Thursday, June 4

Just to Let You Know...

Just letting everyone know that once again, Blogger has me shut out. It's the same problem that occured two weeks ago. Everytime I try to view my blog, I get an error message stating, "operation aborted." Like last time, Blogger is the only site I'm having trouble with. I will be back when the powers that be once again have this issue under control.

PS. Many thanks to Airman Mom for helping me solve my problem. Seems that the "followers" widget was causing the problem. Airman Mom suggested I got to "dashboard" and then "help" then "known issues" and "following." Here I found a statement from blogger that said the follower widget should be moved further down the sidebar and if that didn't correct the situation, remove it.

I tried moving it to the very bottom of my blog, but still received the "operation aborted" message. I removed the followers widget and haven't had any problems since.

Mari and Mama Bear, if you see this, I can't view your blogs. As soon as I try to view, I get the "Operation aborted" message.

Hope this may help someone else and once again, thank you, Airman Mom.


  1. So frustrating! See you soon I hope!

  2. mary...I read in the help section, it may have something to do with your followers application. Go to DASHBOARD, then go to HELP, then go to KNOWN ISSUES, then go to may be as simple as moving your FOLLOWERS box. I hope this helps!

  3. I am sorry......... What is that all about? I have never had any trouble like that from Blogger.... do you want me to go down there and whoop them? I will you know! hahahah

    I will have pictures tomorrow night I HOPE............

    Love ya

  4. Sorry for your problems sweetie.

  5. Mary: It is so frustrating when Bloggger causes us problems! The odd time I get sillyness happening when I'm posting..argh!!
    Happy that you stopped by my blog..I'm doing ok..still have a cloud of sadness above me..I suppose in time this will pass. Hard to lose a mother.Thank you for caring Mary.
    P.S. My daughter is doing well after surgery!

  6. Hello Nary
    I've heard about a few others having problems and the main one was the followers doo-dad, once removed all should be well
    Hope it sorts itself out for you soon - must be like being locked out of your own home lol
    Take care

  7. oh I didn't know what was going on, glad you got it sorted. Have a great weekend :-)

  8. Sorry you had problem, when I have problem, I try another blowser. If not I wait for a while. Go away or look at my photos. Otherwise it can be so frustrating.


    Ann :)

  9. This must be frustrating. I hope it's under control now.

  10. Computers and the internet have to act up once in a while to let us know who is boss ;-)
    I removed most of my sidebar items because of conflicts. Family members who still have dial-up connections couldn't load the pages with all the extra do-dads. Good luck!

  11. Hope it continues to work now for you.

    I posted my painting today. If you can get over to mine and it loads for you...

    Happy Friday.

  12. I had a problem simular to yours,I found out that the follers section was causing the problem.I was told to move it to the verry botton of the blog not on the side bar but on the bottom. to do this you need to be in the layou part of the blog than jut garb the followers and move it to the verry bottm of the blog.that should help you.

  13. I get hit with this sometimes too and I don't even have a followers thingy on my sidebar. Maybe it's because the sites Iam trying to get on have them. Right now (knock on wood) I'm not having any trouble, let's see what happens when I try to publish this comment. Keep your fingers crossed....

  14. Glad you got that figured out... now we'll all know what to do if it happens to us... Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sorry blogger has been aborting you. The follower widget. Oh my, why do they offer this when it will abort you? Glad you got help and fixed the problem. We have a little restuarent down in Cheatham County that still have those old junk boxes on the tables and it decore is straight from the fifties. Peace

  16. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Coffee is on.