Tuesday, February 3

Meet Dakota

We hadn't planned on getting a puppy so soon, but when the opportunity arose, we couldn't resist.Meet Dakota. He is 8 weeks old and is cute as a button. We went to pick him up this afternoon. He has two sisters that are still waiting to be adopted.

Brandon and Jordan went with us to have a look. Grandpa thought they would like that and they even got out of school a few minutes early, which was a BIG hit.

We looked at all three puppies in the litter, but this little guy seemed to have the most spunk. They all looked very much alike. Dakota is a lab/shepherd cross.

When it came time to take him to the van, we were given a towel in case he had an accident on the way home. Brandon carried him to the car and gave him to Jordan while he put his seatbelt on. Jordan held him for about ten minutes and then asked Brandon to take him. Brandon was happy to oblige.

Brandon held him for most of the drive home. Dakota looked out the window and finally fell asleep in Brandon's arms. He did wake up and whine a little and Brandon talked to him and cuddled him. He said, "There, Little Fella. I'll wrap you in the towel and get you nice and warm." He did and Dakota was asleep in no time.

When we got home, hubby carried the dog and set him down in the snow. We wanted to see if he would do his business before coming into the house. That didn't happen. I don't think Dakota had ever stood in the snow before, but he was curious about the world around him.

Once in the house, the boys played with him. He chased both boys around the kitchen table a couple of times and then they found one of Meeko's balls and rolled it across the floor. Dakota chased it and jumped and played. The boys laughed and so did I. Hubby had gone to the pet store to get him some puppy chow.

Here is Brandon holding Dakota. He really likes him. He was thrilled that they were having fun together.
Above, Dakota decided that he was going to get hold of Jordan's sweater and pull him. Sorry boy, you aren't that big yet. He did give Jordan a little nip, but I explained that puppies do this and that he has to be corrected. It is unacceptable behavior.

Here, Dakota is feeling very comfortable in Jordan's arms and Jordan is happy to be snuggling him. We had to take up hubby's slippers, as Dakota had his eye on them and was going to try carrying them round. Slippers and puppies just don't mix, so the boys set them on the couch on a newspaper.

After the boys left with hubby to be taken home, Dakota curled up on the floor and drifted off to sleep. He slept all the time hubby was gone and only got up to see who came in. Then he laid down and slept again.

We got him to eat and drink a little, but I think he was plumb tuckered out. We fixed him a box lined with a blanket at one end and newspaper at the other, as this was the way they had the crate set up for the pups. Tomorrow, hubby and I will get Meeko's old crate out of the shed and we will clean it and set it up for Dakota. That way he will have a safe and secure place to go if he wants to be alone and it will keep him safe if hubby and I have to go out at the same time.

Even though we adopted Dakota so soon after Meeko passed, he will never replace him. He will have a new place in our hearts and we will remember Meeko as the beautiful and loving companion that he was.

I hope that you have a pet in your life. They relieve anxiety and stress and bring laughter and love into your life. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I'm so happy for you Mary, although I know he will never replace Meeko. He sure is cute!

  2. awwww he's so adorable! That's so awesome that you are loving another dog too :-)

  3. OH MY GOSH! He is just toooooo cute, Congrats Mary! There is nothing like a new puppy in the house.... much laughter and fun! I love the name! Good for you Mary,, good for you!

  4. I hope that he brings as much love as Meeko did.Great start as I can see by the photos.

  5. Hi Mary,
    Dakota is just adorable and will be a wonderful addition to your family :)
    You're so right that pets do bring love and laughter into our lives!

  6. Oh, Mary, I am so happy that you got a new puppy! I know he will never replace Meeko, but he will make his own special place in your heart. He looks so cuddly and is just adorable!!! I can see the boys love him! I'm sure Meeko would not want you to be lonely. I love his name, too!

    ((( HUGS )))

  7. WOW! He sure is a cute little guy! How many other things have you moved to a higher place in your home so as to keep them out of harm's way? Having a new puppy -all the work of housebreaking it and such, leaves me with really mixed emotions. I hate that part of the job that comes along with a puppy but then, I really do envy your getting such a cute pup too! Enjoy the good times with him!

  8. Dakota is just adorable. I'm happy for you all. He will bring you a lot of laughter and joy I'm sure.

    I agrea with you that pets do bring happiness into our lives. We have 2 Yorkies and love them dearly. We also have cats. They are all like family to us. I've always had pets. They make me smile everyday.

    Thanks so much for sharing your news.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh, Mary. Dakota is adorable!! And he'll be so much fun and a delight for the whole family.

  10. Dakota is so cute! The boys look very happy to play with him. You will be busy for a while, but dogs give so much love back.

  11. Dakota is adorable! Though he won't replace Meeko, he's sure to help fill that empty spot in your hearts.

  12. He is adorable. I hope he is trained quickly - that's the worst part! He's wiggling his way into everyone's hearts very quickly!

  13. Oh my God! he is cute! and guess what? He looks like my ex-dog , Largo!

    i say ex, because he is not here anymore. hikzz. so sad.

  14. There is nothing sweeter than a new puppy!

  15. I'm glad you have gotten a puppy. I was wondering if you would. I was thinking about your walks and afraid that you'd not want to go without Meeko. Now you can take Dakota. He really is a cute puppy. I can't wait to see what he'll look like when he grows up. He looks like he's all German Shepherd right now.
    Mama Bear

  16. Mary
    He is so cute. Nothing like a puppy to steal ones heart. He will be a smart one with the mix. I saw this show were "designer dogs" were being breed. I had to laugh at the term because in the country we called them mutts or heinz. So according to the shows critera you now have a "designer dog". Most labs are mixed with standard poodles around here to get a Labbradoole. I am so glad you got a new little companion. Each precious pet gets a different chunk of our hearts. Peace

  17. I knew it!! hehe When you mentioned how much you missed the sound of a dog, I knew it wouldn't be long for you to get a new one:-) Of course he won't replace Meeko but instead he's a new pet to be loved!! He's adorable, Mary, and how lucky he is to have a home with you and the family now. The boys seem quite thrilled as well:-) xoxo

  18. Just like our children, a new pet can never replace another one. They each make their own place in our hearts and we always seem to find more love for the new addition even though we never forget their predecessor.

    Dakota is a darlin' and I can tell he's going to make himself at home in your hearts in no time. It won't be long before he won't fit in anybody's lap. ;o)

    Our power's been on for 24 hours now without interruption so I may attempt a post soon. I got weary of the power blinking or going off completely and losing my work so I gave up.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, dear Mary.

    Much love,


  19. I sneaked over last night and saw your puppy... but didn't have time to comment then... He is really cute. We once had a collie and shepard mix and he was a wonderful dog. His name was "Bullet"..

  20. I saw the pics on FB. Congratulations! What a little cutie and I love the name Dakota. :)

  21. How sweet!
    I know he will be a great comfort for you during this time. He is precious.

    Glad ya'll took this step.

  22. What a beautiful puppy Mary. Dakota looks so contented to be in the arms of those who have grown to love him in so short a time.


    God bless.

  23. What a cutie pie, and he has a wonderful new home. I know how much you miss Meeko, but this little guy will help mend your hearts. I know my two new guys sure keep me busy, and happy. They are a handful, but big bundles of love. I wish you all happiness with your new little friend.

  24. Welcome, welcome, Dakota!

    He is sooo cute and I'm glad he found such a great furever home.


  25. ohhhhhhhhhh, awwwwwwwwww! what a sweetie! i can just tell he has velvet-soft ears and a whiskery muzzle! puppy love!