Saturday, May 16

Memories of Beautiful Cars

Do you remember the first car you ever owned. Did you have to save for it, or did your parents buy it for you.

When I started my first job, Dad took me back and forth to work. When this was no longer feasible, he bought me a Ford station wagon for $300 and allowed me to drive it under the condition that I make a payment each pay day. His reasoning for this is that it would help me learn about credit...and it did. It was red and white and I hated it, but was nevertheless thankful to have my own car.
When my first husband and I got married, our first car was a Buick LeSabre...gray. It looked much like the one above, but didn't have red seats. That was a good car and we drove it for about four years.Our next car was a Mercury Monterey. My friend, Marg, had a yellow one and we both liked the way it drove and the style. When the Buick gave up, we purchased a black one. That was a good car and lasted us many years.
Years later, I owned a Ford Galaxie 500 XL. It was beige in color and it was also stylish. The one shown here is a four-door. Mine was a two-door.
Those were the days when cars were made to last and had a little style about them. The only new car I've ever owned was a 1992 Mercury Topaz. It was the same color as the car above and it had gray upholstery and seats. It was also a good car and we drove it for eleven years. However, it didn't have the style of the cars of my youth.

Enjoy your weekend. It's cool and rainy here today and I'm hoping for some fairer weather tomorrow.


  1. I love the old cars - beautiful! My first one was a 1971 white vauxhall viva. I used it for quite a while when I was first married until my dad bought me a 1982 honda civic. now we drive a 1998 honda odyssey, very roomy and good to drive 3 children around in.

  2. What fun to look back at those old cars. My first car was a 73 LeMans. My dad bought it for me, but like you had to - I payed him back, month by month. It is a good lesson!

  3. My first car was a 78 Mustang. I learn to drive on a 57 GMc pickup.

    Coffee is on.

  4. When I graduated from college and was heading to my teaching job in another state, Dad took me shopping and I bought a fabulous beautiful forest green 1969 Mustang. I loved that car, and paid $90-something a month (I used to remember the exact amount) for 37 months. Every red cent on my own. I wish I could still have that car!

  5. What cool cars you had. I have never owned a car as I do not drive. My husband always picks the cars we owned. i just want something safe to ride in. Have a great weekend..m..

  6. Your cars were opulent compared to ours.

  7. Hi Mary, I haven't been here in awhile, so I am playing catch up. The old cars are GREAT!! My first like Mari's was a Pontiac LeMans, I paid $400.00 for it from my brother, it was beautiful Don't remember the year, it was old. . .but COOL:) LOL
    Have a Blessed weekend:)

  8. You guys in America drive such big cars. In Borneo, the timber tycoons drove such big car we called aeroplane cars.

    As students in the 70s in Canada, my friends would rent an oldsmobile for our outings, and we pretended to be tycoon's children.

    Got my own post on my dad's first car.
    Just two weeks ago, I saw a big car, and took a photo. Must find it and post it for you.

  9. You definitely owned some classics. Do you like Classic Car shows?

  10. Although technically, I learned to drive when I was a child, in elementary school, on my Uncle's various Ford products during that time but I took my driver's test on my Mom's 1952 Pontiac Hornet. That car lasted her -and me too -until December of 1967, when I burned the engine up in it because the thermostat stuck on me. (Long story.) It was then that I bought MY first car -a 1967 Chevy Nova, for $2,619 and the only "luxuries" it had were a heater, am radio and white-wall tires which I had removed and reoplaced with cheaper blackwalls in order to lower the sticker price a bit! Since then, I've had several cars that I bought new (or my ex and I bought new) but for the past 2 years, since my son totaled the last "new" car I had (a 2000 Ford Focus,) I've been relegated to running whatever decent old cars my son-in-law could find within my price range -which I must add is "very cheap" as a requirement!

  11. I bought a ford fairlane with my babysitting money that I made for babysitting for 3 summers straight, and saved it up for that purpose. My parents would never have bought me a car, ever. Their philosophy was to 'pay your own way'. Which we did, or we went without.

    The car was used, and quite out of really actually 'waved to everyone on the was so friendly'---LOL

    But it was mine. And it go me to work until I married Bud. Then we had several. Until he bought me a great car for my 40th birthday. I loved that car, but it was no good in the desert heat, we finally traded it in.

  12. Cool. Like your first buick. I have only had 4 cars my entire 59 years on this earth. A 73 Nova was the first and my silver buick (still driving) is my fourth. A 86 Honda prelude was my second and a 92 Buick La sabre was my third. The first two cars were new and the second two cars were used. Maybe someday I will own a fifth car. The auto industry would have already gone under if they counted on my funds. Peace

  13. My first car was British built Austin, that had been rolled at some point making the door on the driver's side impossible to get open. Of course that was no problem because, being British built, the steering wheel was on the right hand side.

    The turn signals were little wings that poked out the side of the car.

    On the undamaged side of the car it looked like a Rolls Royce, on the other it looked ready for the demolition yard.

    Of course today it would not be considered road worthy, but to a sixteen year old in the 60's it was a dream come true.

    And all for $75.

  14. Neat post!

    I had a 2001 white ford taurus... then we went through 2 cars...and now all we have is Jason's 1997 green mustang.

    Hoep all is well..sorry I haven't been able to visit much. Hope the grandkids are good, the hubby is happy, and the pooch is trained! LOL

    Love, Jess

  15. I never owned a car myself, I didn't learn to drive until after I was married. My husband used to drive a 1951 Crysler Imperial when he'd come up the holler to see me. I remember him getting stuck up twice in it. When we were married we had a 1974 Toyota Celica that he bought when he got out of the service. That Toyota was a good car.

  16. Such awesome cars you had sweetie.

  17. Thanks for visiting my site. Love those cars. What fond memories.

    We had a 56 or 58 black and white Chevy. Nothing that the pink caddy, but it got us around.

    Shoot me an email one day.

    I am following your blog now, so I will be back.

  18. Mary-I enjoyed this post. Loved seeing all the cars you've owned-especially the old ones-very neat. My first car-a little red chevet. Pap and Granny bought it for me to drive to work. I wrecked in the snow and totalled it. But thankfully no one was hurt-just the car.

  19. Girl Friend!!!!!! The picture of the Ford Galaxie 500 XL. is JUST EXACTLY like the one I had in the early 80's living in Tulsa.... It was the very same color and I loved it...... Drove it till the head liner fell on top of my head.... I was raising the boys alone and had to keep it so just tore the head liner out and kept on driving..... I gave it the name " Grubby" and it became a part of the family...... Hated to loose it............ but had to move on to something a bit better.... Love the pictures of the cars......

    So miss you gals...... I will be back soon........