Friday, February 6

My Neighbor is Leaving

Do you remember my neighbor, Marianne? She was unemployed and then she fell and hurt her leg and had to have surgery. Well, things have turned around for her a bit.

Marianne is a social worker and before she fell, she had applied for a job in Nunavut and had been accepted if she could meet certain conditions by providing references and paperwork. Well, even though she had the surgery, she met her obligations. Last weekend she let me know she had been accepted for the job.

Yesterday she phoned and told me she is leaving February 18th. She will keep her house and possibly return when she has leave. She will be in the Baffin Island area. What a great opportunity for her. She will be making good money, possibly come home for visits and get to enjoy the beauty of Canada's North.

Congratulations, Marianne. Though I will miss your company, I wish you all the best on your new adventure.

What will this mean for my blogging friends? I'm hoping she will send lots of photos through email that I can share with you. Possibly she will be able to tell a few tales as well. She has worked in Nunavut before and so she knows what she's up against. I think this is a marvelous opportunity and almost wish that I was going with her, but then I couldn't bear to leave here because of family and my new little Dakota.

Enjoy the weekend, my friends. We are to have warmer weather and I'm hoping that we can get out with the grandsons and Dakota for some fresh air and sunshine. If we do, I will be sure to take along the camera. ~Blessings, Mary~
PS. For those who aren't aware, Nunavut (pronounced noon-a-voot) is Canada's newest territory. You can find Baffin Island just above the red lettering at Hudson's Bay that says Canada. Look up and just a little to the right. Hope this helps.


  1. I wondered how she was doing....... and that is good news for her..... I have no idea of where she is going but I bet it is beautiful... and I cannot imagine you leaving those grandsons! AND that new puppy!

    It will be great for you to sit and share with her when she does get to come home... then TELL us!

    Good night, I have been up since 3 am .......... got to go and lay my body down!

    Hope that puppy sleeps all night!

  2. How wonderful for Marianne. I'll have to see if I can find Nunavut on the map. I don't think I've heard of it before.
    It is supposed to be warmer here too. I'm typing this around 6 am as I prepare to go to work and it's already 44 degrees! Enjoy the warmth!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity awaits your neighbor. All this is only proof that when God closes one door he opens another for you.
    I have to wonder how many never see the new opened door because they are too busy fretting over the closed one.

    Have a great weekend Mary. Your new look is breathtaking.

  4. Congratulations to Marianne, as you say, such a wonderful opportunity for her! Having been there before will certainly help her as I think that area is sometimes a bit of a shock to those who have never been. I look forward to the pictures, tell her your blogging friends have requested them! lol xoxo

  5. With the computer age such distances are a lot closer. We can reach out and touch someone on a very inexpensive, daily basis! Can't wait for the stories.

  6. Greatnews! I am happy for Marianne, after the tough breaks she has endured. Having worked with social work education for 15 years, I am always happy to hear of other social workers who are succeeding in a very tough field. Can't wait to see pictures of somewhere totally new!

    Enjoy the sunshine - it is lovely here again today, but don't know about tomorrow. Well, we never know about tomorrow, do we?

  7. It is 60 here right now and expected to get a little warmer today...

    Hope your friend has lots of adventures and you can share with us...

  8. What an exciting journey your neighbor lady is beginning! I'll be looking forward to seeing a bit of it here.

  9. She will be having a bit of an adventure.

  10. I know a couple of people who have gone there to work. The pay is very good. One of my daughter's friends just returned from a 2 month nursing stint there and never saw daylight. She deserved the enhanced pay cheque!

  11. I didn't know that Canada has new province.
    So now I have a question are the Yukon and or the Northwest territories province or not.

    Well sound like your neighbor is on some great adventure I wish her all the best.

    Coffee is on.

  12. How very super, please give her our best. I would love to see pictures of her new home. What is it that is floating around in my head. Is there a special bird that lives on Baffin Island?? something historic?? My mind is such a sive. Maybe you can visit for a change of scene, and of course that Sir Dakota with.

  13. I just googled it and WOW, how beautiful. I hope she has a great camera as the scenery looks magnicent.

  14. I'm sure you will miss your neighbor but what an exciting opportunity for her.
    I've never heard of Nunavut either. I'll have to do a Google search and learn about it.

  15. I had never heard of Nunavut! I always learn something new from blogging. I'll look forward to some pictures if she shares with you!

  16. Well, I had to go 'read up' a little bit before I left a comment on your friend's new life! Nunavut.

    What an amazing, untamed, area she will be working's beautiful.

    The population?....what will she be doing in her line of social work? Are there a lot of people there then? What an adventure!!!!!

    Here's the site I went to for now, will look up more as the day progresses tho...I always like learning more--- Site

  17. What a wonderful opportunity for her! So glad things have gotten better.
    Thanks for the P.S. ~ I had no idea where this was until you enlightened us!

  18. ahh is that how you pronounce it, it's good to know, mind you I have enough trouble trying to say alot of the Maori names we have here. Good news for your friend :-)

  19. Boy, she is really heading north, isn't she? Sounds like a onderful opportunity for her! Looking forward to pics of an area I will never see otherwise. Best of luck to her in her new job! I know she will miss you, and you her!!!

    ((( HUGS )))

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