Wednesday, September 30

A Long and Tiring Day

Today was quite a day. I knew there was a lot to do and it exhausted me just thinking about it. Dwight got up about 6am, which is his normal time when he's not working. I had been up half the night coughing and so I stayed in bed until 7:30. Then I got up and prepared for the day.

I soon realized that neither Dwight nor Dakota were in the house. Dwight sometimes sits on the porch and lets Dakota play in the yard. Nope, not there. I look over into the park. Can't see them. I walk a block down the street and ask a city worker if he's seen them. Nope. I walk back this way and that's when I see them coming through the park. They had walked down to the other end and were hidden from view by the trees. I bet at that point that Dwight wished he was back in the hospital. I blasted him really well for taking off with the dog within 24 hours of being released from hospital.

About 9:30 am, I went to the bank, then to the grocery store. Brought home a few things, lugged them into the house and Dwight put them away. By this time my knees were killing me. Walking on cement floors is not something I do well these days.

We had a sandwich at noon and then it was time to take him to the optometrist. The doctor had requested he have a field test asap. I phoned yesterday and got the appointment but when we got there the receptionist had booked him for an eye exam instead of said field test. I told the optometrist that the doctor wanted a field test to determine whether or not Dwight would be allowed to keep his driver's license, so he said he'd do that instead. Thank goodness he understood because only one examination a year is covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) unless you have a medical condition. Dwight had an eye exam in January and so he didn't qualify. I questioned this because he now has a medical condition. She is looking into finding out if she can get it covered, but stroke isn't on the list of conditions that allow you to qualify. Go figure.

After the optometrist appointment, I brought Dwight home, had a cup of tea and then headed out to pick Brandon up from school. His Dad has been doing this, but had a meeting today and had asked me to. By the time I got the boys settled at home, I was even more exhausted. Their Dad got home about 4:30pm and I came home and started supper. We had fried pork loin, rice and green beans. For desert we had some peaches.

It's almost 7:30 pm here right now and I'm ready to hit the hay. What a day. Tomorrow is an appointment with the family doctor. The optometrist said the field test looked good and he doesn't see any reason why Dwight's license should be revoked. However, this is the government we're talking about, so we'll have to wait and see.


  1. Mary,

    I'm glad to hear that Dwight's sight is ok.

    Field tests should be covered in case of strokes - two of Pop's immediate family had strokes that affected their eyes - one lost sight in left eye for a while - but the other one lost sight permanently.

  2. I am glad you husband is home and is feeling well enough to wander off, worry your and face your tougue lashing.

    You need to take care of yourself. Don't take on too much.

  3. Hello Mary
    I guess your heart was running on overdrive when you couldn't locate the man - its no wonder you are feelng overwhelmed and weary after the events of the past week or so.
    Both of you must rest and assess what is acceptable for the next week or so - I realise they are your 'family' but are there any friends or neighbours that culd help pick up from school?
    Take care

  4. I can only imagine how worried you were when you couldn't find him. Those men!
    Glad you got the right test done and it turned out good!

  5. I agree, it should be covered. I think eye doctors are still adjusting from the days when everything was covered all the time.

    It sounds like he's doing well even if he's not behaving

    Take it easy on yourself, you don't need to burn out on this.

    Thinking of you

  6. Hubby obviously didn't understand how concerned you would be. Maybe he could at least leave a not if he does it again.
    I pray you can get some well deserved rest soon. I hate it when appointments pile up and steal my life!

  7. I hope you get a good nights rest...and so glad his field test came back good.

    Thanks for all the updates...still have you guys in my prayers

    Love, Jess

  8. OMG!!! Mary, YOU slow down!!! You're gonna break down if you keep that pace. Ya, I's all needed, but make sure YOU take time out also!!!

    I'da been blasting him for walking off without telling too.

    Just...INhale......slowly exhale......breathe. REST.....go slow you two!!!

  9. Who is going to look after you when you faint and fall in the floor? Bless your heart.

    And to think, our current administration is working to get your type of medical program for us!

  10. Did you get a good night's rest?

  11. Mary, I hope today is less stressful and your cough is much better. Hugs my friend

  12. So glad your Dwight is able to keep his license!I think strokes should be covered!!When my husband had his mild stroke in 2002 he lost his license for a couple of years and oh how that hit him hard!He'd lost his job,then his ability to work and then his license.These things hit a man hard.He was able to eventually get it back and oh how happy he has been since then.You take care of yourself and God bless~Sharon

  13. Hello dear Mary:-)

    Finally getting some free time to visit...Corey is here and we just finished talking for over an hour, catching up on our news but now he's gone down for a nap! lol So glad to hear that Dwight's field test results were good so now fingers crossed that his driver's license won't need to be revoked. It's no wonder you were going to bed so early that day, you certainly did have a busy day. Hopefully you're starting to feel much better and able to spend some relaxing time with Dwight. Prayers continue for him!! xoxo

  14. What an interesting choice Dwight chose to do the morning after getting out of the hospital! As Anvilcloud said --

    I'm sorry you had such an exhausting day. I hope you've bounced back by now!