Thursday, October 1

Another Hectic Day

I got up this morning early and did a few things before I had to take hubby to the doctor. His appointment was for 10:30 am and we planned to go there and to stop to pay a bill on the way home. However, the doctor had other plans. He wanted Dwight to have blood tests and he wanted them done today.

We stopped and paid the bill, came home, grabbed a sandwich, went to the bank and then went and had the blood tests. There was only one person ahead of us there, so that worked out well. Then we came home, thinking we were done for the day. Never think that far ahead because plans can change in a flash.

To explain, I will have to go back to last Friday when I told Dwight my tongue felt strange. It was all white and looked very unhealthy, but it didn't hurt so I rinsed my mouth with peroxide a few times. It seemed to go away and I thought maybe it had been caused from stress. I didn't mention it to the doctor this morning because it wasn't sore. Well, by 4pm it was really sore and had a red patch right in the center of it. I phoned our pharmacist and asked him if he had a clue as to what might be going on. His conclusion was the same as what I'd been thinking all along. Thrush! He told me to go to the walk-in clinic because if I left it all weekend my mouth would be very sore.

We went to the walk-in and there was only six people ahead of me. An hour later we were out of there with a prescription in hand. Yeap, it was thrush.

There are several things that could have caused it. Stress is one. My inhaler that I've been taking for my sinisitis and brochitis is steroid based and that can cause it. The nose spray I'm using for my sinisitis can cause it. So, now I have more meds and I'm beginning to feel like a drug store.

As for tomorrow...we only have one errand to run, but then one never knows what will come up until tomorrow is over. Will update you then. ;-)


  1. Oh Mary - life has been crazy for you. I'm praying for you tonight, for a quiet night and a peaceful day tomorrow.

  2. You've had quite the crazy busy life these past few days. I hope things settle down for you and Dwight and you have an easy-peasy day tomorrow. With prayers and love..jj

  3. Oh dear.....with all that you've been going through I'd have to say the thrush came on and caused by 'all the above'.


  4. When Ron started with his inhalers they told him it was important to rinse his mouth out after the Spiriva. (I think it was the Spiriva. It may have been the Advair.) Anyway he rinses and hasn't had any far:)

    Bless your heart. Bet you think, "what next?"

  5. Oh dear...may things go better for you and may you both be blessed with healing and peace from our Savior.Blessings~Sharon

  6. I sure hope that you get some good news soon. Cheers.

  7. How's your husband?

    The Chinese doctor looks at your tongue to see how you are? A white coating tells him that you are not well.