Monday, September 28


Thanks to all who have offered support, love, caring and prayers. It is much appreciated.

On Saturday night when I was at the hospital, Dwight had blurry vision in his left eye. That continued until early Sunday morning when the eye cleared. His vision was fine all day but that evening, the right eye became blurry. At that point the doctor decided he needed to have a catscan this morning. That still hadn't happened at 9pm tonight when Dwight called to say he was tired and was going to bed. The nurse did tell him that the catscan could be done anywhere up to midnight. The techs apparently take the cases by priority. The man in the bed next to Dwight also was booked for a catscan. He didn't get his either.

The doctor wants Dwight to remain in hospital until he has been 24 hours without any symptoms. So, when his vision clouded last night, that put him up until tonight. He hadn't had any problems with it when I was talking to him at 9. Hopefully that trend will continue.

So, as it stands right now, there are no lasting effects from the mini stroke, except for the vision. He can walk, talk and use his limbs without any problem. His coordination is good and there are no visible signs of stroke. All this is a plus and we're hoping that it means he will be released as soon as the catscan is done.

On another note, Jordan has been scared to death about his Grandpa. He phoned me after school today and asked if he could go and see Grandpa. I took the boys and they had some fun with their Grandpa. It seemed to ease their minds quite a bit about what happened.

It was a tough life lesson for them. I can't imagine what they were thinking, but Brandon quickly took care of the 911 call and seemed to be very calm. This gives us much faith that he will be able to cope with the unexpected that life might bring his way. Jordan is young yet. He didn't panic, but just stood and watched in shock and horror.

Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers our way. I will update more as I learn what is going on.


  1. Hello Mary
    Good to hear that things seem to be a bit better, hospitals are notorious for deferring what they call non essential procedures.
    Some times we forget young ones are more capable than we think they are as in your grandson's case. Seems like he is an intelligent lad with a sensible head on him
    Take care

  2. glad he's better,

    coping with the unexpected is never easy....harder for some than others, this we know.

    scary days come.....but they pass too.

  3. glad he is better. Is he on any blood thinner?

  4. Thanks for the update. It's good to hear this report. I'm glad the boys were able to visit. I'm sure this was a very frightening experience for them.

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted on his recovery. I am committed to continue prayer.

  6. Now that was wonderful to read about the boys being able to see their grandpa!! That is important in my opinion.

    I do hope that he will have his catscan, and there will be no visible reason to keep him in the hospital...that the recovery will continue, and each day he'll improve.

    YOU my dear...take it easy too!

  7. Mary,

    I'm sorry to hear about Dwight - I hope that he will continue to recover - keep us posted. You take care of yourself and the boys...I'll be thinking of you all.

  8. Mary,

    I am sorry that I didn't know Dwight was in the hospital, and just saw your update today. I pray he continues to improve and can come home soon. I'm sure the boys were very worried about him, so I'm glad they got to see him. Take good care and I'll be watching for new updates in the next few days.

    Hugs and Prayers,


  9. So far the news is promising. Still praying and hoping for good news and that he can come home soon.

    Love and hugs,


  10. I was so surprised when I checked in today and saw that Dwight was in hospital. Sending prayers your way for a full recovery and a quick trip back home..

  11. I'm glad that he is doing so good.

  12. I can only imagine how scared Jordan was. They did so well.