Tuesday, May 19

Passing on an Award

Anni over at Hootin' Anni's honored me with this lovely award. This is delightful, Anni and I am most honored.

This award is to recognize:

"Bloggers whose comments I appreciate may have received this award already. Nevertheless I want to mention them here. They are beautiful people who practice blogging etiquette by visiting or visiting back, and leaving nice comments. Their observations are apt and helpful. It's a pleasure to have them as commentors on my posts...."

This award is delightful. I have many who comment on my blog daily and who I truly miss if they are AWOL. hehe. Hootin' Anni is one of them but there are lots of others.

We are to limit this to five bloggers and that is very difficult for me to do. However, there are bloggers who drop in and comment almost daily and whom I miss if they are away for any length of time.

Denise from Oh Sew Good

Denise from Samaritan Women

Mari from My Little Corner of the World

Amy from I Love Retro Things

Denise from Shortybear's Place

There are so many more I would love to pass this on to, but the rules do say five. For the ones I've passed it to, I hope you will pass it on to those who you have befriended through your blog.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Thanks so much my friend, love you.

  2. What a cute award! I will pass it on. Thanks!

  3. Very special award - and deserved.

    Pecking one handed today --

  4. I dropped by to see who you passed it on to....this is such a sweet award I think. And it's good to recognize those who leave comments most always each day...they NEED to be 'thanked' in some way.

    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Congratulations, Mary, you certainly deserve this.
    Mama Bear

  6. Thank you girl friend........ I will take that and put it on my home blog.... You are precious in my world and I will be back in a week or so...... Sometime the first week of June... Miss you much but I am getting somethings accomplished..... Made some big decisions , they were hard decisions, but good ones..... I will share some of them latter....

    Love ya! Thanks again for the wonderful award.....