Sunday, May 31

Brandon's 14th Birthday Bash

Brandon's birthday was earlier this week and some of the family got together today to help him celebrate his 14th. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I stood in the delivery room and watched him come into the world. Where does the time go?

Jack, Melissa and their boys came. Here is Griffyn playing the Guitar He*ro drums. He takes drumming at the Native Center.

Melissa, Griffyn and Tarryn. Tarryn is teething and had a bit of a fever. It was down while he was at the party, but Melissa let me know that it is up again. I told her it's common for fevers to go up at night.

Great-grandma (my mother) Melissa and the boys. Both of those boys adore Mom.

Well, the party has begun and Brandon is opening his gifts. Here, he's reading a card from great-Grandma. She gave him two golf shirts and $10 for a school trip later in June.

Brandon with his take for the day. Yeap, that is good old Canadian dollars. He loves getting money.
Here he is on his new bike. He picked it out himself yesterday. It's maroon and is a Mongoose Sting. I've never heard of that kind of bike, but it is a beauty.

You can see it a little better in this photo. He's watching Jordan who's riding his bike down the street.

And above, Jordan on his bike. It was new last summer. He got it for his 11th birthday.
Brandon's paternal grandfather's birthday was today, so Michelle had the cake decorated for both of them.

We had a BBQ. The hotdogs and sausage was delicious. The cake was chocolate and was very good. I allowed myself a very small piece. After all, Brandon will never turn 14 again. I had to celebrate a little.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was cool and breezy here. Friday and Saturday was very wet and it is to rain again tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday to Brandon! How did those two babies, Griffyn and Tarryn, get so big? When did that happen??

  2. Cool bikes! Happy Birthday, Brandon.

    I always think Canadian money is so pretty.

  3. Happy Birthday Brandon! I wonder was it a little tough for you to type the "4" in the "14"?

  4. That's so cool about Griffyn being into drumming and music. Happy Birthday to Brandon!

  5. Mary,

    Griffyn looks adorable playing the drums!

    Wow, can't believe Brandon is 14! It seems like yesterday when he was just a little tyke, going places with grandma. Looks like he had a great birthday. Nice new wheels!

    Happy birthday, Brandon! May all your birthday wishes come true!

    Nice pictures, Mary.

    Have a great week!



  6. Happy Birthday to Brandon! Looks like he had a great day!

  7. Wonderful photo shares Mary. You had TWO celebrations....I would have allowed myself a DOUBLE treat then instead of a sliver....[I know, I know]

    Great bicycles. And getting money is something I like too!!! I think everyone does. LOL

    A day late, but happy birthday Brandon.

  8. It's good that it cleared a little for the birthdays.

  9. Birthday Parties are fun! The bike reminds me of one my kids had back in the 60's with banana seats.
    You are quite a bit younger than I but I wore white bucks and saddle shoes as well as penny loafers, poodle skirts and those little ties around the neck.
    Thanks for sharing, it brought back some fun memories.

    Stay on the straight and narrow road bro:) God Bless

  11. Happy Birthday Brandon... I don't care how old you are.. MONEY is a good gift... LOL And teenagers really like it... I would have eaten some cake too... especially chocolate! Looks like everyone had a good time!! Those little guys are precious.

  12. Happy belated Birthday to Brandon!! Sounds like he had a fun day of celebration and I can tell from the pictures how much he enjoyed getting all that money! lol Love his new bike as well, no doubt he'll be riding on it all summer:-) xoxo

  13. I'm so glad Brandon had a good birthday!