Thursday, October 15

Show and Tell

I promised that I would post about the gifts I received for my birthday. Besides these, I received a beautiful Willow Tree Friendship figurine from Pea at Pea's Corner. I posted about it HERE.

A parcel came in the mail the other day and inside I found this beautiful fairy and a lovely card from a friend. You know who you are and thank you. She will be added to my fairy collection.
Hubby was a little late getting me something. He picked this up on Wednesday. It is an electric roaster that sits on the counter top. I will get a lot of use out of it and just love it. I'm going to be trying it out soon.

I've always wanted a red tea kettle. I've been watching for them to go on sale. Leave it to Mom to find one. This kettle holds three times the water my old one did and it whistles, so I won't forget it. It will also go great with my kitchen decor if I ever get it repainted.

This plant is an inky fingers coleus. Brandon grew it in horticulture class and gave it to me for my birthday last Wednesday when I picked him up from school. He said, "It's for your birthday, Grandma. Just take it home. Your birthday is Monday." Sweet boy. Now if I can just keep it alive. LOL Brandon also explained that there are over 300 kinds of coleus.

Has anyone ever heard of a "tender perennial?" Brandon and I were looking at kale last weekend and I told him to ask his teacher if it was an annual or perennial. He told me that it is classed as either an annual or a tender perennial, which means if it is a mild winter, it may survive, but won't survive a harsh winter. Go figure. I do know that sometimes annuals will reseed themselves but didn't know they were called tender perennials.

If you would like to take part in Show and Tell, please drop by and visit Cindy at My Romantic Home.


  1. Interesting gifts, Mary and your grandson sounds like a dear!
    Enjoyed your post.

  2. I especially love the coleus. I've never seen one like that. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, first off, welcome back to show n tell. I missed your posts on this one. And your roaster...for a countertop cooking job? Excellent gift. I love your red teapot. And that plant...terrific. He's gonna make a good horticulturist!! If I may say so.

    The fairy is darling, don't you think. It's sooooooooooo made for you. LOL

    Mine's posted ---

    Click Here * a Slideshow

  4. Such nice gifts! My sister has a roaster like that and uses it a lot. When she does a turkey dinner she uses it to make the turkey and it frees up the oven for other things.
    I think it was so sweet that Brandon thought of you too!

  5. WOW you gonna be making Turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving in that roaster.. Miss my grandmas dressing , she had a roaster , old one, and made the best dressing in it ... I love coleus too, i have a pink one , at least i think it is in the coleus family.. I brought some in from outside to keep alive over the winter.. I know here in Arkansas, you can grow collard and turnip greens all winter long, I did that to feed my rabbits through the winter for greens.. It was fun

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like they did well gifting you:) We have that roaster, LOVE it!! Hubby makes big vats of spagetti sauce in it, yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!! I had a kettle like that, but one of my kiddos left it on the stove and burnt the bottom, someday I'll poke holes in it and put it outside as a planter.

  7. Happy Birthday enjoy all those presents ~Blessings Heather ;D

  8. Good afternoon Mary, wishing you a belated "happy birthday"..your gifts are great, especially the plant from your grandson..I have never had a roaster like this one... I need one for holiday cooking, so that I can use my space in my oven for other things...thanks for your visit to my place today. Hugs, Baba

  9. Fun gifts! I love the tea kettle!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! What great presents, you'll love the roaster. My Mum gave me one a few years back and I use it all of the time!


  11. Now we can think of each other when we boil water in our red whistling kettles! hehe I'm so glad you finally got one too:-) You're going to love your roaster, I bought one a few years ago and use it every holiday for my turkey...that way it leaves the oven free for all the other food. Love the darling faerie, I can well imagine how thrilled you were to get her:-) And that special that it was started by Brandon! He's a boy after my own heart, he takes care of his grandma:-) xoxo

  12. Happy happy late birthday! I'm loving your new electric roaster. Let me know how it works.
    Love that Halloween header! So fun~

  13. You received some lovely gifts. Happy Belated Birthday! Your grandson sounds very sweet. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I think plants are the best gift you could get. My daughter suprised me with a rose bush and it means soooooo much to me. I love the tea kettle too!

  15. Me either. Just shows we are still learning. I think your Coleus will do alright in the house this winter. Be sure and pinch off the top shoots as it grows so it will branch out and not get leggy. I know you are enjoying your grandson sharing as he learns.
    You did well with the gifts. Bet I know who the fairie is from. Guess hubby is looking forward to some meas cooked in the roaster.
    Mama Bear

  16. Fairies are dear, aren't they?
    I love getting new gadgets ~ I would be roasting things for days on end if I had one! ;~]
    I have a whistling tea kettle, too! Mine isn't red, but it sure gets my attention when it boils!
    I love coleus! How sweet of your grandson to think of his grandma for her birthday!
    Coleus are easy to grow ~ if you want to make some more, just cut off a leaf and stick it in water and soon it will grow roots and you have another plant! At least, that is what my grandmother used to do.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  17. I assume that tender perennials are definitely perennials in slightly warmers climates but are more likely annuals here.

  18. I've never seen that type of coleus before! Thanks so much for sharing your birthday gifts for Show and Tell! I hope you had a great birthday!