from the entire family was great, but kisses and hugs from little ones were wonderful. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Awww - it sounds like a wonderful day! There is nothing like having a few kids around!

  2. I bet you will write a great story, you are a good writer. I love to see my grandkids. Cain will be 12 already Feb. 17th and Braxton will be 3 on Feb. 21st. My son's girlfriend has a son Jacob and we treat him like a grandson too. He will be 12 on Jan 28th. I am going to his birthday party Friday after work.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time with your fam!

    Lots of love to you,

  4. Oh yes! Nothing is better than my New Boy's snuggles!

  5. Hugs and kisses from kids are the best, that's for sure! :)

    I love to write but like you, find it hard to write fiction in 300 words! But I'll hop over and check it out!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, Mary!

  6. Me again...Mary!!! Thank you for that sweet birthday button!!!!
    I honestly have a lump in my throat...I am SO touched...

    I will display that in my sidebar and mention it in my next post.
    You are such a sweet blogging friend!


  7. Awwwwwwww, how sweet. Your rendition of being with the little ones. What charmers they are, I'm sure.

    I would loved to have sat and watched him play with the Legos...and then, the touch lamp...that, I bet, was a 'hoot'!!!!

  8. What a wonderful visit you had!!! The little ones sound darling!!!

    Your new header is gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!!!! I need to learn how to do that someday in my 'spare' time! LOL

    I've been laid up with bursitis in one knee and now I have phlebitis in the other leg! Can't win for trying! LOL

    I am waiting for Spring now! How about you? I have had enough of the cold weather...we had a couple of really cold days but now it's back to normal temps for this time of year.

    Hope you are all better by now, Mary!

    Love and ((( HUGS)))

  9. Good morning dear Mary, I have lots of catching up to do! I have no doubt that you will write a wonderful story and I look forward to reading it:-) Good luck, hope you win the prize!!

    I can just picture you with the two kids:-) There's nothing like children to put a smile on one's face, is there! It's funny you should mention Lego blocks because just the other day I found a box full of them that belonged to Shawn & Corey when they were little. I'll save them for Lily:-)

    Hope your week is going well my friend. Love to you! xoxo

  10. PS....after reading your comment you left me for Tuesday, your description of all the soft, subtle greens you use in your home decor, I'd love to see photos sometime.

    You know I TOO love greens. Forest green is my favorite, but I love all shades of green. Bud says 'cause I like money...but hey, if $ came in any color besides green, I may just not like it as much. rofl [kidding!]

  11. Looking forward to reading what you post........ I really would like to write but cannot seem to find the time..........

    Getting the family all together has to be wonderful.... When I am over at my cousins and she has 35 people in the house and lots of laughing and talking it makes me envious..... but when everyone leaves and time to clean up.... I am glad that I am at her house and not mine! hahahahh (but I always stay and help)

  12. Nothing like kisses and hugs from little ones...I just love it!! I know how it made your day for sure...

  13. Glad you had a good day. I'm kinda mesmerized by touch lamps too :)

  14. What a fun day with wee ones. The writing contest sounds fun. Good Luck. Peace

  15. I love those kind of days!!! Have a great night...m.

  16. Sweet day for you, having the smalls around to play and give big bear hugs! You're so prepared, with crayons and Duplo blocks...what fun and snuggles you provide!

  17. Yes, Mary, that concert was just so heartwarming! To see so many veterans turn out for it just touched my heart, and I really was proud of my ex for being one of them. It really was a marvelous evening!

    Hope you are keeping warm there. Arkansas got hit bad with that ice storm and many are without power...TV said for maybe a week! It's heading towards Pittsburgh now.

    Take care!

    Love you! ((( HUGS )))