Saturday, January 17

New Comforter

Some of my regular readers will remember that last weekend Brandon and I went shopping and I picked up two new comforters for $19.99 each. Some asked to see photos. I put this one on the bed the other day and snapped a couple of photos. This one is my favorite and very pretty. The green in the leaves goes perfectly with the mint green walls.

This is a close up of the pattern. Beautiful pink roses, blue flowers and green leaves on a cream background. Very pretty. I didn't have a lot of choice in pattern or color. Hubby said he didn't care what color it was for that price as long as it was warm and it is. The material it's made of is very silky and I wondered how warm it would be. It is lightweight and toasty. I'm very pleased with the bargain. The other comforter is black and white and it's been put away for another time. I am well off for comforters during these cold January nights. I have a total of four now and each of them will be needed if this cold spell doesn't break.

Speaking of the weather, it is still COLD outside. I've been hibernating and haven't been out of the house since I went to pick up my glasses. However it is more balmy than the last few days. Temperatures have risen from -22 C to -8 C. So now it is 17.6 F. With the wind it seems much colder than that. I will be glad when it is above 0C. We need a break after a week of these bone chilling temperatures.

In other news, I'm catching up on my writing and tomorrow the boys are coming.

Hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and warm. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. You got a good deal on those comforters! It is about the same temp here. It was sooo cold this morning but it did make it up to 17 degrees today. Now it is snowing like crazy again. All that clearing of the driveway my hubby did is gone!

  2. Great buy and it's very pretty, but I'm with hubby... as long as it does it's job!!! lol

    Stay warm

    Love, Jess

  3. Very pretty!
    It was above freezing here today but they say we might get some wintry mix in the wee hours of morning. I hope not as I plan to go to church tomorrow.
    Have a warm and cozy night,
    Mama Bear

  4. We need all of the comfort that we can get right now. BTW I did have to walk to the store this morning. It wasn't far, and I bundled up, so it wasn't too bad.

  5. You have lots of comforting comforters now!

    We've had weirdly warm weather the last few days - up to 60+ F today. Crazy!

  6. First of all, I love your new valentine's and pretty!

    And so are your comforters! What a wonderful deal, too...

    By the way, I haven't yet checked out the Anne of G.G. website but will! Thank you for linking to that!

    Have a blessed Sunday, Mary!

  7. Pretty comforter! You did get a bargain.

    Thanks for the link to McCoy.. I will try to remember to take a photo of those teapots soon.

  8. It's so nice to have a really warm comforter to snuggle under during the cold winter. And you are really getting a cold winter!

  9. Really pretty, Mary. I like it a lot, and for that price it's even prettier. ;o)

    It's finally warming up a little here. It got down to 9F on Thursday morning and didn't get above freezing for the last 2 days, much less the lows at night.

    Today it got up to 40F but the wind was blowing over 30 mph so it really wasn't that much of an improvement when you factor in the wind chill.

    Have a blessed Sunday, my friend. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  10. Very pretty Mary, well done, btw tomorrow I have an award for you at my blog :-)

  11. Very pretty....... You did good.... I am wanting something new for my bedroom but I think I am going to go a bit more country this time........ We have a satin looking comforter as yours but it is dark brown........

    Have a blessed Sunday........ My sweet hubby is off Monday for Martin Luther Day so we may take off for the day..........


  12. Very pretty and so delicate looking. You did good...finding that comforter was a great buy.

    Your camera worked this time indoors. Yay!!

    I got a kick out of your 'balmy' temperatures...that would be bone cracking temps down here.

    Just stay warm. I'd be hibernating too with that kind of weather. I'm too old and my blood is just too thin to take that kinda of freeze.

  13. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. I'm very impressed that you stuck to your dreams and ended up doing what you love.

    Your blog is wonderful!

  14. Hibernating, huh? I guess that's what I've been doing lately too. I hope its just the cold weather that seems to have me feeling not much like doing anything really.

  15. mary...your new comforter looks beautiful! Stay warm!

    ~AirmanMom reurning to her blog...

  16. Lovely comforter, your background and header so pretty.

  17. What a pretty comforter! Reminds me that spring is indeed coming ... and won't it be welcome after this awful cold we're all having!

  18. Pretty colours. My walls are mint green too. Sage green in the TV room and a brighter shade of green (almost turquoise) in the kitchen!

    Good bargain. I think hubby's are all alike. They are not concerned about the "look" of anything as long as it is "functional". LOL!

    Have fun with your boys.
    Warm hugs

  19. The only time I have ventured outside the house in over a week was to get Maya on her van to go to school one morning last week! Good weather to hibernate in, if nothing else.
    I love the comforter! Very pretty, both in fabric design and also, the silky type fabric seems to show up -shiny -on the photos, making it look really sharp!
    Good buy, for sure!

  20. I love the new header ... very pretty just like the comforter you got such a great deal on! Stay warm and well ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Don't you just love a good bargain.
    I am so glad you found yours...but I hope you don't have to use all four.
    We have gotten some of your cold temps. And although this weekend we snuck up to the mid 40s----tomorrow the bone chilling cold will be back.
    Glad we both have a warm place to live!

  22. I just love that comforter, Mary, anything with roses gets my vote! hehe You certainly did get a good deal on it...much better than paying the usual $100 or more! xoxo

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