Wednesday, January 28

A Snowy Winter Day

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About midnight on Tueday, it began to snow and it has continued to snow ever since. We have a nice bit of fresh white stuff to cover the dirty snow that fell last week. We have quite a pile on our lawn and it is still snowing. I'm hoping it stops soon.

Michelle called today and she was in a pickle. They had called her into work and she had the TV repairman coming. She wanted to know if I could come and stay until he got there.

I looked out the window and winced. I really didn't want to go and I told her so, but of course I agreed. After all, what is family for, if not to help out when it's needed. So, I got ready and headed out.

The roads were in deplorable shape. I drove only about 40 km per hour, and everyone else was going about the same speed. I saw no speeders, which is an indication of how bad the roads really were. Even the main roads had not been touched by sand or a snow plow. Go figure. I had been snowing for over 12 hours and the city hadn't sent out the trucks. Since they didn't allow enough money in their budget for the 125 centimeters of snow we've received this year, I suppose that had something to do with it. With no money left in the coiffers, they will be going in the red. What were they thinking? We live in Canada and Canada is well known around the world for snow. However, since there was a decade or so that we didn't get a lot of snow, they seem to think we're not going to get any now.

Anyway, instead of the usual seven minutes, it took me 15 minutes to get to Michelle's. She left for work but not before informing me that the boys didn't have their key. She thought she would be home and there was no need for it. I told her I'd stay and make sure they arrived home safely.

She had only been gone a few minutes when the phone rang. It was the TV repair people. Their man was stuck on the 401 Highway and he wasn't going to be able to make it. Could they come Friday?

At that point, I decided to come home. Hubby said that he would go and pick the boys up from school so I could work on my writing. I was thankful, as when I got out onto the roads, they were even more slick than they'd been when I was driving over there.

Hubby picked up the boys and got them safely home. Brandon phoned to let me know that Grandpa was on his way home. Everyone is safe and sound. The boys' Dad got home about 4pm and Michelle got home about 6:30. She said the roads were better when she came home because the snow plows had gone.

If you live in an area that is receiving snow or in one of the states that has received freezing rain, only go out if absolutely necessary. Be sure to have a emergency kit and a flashlight in your car. Stay safe and be warm. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Oh, how well I remember those slippery roads when we lived in Pennsylvania! I used to go out every day on them to pick up my kids at school. Their dad always dropped them off in the morning on his way to work. I envy you for the snow, but I don't envy you for the bad roads.

    Mary, please feel free to snag those other awards on my blog. I don't know how to make them myself, so the best I can do is to pass on the ones I receive. Your blog is so fun and interesting to read, and you are so deserving of them.

    Stay warm and safe now! I am glad everyone there made it home safely!

    ((( HUGS )))

  2. You are a good Mom! I'm glad everyone made it home safely!

  3. WE got between 8-14 inches of the white stuff and man did it creat a mess for today.

  4. It's been yucky. Cuppa and Thesha had to go out for an ultrasound, but I stayed put.

  5. I think this was the worst driving day so far this winter. It was slide-y greasy stuff and I was very thankful for my snow tires!

  6. We have had an ice storm the last two days and we are iced in....Dennis has been home two days so that should tell you how bad it is...Universities do not close on a whim......... Things are better today but temp will be 8 tonight.... so it is going to freeze over again.. I have been in the house for days and about ready to get out! Not able to go swimming and i miss that!!!!! We lost power today for a while and that is a big deal as we and Mom and Dad are total elec. We were making plans to move them over here into my shop as I have a small wall heater........ OMG that would have been a mess....... But power came back on before we had to do that................WHEW!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you got home safe! Stay in stay warm........

  7. Good advice!!! We have had so much ice here and then today we had snow. It is a mess!! I worked on a project for my Children's church class and did some more cooking!!! stay safe and warm my friend...Mary

  8. I hope you stay safe. I don't think I would want to drive in snow and ice everyday. People act wacky here in the rain which happens a lot. LOL I'm looking forward to spring.

  9. I remember those days from our living in the Colorado foothills. And the county would show up where we lived about the last of their route...since we were outside the city limits! It was horrendous for drivers and the hills and icy stuff! Tho, I can say I'm very GLAD we don't have to contend with that any more, it still keeps me on my toes about those friends of mine, and family, that live in the snow belt! You stay home where it's safe, if at all possible Mary!! And stay warm.

    We had a cold front move in from Northern Texas [where Dallas and San Antonio got freezing rain-ice storms] two days ago. The temp was in the 80s here, and dropped within an hour to 40...but we got no rain from it that was measurable. Erik told us that Houston got some icy stuff but melted quickly.

    Glad to hear that the boys got home safely. They are very FORTUNATE to have YOU and Dwight!

  10. Yes, I sure don't miss the snow and ice roads, that's for sure. Glad to hear everything worked out well. God is good!

  11. Mary
    I think I would have told Michelle to reschedule the repairman. Glad everyone got home safely.
    Sometimes I think instead of brains the powers that be operate on sludge. Canada and snow go together. What were they thinking?
    Now I was given an award and I have passed it on to you. It describes your blog perfectly. Peace

  12. I have had to drive in those harrowing conditions and I know how stressful it can be. Glad everyone returned safely.
    Mama Bear

  13. We haven't had any snow this week..just rain as we have been in the high 50's.
    I have been a tad under the weather so I have not had to get out in it except to get Julia from school.

    Glad you are getting some writing time....I guess the snow could be considered a gift from God that is keeping you home.;)

  14. Mary-I'm glad you guys are making it safely through the bad weather. I do wish you could send some snow down south to me :)

  15. Here in my area, they won't snowplow until there's a certain amount of snow which is ridiculous because you can barely drive on them before they consider them ready to be plowed! We got a bit of snow today but nothing that really accumulated. Good thing because we still have tons of it on the ground as it is!!

    I don't blame you for not wanting to go out in that weather and doesn't it figure the repairman had to cancel! lol Murphy's Law I tell ya!

    Glad everyone got home safe and sound! xoxo

  16. Glad you're all safe and warm and pray that you continue to be safe!

  17. Oh frustrating to go all the way there on the snowy roads just to have them cancel...and what a good mom you are!
    Glad things worked out in the end for everyone.
    Stay safe and warm, now, Mary!

  18. Hi Mary! Wow! You are having a lot of snow! You are such a good Mom! It hasn't been to bad here just cold but South of here they got ice. Aaron my son- in- law's sister lives in AR and she won't have power until Sunday or Monday!
    I am feeling better!! Love and hugs Carolyn

  19. Staying prepared is such a big deal!

    Glad everyone is safe and sound.

  20. I love your blog look, very lovely.

  21. I surely hope the weather breaks for you soon. Seems like you've had more than your share of snow this year.
    Hugs and blessings,