Saturday, October 17

Halloween Fun

Halloween is such a fun time of year. The boys came over today. We took Dakota, picked them up and then stopped at the dog park on the way home.

Once we arrived home, Brandon mowed the lawn and Jordan finished picking up stones and sticks that Dakota has dragged all over the yard. Then Jordan came in and vacuumed for me while Brandon finished the mowing.

We had a lunch of hotdogs and an ice cream cone for dessert and then Jordan helped Grandpa bring up the Halloween decorations from the basement.

Ghosts and scarecrows are some of my favourite Halloween things.
Orange pumpkin ghosts and the bride that we put up every year. In the background hanging by the door, you can see the witch that the boys bought me for my birthday one year. The green Christmas lights are up and will be turned on to give a ghoulish glow on Halloween.

Then came a little pumpkin carving. Even Grandpa got in on it this year.

Brandon wasn't too thrilled about having his hand in a cold pumpkin. But soon all the innards were out.

Jordan didn't seem to mind so much but you can tell by the look on his face that the innards were cold.

Ghosts and pumpkins. Perfect for Halloween. Brandon's is on the left. Jordan had his turned so the face is hard to see but he insisted on it having ears.

Jordan with his pumpkin. All ready to be lit up on Halloween.

Brandon coming back from the front of the house. His pumpkin sits in front of the ghost.

Hubby and I will have to take the pumpkins up and set them out of sight tonight, as the college students up the street are having a party. Last year they smashed all our pumpkins, including the resin one that Brandon gave me when he was about two. I did find one to replace it but it isn't the same. I'm hoping that they don't do any damage tonight.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as we enjoyed our day today.


  1. I think I had that same look on my face as well,when I was his age.

  2. Such a shame that the college students have no manners. I had a wooden Halloween sign stolen from my yard once but that was the extent of pranks. I have seen pumpkins smashed on the roads.
    Your boys are a lot of help. I'm glad they were well enough to come over.
    Mama Bear

  3. It's so great how much help your grand boys are to you guys. Sounds like a fun day together

    It makes me so angry when kids destroy people's property.

  4. Kids have fun decorating for Halloween. I don't usually decorate outside for Halloween until the day of trick or treat. I would get all the stuff down from the attic and have it started when the kids got home from school. They would help me decorate the porch. Once they got too old to go trick or treating they loved giving out the candy. They dress up and make a big deal out of it.

  5. What a wonderful post...and such a great day you all had together. Nothing like doing fun things with family!!! I think the ears on the 'jack' is a super idea. Oh ya...there are always party poopers who think damaging other properties is okay...such a shame.

    Loved this post Mary!!!

  6. Those two helpers of yours are sure a couple fine young men. :)

  7. Oh how I despise vandals ans and vandalism.Hope that your things are safe this year Mary!~Sharon

  8. I thought of you today when I was at Sears and saw one of those roasters in red - just to match your tea pot!

  9. Looks like you and the boys have everything looking great for halloween. Congrats on being accepted into the book-again!!

  10. You certainly get into the spirit of this seasonal event. The few children there are in our little town are too lazy to walk the mile to my house. As a result, year after year I get to eat the candy I have purchased.

    I used to make candy apples for all the children in the local school. A young friend of mine was happy to hand them out.

    With my father being an electrician we always installed an electric light in our Jack-o-Lantern
    instead of a candle.

    "Trick or treat"

  11. Hello Mary,
    just dicovered your blog via your comment to Fitty, and I'm so gla I did.
    Very nice blog. Oh boy, you must have a busy day with all that Hallowing preparation.
    Here in Italy we have jst started celebrating Hallowin, so it was fun looking at your pics.
    I'd be delighted if you'd come nd visit my blog at
    You can leave a comment to let me know you've been there.
    I love reading and writing comments!

  12. Great post. Now can I borrow those two hard working youngsters. I have never understood why anyone would want to smash a pumpkin that someone has carved. Too old to know now. Peace be with you.

  13. What fun.. and your home looks so
    spooky... LOL

    I love Autumn

  14. BOO!!!

    There is an award for you on my Tuesday Blog....[scroll down to the last's yours!!]

    Have a TERRORific Tuesday!

  15. Hello dear Mary:-)

    The boys did such a great job on their pumpkins, they can now come over here and do mine! hehe I usually carve about 5 or 6 of them and it tires me out! lol I don't dare put any pumpkins outside until just a day or two before Halloween, don't trust the older kids to come smash them. Hopefully they won't touch yours this's so maddening that they feel they have to ruin it for everyone by being so mean spirited. xoxo

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