Wednesday, January 14

We're in a Deep Freeze

We are in a deep freeze. Last night the temperatures dipped to -21 Celcius, which is -5.8 Fahrenheit. That seemed really cold and to top it off, today was damp. It looked like the world was in a haze. At first I thought it was fog, but when I went out this afternoon, I realized it was ice crystals in the air, otherwise known as ice fog. The above photo shows what it looked like along the Grand River.
In a woody region near the dog park, the world was dressed in a lacey winter gown. It is beautiful, but it sure was cold. When hubby and I went out to pick up our new glasses, I had him drive me along the river to take a couple of photos.

In 2007, this is what Niagara Falls looked like and it wasn't as cold that year as it is today. I wonder what the Falls look like right now. If you look closer, you will see the piles of ice at the bottom of the Falls. They are beautiful in winter, especially at night when the lights are on. However, as cold as it is here today, I have no desire to visit Niagara Falls. There is always mist coming off the water as it thunders into the abyss and it would be colder there.

Tonight hubby is going to freeze his hiney off. It is to be even colder. -25 feeling like minus thirty. That is -13 Fahrenheit, feeling like -22. We have not had temperatures this cold since 2005 and it is to be even worse tomorrow, according to Toronto news at 6.

If you are in one of the provinces or states that are experiencing this deep freeze, stay inside unless you absolutely have to go out. Frostbite and hypothermia can set in quickly in this type of weather and if you have to go out, be sure to dress in lots of layers, wear a hat, gloves and scarf. Be sure to have an emergency kit in your car, a flashlight with good batteries, an extra set of new batteries and an insulated blanket. If you breakdown, do NOT leave your car.

Stay warm and safe and enjoy the beauty of the season. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Mary - those are beautiful pictures! I didn't know you had a Grand River near you. We live near a Grand River also. It's very cold here - right now it is 4 degrees and will get colder as the night goes on. You stay warm too!

  2. I"m always envious of people around the world who get snow and ice in winter. Here because we are in the northern part of NZ the lowest it gets to in the winter is probably -0 deg celsius, not cold enough although other parts of the country do get snow though. All we get is wind, rain and dampness.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Mary...

    We had a minor deep freeze- at least it was for us in our region- in December but it's now a balmy 56 today! But so many of you are experiencing these below 0 temps suddenly...

    Stay snug and warm...and just enjoying from inside the window with a cup of tea! :)


  4. Beautiful but scary!
    I lived in Chicago for four years, but I've never heard of ice fog.

  5. Great photos,it is cold here as well thank goodness it is not as cold here as it is there.Warm thought headed you way.

  6. The front just reached us. Our high today was 11.7C (53F) and now it's already down to -2.8C (27F), headed to about -6.8C (20F), possibly colder.

    It's not supposed to get above 0C tomorrow and the low tomorrow night is supposed to reach -12.2C (10F) or even colder.

    That's pretty cold for our area, though it has gotten much colder in the past. This is the coldest spell we've had this Winter so far.

    Hope y'all stay safe and warm, dear Mary.]

    LOVE the beautiful snowy pics!

    Love and hugs,


  7. Wow those photos are beautiful. It did make me cold just looking at them.

    Stay warm and safe

  8. The first picture is astounding...frozen in time. I have not heard of ice fog. It looks very dangerous. Please be careful and keep warm. Hubby too ;)

  9. Wow georgous pictures of the Big Freeze! How awesome.... It has been High 39oc and 40oc here in Melbourne! We have had a mini heatwave!

  10. Cool!!!! The camera worked!!!

    Tho darned cold, this is beautiful.

    You've been tagged dear Mary! [on my Thursday blog]

  11. A month today and it will be Valentine's day. Random thoughts I suppose. :)

  12. Mary, your pictures of the Grand are beautiful. I haven't ventured out much this week. I should go look for an ice dog if there is ice fog.

  13. Yes, it sure is cold. When we moved here from Sarnia, we had a block heater installed. Last night I plugged it in even though the car is in the garage. I thought I might as well use it. Brrrr.

  14. I love all of your valentine decor. Stay warm, my friend.
    Mama Bear

  15. It is very cold here but not anything like you have. I have spent the day getting all the goats and baby settled in warm stalls till this passes through.

  16. I'm sitting here in a balmy 47 degrees outside temp and 75.9 degrees inside.. our temps are dropping all day and tomorrow will be out cold day.

    Your pictures are spectacular! They make me cold just to see them.

    Stay warm!!

  17. Pics are lovely. We're also in a deep freeze. It was minus 28 on my car temperature gauge this am as I drove to my daughter's home to babysit. Brrrrrr!

  18. Oh my ... what BEAUTIFUL photographs but how COLD it looks and sounds! I hope you're all staying warm ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. I truly cannot imagine temps that low... I have never felt temperatures below 0 degrees F... so I would sure enough be freezing my butt off there!!!

    Hope you stay warm and safe...

    Love, Jess

  20. Aren't these temperatures just unreal?!! It was -37c when I got up this morning and all we heard on the radio all day was about the accidents going on all over the place because the roads were really slippery with the black ice. Mom called me this morning wanting me to bring her for a haircut...I said ummmm NO, I'm not going out there! lol I guess living in an apartment she's not aware of just how cold it is out there!!!

    Love the pictures you took, I've always loved it when the trees get all frosted up like that. I've yet to be in Niagara Falls in the winter time but as you say, I don't think I'd want to be walking in that mist! xoxo

  21. How beautiful....but how horrible cold. I have so felt for Keith as he has had to get out and work in this.
    We are expecting temps in the singles glad for my warm bed.
    I can't even imagine what the homeless are going through.
    Keep warm.

  22. This morning was very cold. Temps below zero, wind chills 18 to 20 below. I commute to work an hour each way. I did bring extra clothes, hat, etc. and I have a sleeping bag in my car just incase I break down. My dad would be so proud, he always tells me to bring extra clothing, sometimes I forget. It's zero now but the winds have died down. How I long for spring.

  23. Those are stunning pictures. It is really cold here in KY. It is 18 bove zero right now. Please stay safe and warm...m.

  24. Our temp was 2 degrees this morning-that seems down right warm compared to you!

    I enjoyed reading about Aunt May.

  25. I love those pictures. Beautiful but definitely cold looking.